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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Man, can we just talk for a minute about what a tragedy it was when Tumblr banned all porn from its site? That place was haven for all kinds of crazy kinks, fetishes, and porn blogs galore. Hell, I didn’t think people actually used the damn site for anything else unless you were a 12-year-old middle school weeb. Take a peek at their numbers now. They really underestimated just how much they relied on degenerates for their income. Their traffic has been basically cut in half.

But why am I harping on this shit? Well, don’t you wish there was a kinky place to go jerk off in the meantime? I sure did. I always liked the format they had over there, and there aren’t many other sites that can do it the same way. It’s like breaking up with that awful girlfriend who knew how to give amazing head. You have to shop around a bit before you can find the right bitch to slob on your knob. Same deal here. I wanted a new, kinky blog site to jerk my dick to.

I found exactly that. I’d say is inspired by Tumblr, but that would be a massive understatement. It’s a straight rip off. I’m not complaining, but it’s the exact same layout and format. I’ll get into all that later though for you fucks who might not be familiar with blog sites. Just know that these guys bring in nearly 10 million fetish lovers to the site every month, and they’ve been around since 2013. Good on them for snagging that domain before Tumblr bit the dust.

Make Your Own Blog to Share Kinky Videos, GIFs, Photos, and More

You need to make your own blog to use the site. Don’t worry, you can put as little or as much effort as you want in. You can give it a name, skip everything else, and lurk to your dark heart’s content. But I’d recommend putting a little something together. Half the fun of this site is collecting and curating your favorite sort of sordid sexual acts. Talk about a tongue twister. But, yeah, throw up an image and come up with a short description. Here are some examples to get you thinking: “RapedandGaped, Humili8her, TurningMomIntoASlave, and Peggingwithasmile.” See, you get the idea.

From there you get to choose what kinds of kinky blogs you want to follow. You’re required to sign up for a few before you can start browsing, but you can always unfollow them later if they don’t really sort your tastes. I went with “BDSMFan, Femdom, SheSuffers, and gifs” to get started.

The site is built around a home feed of content from the blogs you follow. Whenever one of those degenerate fucks posts something it’ll pop up at the top of your feed. You can scroll, and scroll, and scroll without ever reaching the bottom. Especially if you follow a shit ton of blogs.

Large Active User Base, Thousands of Blogs, and Tons of Content to Fap To

You’ll never be wanting for BDSM content here. It helps that this site is active as fuck. Having millions of active members at any given time means there will always be a steady stream of content. And, yes, there are other kinds of steady streams on here for you piss freaks as well. The site has a lot more than just BDSM. Tons of extreme blogs, taboo fetishes, and amateur babes baring it all.

It’s easy to get started posting yourself. At the top of your feed you’ll see options for text posts, pictures, quotes, links, chats, audio, and videos. Click on any of those to pull up a menu that will guide you through the process. Dive deep into your collection of BDSM/fetish videos and share that shit with the world. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing that thousands of people out there are busting a nut to the hot shit you post. Well, aside from busting a nut yourself that is.

Let’s talk content. There are a ton of different blogs here, so everyone will have a different experience. But, for the most part, you can expect a sexy array of photos, gifs, videos, and erotic stories. Those are the most popular categories that you’ll see. You might also stumble across the occasional audio post with JOI, fetish cartoon, or funny sex-themed post. With the site being completely free to use, you can download or save anything you see on here without issue.

Create Multiple Blogs for Different Fetishes and Chat With Kinky BDSM Sluts

You can reblog, favorite, and comment on sexy posts as well. And you don’t really have to deal with ads on here. I thought this place was going to be fucking awful when it came to ads. Sites that copy other sites usually are. But you only get a few banners here and there. No pop-ups, redirects, or audio ads at all. It’s like taking some slut back to your blace and finding that she’s got a plump, shaven pussy. Not necessary, but a pleasant surprise for sure.

If you’re not happy with just one blog, then you can create another one dedicated to whatever fetish you want. Unlike Tumblr, there’s a bit more of a hookup focus on here. Lots of profiles show location, age, fetish, and shit like that. There are plenty of sluts to chat with, roleplay, share pictures, or maybe meet up and fuck like the animals you are. Though this is the internet. Assume that every “girl” on here is a sleazy, basement dwelling old man until proven otherwise.

Solid Mobile Experience

The mobile site is great. It’s tough to have a successful blog site without a dedicated mobile site. You can browse all the same fetish content that you could on desktop. It’s basically the desktop site with less negative space and menus that track with you as you scroll. Nothing too crazy, but it works well. Post, follow, save, reblog, and everything else. I actually found that ads were less present on mobile for me. Your experience may vary, but I preferred the mobile sites. It’s easier to just lay back and scroll through sexy content while you fap.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is that, well, it’s full of hot as fuck BDSM blogs. I can’t really say that any of the features here are unique to the site. Like I said, they “borrow” a lot from Tumblr, but the focus is what makes this site worth checking out. Even I discovered a few new fetishes by browsing the site for a couple hours. I’d never seen a full set of female chastity armor where it shoves metal rods up some poor bitches pussy and asshole.

I’ll add that to the list of things I need to try with the next bitch I take home. I was also a fan of how easy it is to curate and manage your own blog or news feed of content. You never have to deal with seeing shit you don’t like on here. It’s not just BDSM all clumped together like a shitty porn site. You can jerk off to only the fetishes that really get you diamonds.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

There’s not really anything for me to suggest. The site is active, has a ton of blogs to choose from, and has a decent mobile site. So, personal suggestion time. I doubt you’ve gotten this far without trying BDSM, but you need to if you haven’t. If you can’t get some poor soul to fuck you, then hit up one of those fetishy escort buildings where you can hire a dominatrix or submissive bitch to fuck. Whatever you prefer. Once you give it a shot, there’s just no going back to vanilla sex. There’s just something life changing about tying up, gagging, and blindfolding some slut as you fuck her brains out.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I recommend giving a look. Why not? It’s fucking free. It’s got a solid site design. And it’s full of incredibly sexy fetish content that you won’t find on other blog based porn sites. You can curate the ultimate collection of kinky GIFs, videos, text posts, and more. Yeah, it’s a Tumblr clone, but fuck Tumblr. They got rid of porn. They deserve whatever bad shit comes there way after that. Support sites that actually let you bust a nut. Get your horny ass over to and fap to the huge selection of extreme fetish blogs.

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