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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Mom, I’m bringing it home! Finally, I get to make a review of a page that is probably one if not the best on the entire galaxy that we call the Internet. What I’m about to share here with you is a page so cool that even I can’t believe that we don’t have it on our site. Oh, wait! We do actually, and it is on our site hehe! It’s our very own and this is the place where I like to place some stories and reports that are taking place around the globe but have something to do with porn or just adult entertainment in general. I’m very proud of this here little safe haven that I like to place my thoughts on and for some reason, some of the people on TPD have been skipping this section. I understand that the reviews are the main attraction but c’mon people, these are real stories here so get with the program. TPD is bringing you the TMZ type of stuff to the forefront and it’s about porn. Get with it.

So how does it all work and what can you find on the blog? Well, plenty. I’m glad you asked that question since I’m kind of a connoisseur of this here realm we call porn. Porn is not just sex videos where people freak together, it is way more than just that. That is just the cherry on top. The porn industry is so big and so extended that it would be shameful and insulting to say that it is just about the videos. What I do here on this blog is I talk about different topics from sex, to sex laws, to safe sex, to some cool stuff like how HIV cells attack healthy cells during sex, the bunny ranch and so so so so many more things that are sex-related. I am updating the blog regularly so that I stay on top of the game. How do I do it? Magic! I can do a million things at once and still at my worst I do them at your best, so yeah, put that in your pipe hole and smoke it.

The blogs are meant to be informative and interesting. I consider them to be the “memoirs of porn” since it is, after all, me who is doing them, so they have to be spectacular. I like to keep them fun and easy to read but as you guys have come to know me and love me, you will always get that TPD Flava sprinkled all over the article. I love making myself laugh and if I can make my fans laugh too, then my place in heaven is reserved. 1st class, all leather, all service included. That’s how I go out, witta style homie!

So when you read my blog, I suggest that you do it when you have time and when you really want to indulge into a reading that will give you value, at times far greater than what you get on the surface level. Kick back, relax and start browsing around. There are 26 pages filled with amazing blogs that stir the imagination. The first one was done back on the 28th of January 2016 when I got the idea to start writing about what’s going on in the world and in the sex world. I made them into blogs since it’s cooler when you have a text, a video, and pictures to follow the text. It is more interactive and it keeps the blood pumping. I like to keep you guys at the edges of your seats so that you get a very engaging experience reading all these gems.

It is not me who is going to tell you how cool the blog is so I will leave you guys to check it out on your own and then tell me if I was wrong. TPD is never wrong so why would I be wrong this time? Makes no sense, right? When you click on a topic like “Man cuts his own penis!” and you also see an image of a dude all messed up and bloody, with his genitals all blurred up, tell me that you will not click on that! This is something that you’ve never seen, you don’t want to see it but something’s telling you that you want to see it, so you will click on it. Believe me, you will. This is the reason why I’m telling you to check out, a part of my site that I hold dear to my heart. The next time you come here, if I don’t see your IP address next to the when I check my visits, you better not come here again! I’m kidding, but seriously,, give it a holla!

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  • The fact that it was written by me
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  • The fact that there aren't more articles
  • That no one is hating on the blog