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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Are you someone who experiences overwhelming sexual urges in the middle of the day? Do you have random flashes of twerking big booty Latina bitches while having dinner with your family? Do you lack focus and can’t concentrate well enough to study or work because your brain keeps thinking of Alexis Texas’ fat ass every few seconds? Are you what the ‘experts’ call a porn addict? Don’t let your pornography habit be a crutch – you can use your debilitating porn needs to your advantage so long as you know which websites to masturbate to. If you pick the right sites to jerk off to, not only will you get more out of your fapping experience, but you’ll also need to fap less as a result of your pleasure from them. AnyPorn is just one of those websites – a fast-loading, sleekly-designed XXX portal which acts as an all-purpose porn tube, containing just about every kind of porn video imaginable. From HD XXX starlets that appear in works and titles produced by big-budget studios like Brazzers and RealityKings to amateur girlfriends and wives being recorded while fucking and sucking their lucky partners, this site truly has it all. In addition to the wide spectrum of both HD and amateur-based pornography on here, AnyPorn is also an all-rounder when it comes to its categories – this site has dozens upon dozens of different XXX themes and genres which can please any caliber of porn fan, whether they be a burned-out addict who needs to jerk off every day in order to remain emotionally stable, or a casual porn consumer who likes to fap every now and then.

AnyPorn is your one-stop destination to all things porn, and it truly does contain every kind of video imaginable, which is quite a feat for a generalist porntube-style XXX domain that tries to please all manner of porno fans. Moreover, this website also loads fast and is free of ads, so you’re definitely gonna get a lot of bang for your buck (or in this case data) if you do decide to open up this site from your smartphone or tablet while on the go – after all, this site was designed to give you fast porn-on-demand, so it’s only natural that it was meant to be used by people who are out and about and in need of a quick refreshing fap. Let’s take a look at what makes this site tick and see if we can uncover any flaws and imperfections in its otherwise ‘perfect’ presentation…

All Your HQ XXX Video Needs Can be Met Here

If it’s one thing this website has, it’s high definition, top quality premium XXX videos. There are thousands of videos on this site which have been produced by the most popular names in porn – Brazzers, RealityKings, Fake Taxi, TeamSkeet and Blacked are just a few of the XXX studios that can be credited behind roughly half of all the videos on this site. Just think about it – these multi-million dollar studios made these videos with the intent of selling them to people who are actually daft and/or uninformed enough to pay for pornography, but the unnamed heroes behind this site took it upon themselves to upload thousands of these same videos on here for free, where they can be viewed by their visitors in high or low-quality format.

If you’ve ever wanted to jack off to some mesmerizing, high definition sluts sucking dick to “Mark’s Head Boppers and Hand Jobbers” videos or to some petite teens like Elsa Jean and Mandy Muse taking 12-inch black rods like the videos uploaded by “Blacked”, you can do exactly that right here on AnyPorn without paying a cent, and the best part about it is that you can view these videos in high quality – something that’s usually only reserved for paying customers.

…There’s Plenty of Amateur Stuff Too…

Not only are there tons of professionally-shot HD porn videos on this website, but there are also more than enough amateur XXX fuck flicks to go around for any porn fan who wants to jerk off to the real thing instead of a fabricated, set-up porn video. From what I’ve seen, roughly half of this site’s videos are shot by big-budget XXX productions, and the other half of them are shot by lucky fucks who managed to convince their girlfriends and/or wives to record themselves having sex – that’s not an easy thing to do because nowadays, as soon as a relationship is over there’s a good chance that all that XXX footage of the now ex-wife or girlfriend who sucked and fucked on camera will be released to the internet by a now spiteful ex-husband or ex-boyfriend who wants to take revenge and let the world see just how much of a slut his ex-partner is.

With that being said, if you do jerk off to an authentic, amateur homemade video on this site, just remember to be thankful for how lucky and privileged you are to be able to view that footage in the first place, all thanks to an angry ex-boyfriend/ex-husband and the people who’ve made this website come to life.

All The Categories You Could Ever Need

This one’s definitely a deal-breaker for me – a lot of generalist-style porntubes tend to have only the main ‘vanilla’ porno categories available as options because of the simple fact that all their content is mostly ‘vanilla’ porn. ‘Vanilla’ porn is essentially general, all-purpose pornography that doesn’t stray too far into any specific themes or genres, and is what can be called as ‘normal’ porn. Even though AnyPorn does have a lot of ‘vanilla’ stuff in its content, it still focuses on delivering heavy-duty XXX content for its more experienced porno fans who have already seen their fair share of top-rated PornHub videos and are now looking for something more extreme in order to get off.

There are plenty of hardcore categories which delve into the more ‘bizarre’ territory of pornography here on AnyPorn, and they include BDSM, humiliation, peeing, sex toys, hard tied, extreme and so on. You can definitely find more than enough ‘extreme’ categories in this site’s ‘Categories’ section as they’re just as numerous as the normal ‘vanilla’ stuff here. I’m confident that any kind of porn fan and avid masturbator can find something that will get them off here on AnyPorn, regardless if it’s some standard POV stuff or a video of 12 men pissing and cumming on a naked Japanese girl.

One thing that I did notice which definitely needs to be changed about this site’s ‘Categories’ section is the sheer number of categories themselves – since this site lacks any tags whatsoever, all the things that can be labeled as tags such as ‘Pool’, ‘Police’, ‘Asslick’, ‘Huge Pussy’, ‘Catfight’ and so on are just pasted onto the ‘Categories’ section as standalone categories, which makes the selection process a little overwhelming. In addition, every named pornstar which appears in this site’s content as well as XXX studio are also added as standalone categories, which in conjunction with the more specific aforementioned categories that were better off as tags makes the whole section present you with way too many options. It would’ve been far better UX/UI-wise if the category section contained fewer categories which were presented with corresponding images, but instead you get a very long list of alphabetically-sorted categories which can be anything ranging from “POV” to “Blonde” to “Fisting” to “James Deen” to “Police” to “Interview”…

Standalone HD Porn Section

This site has its own standalone ‘HD Porn’ section which offers you all the HD XXX videos you could ever fap to. Not every video here on AnyPorn can be played in full HD quality, but the ones that can are all neatly sorted in this section, which is coincidentally also a category that can be accessed via the ‘Categories’ section too. If you want to fap to videos so crystal clear that you can see all the individual sperm cells swimming in the dude’s cumshot which landed on a certain pornstar’s face then why not make your way down to this section of the website.

Unfortunately, There Is No Standalone Pornstar Section

All the pornstars that appear in this site’s content, male and female, are added as individual categories on this site’s ‘Categories’ section – there is no individual section dedicated to listing pornstars on this site, which to me is quite unusual since in my experience most of these generalist-style porntubes have some kind of pornstar section. This is really the only section that I would say is missing from this website, and it would’ve been useful to have it and be able to sift through pornstars that you deem fappable to by using it.

ThePornDude likes AnyPorn's

  • Contains both premium and amateur content
  • Contains plenty of vanilla and hardcore categories
  • Video players load fast and have plenty of options
  • No annoying, obstructive ads
  • Contains a standalone HD Porn section

ThePornDude hates AnyPorn's

  • No standalone pornstar section
  • Not much in terms of community
  • Photo section is absent
  • No tags
  • Pornstars and channels are all placed in categories