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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, you know me; I like a little bit of everything even if I swear to remain straight as a freaking arrow. And just so you know, fleshbot.com is one of those super inclusive porn platforms ever which accommodates all the sexual orientations including; gay, straight and transsexual. However, am all about their crazily hot straight bitches today and I’ll tell you why.

Their sort of porn whether in photo galleries or porn videos is different not only because the quality is superior but also because it’s a blog like interesting and factual affair. And while this porn site design may not be as popular you can bet it sure helps them stand out from the rest with shit like editorial posts adding some much-needed spice into the mix. Topped by the option to stick to the sane straight porn am sure most of y’all are curious about the prospects presented already so I guess we better head there.

Smooth and sleeky!

Looking good sure is a sign of good things yet to come from this site and you better believe it. From the soft violet and dark pitched color scheme all the way down to amazing navigation features available for your smooth sailing across the site. I mean what could be more intriguing than a porn blog site that’s a wanderlust of porn videos and galleries?

Come to think of it; blogs surely seem like a thing of the past but serves well in this scenario, in a way synchronizing the excitement right into the heart of the action. Am talking about shit like big flashy headlines and little snippets underneath. Also, there are some basic additions probably external links of the site i.e. links to; live sex, Mr Skin, ego all-stars, naked news, Mr Man, among others.

Just how straight is Fleshbot’s straight porn?

Good question, it’s freaking lame to think about straight porn being anything out of this world. But guess what? This site has surely revolutionized straight porn to seem legendary rather than the normal pussy smashing you are tired of beating meat to day in day out. Am talking about the fact that they have coined a mechanism to get into their users horny troubled minds and get them to unlock infinite sensual possibilities hidden deep within.

There is an introductory text, Courtesy of the blogging vibe with the most interesting bit being that they are mostly super enthralling and they capture your mind in ways that you have only imagined. I mean it’s utterly to let you know what you are up against and at the same time actually whet your appetite for it. Seems pretty too straight forward sweet for some cock pussy burst show no matter how hardcore or vanilla it turns out to be, don’t you agree?

Breaking down the straight porn selection

Pornstars; am sure if I wrote the dictionary I would define these I would include specific shit like professional; dick sucking, leg spreading, cock dipping or humping, cunt eating, cum swallowing among other filthy shit. My advice; if you are a sex perfectionist, this is your zone to enjoy the most dashing porn scenes ever! Basically featuring nicely curvy, busty, bummy and pretty faced whores spreading it all out for the whole world to see while sharing in their experience.

Amateurs; nobody said that you’ve got to be a professional to get downright naughty in front of a camera right? Exactly why there are lots of hotties trying out for this type of thing and you know what? It’s freaking amazing with all the authenticity toppings; granted that most of them haven’t learned how to get some fake moans coming already, leave alone exaggerate facials to fake their experiences.

Hardcore; I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to watch a sexy freaking bitch’s cunt being torn apart mercilessly by the dick almighty. Like seriously, what’s even half adorable? Well, if you asked me nothing can surely compare. Porn Galleries; well, a woman is more amusing when naked and I can bet my ass on the fact that more than a few men would back me up on that one. With the best thing yet being that this site actually hosts lots of naughty pics that will have you digging through your pants uncontrollably.

Editorial features; the site keeps its users wound of all the latest developments in the sensual world including articles on what’s hot in terms of sex toys, lingerie etc. While at the same time giving you nasty recaps of scenes like facials, mommy scenes among others. Celebrity; whom do you fancy most in both the world overall or just the porn industry? Am sure having access to their nudes or simply sexy photos of them in any uncompromising postures or position would sure sound pretty awesome if not spectacular.

TV/movies; there are those hot scenes from your favorite movies, for instance, Game of Thrones that you would surely want to jerk off to from time to time and this site has got your back for exactly this type of shit.

Sponsored; these are simply links featuring the most incredible photo sets ever whether from; Instagram, fashion world and so much more. And you can bet that these bitches have surely got you right where they want you.

Podcast; it’s always a good time to see some extra skin on a sexy photo shoot or movie, right? I bet that’s why there is a podcast to feed all the nasty lustful souls out here with the showiest scenes as well as snapshots.

Positive Features

Lots of great content that provides context to your straight porn; well, am not really sure whether it’s the serving or actual content that is a force to reckon with. However, if there is something that sure gladdens my heart about this site is their ability to revolutionize the normal aspect of straight porn to make it seem pretty much exemplary.

Provides lots of options i.e. categories to help you find what best suites you; I bet sticking to the straight genre may as well have been taking a rather void road without this awesome mash mellows to help ease up straight grip turning the whole freaking house into a goddamned drippy pussies and boned up dongs dance.

An awesome sleek design with nice color combination plus a smooth user interface; well, as far as first impressions go, Fleshbots.com sure is a freaking magnet crowned at every inch with awesomeness. Navigation features are also super useful to ensure that users find what they seek with minimal or no fuss.

Negative Features

porn podcasts that are an actual thing on here; am not sure who actually listens to a thing such as audio porn sounds and I stand to be corrected by anyone who views this shit any other way apart from pure bullshit.

some content is disappointingly not what you’d expect from a blog; while the site has done it’s best to incorporate the blog effect on all it’s content be it photo galleries or videos. However, it terribly fails in some aspects in that some content doesn’t need no introductory quotes or descriptions and I even doubt people read that shit like all the time.


The blog porn site effect sure has its effect but everything has its limits which is why it is important to keep up with trends. Sifting out what’s necessary for what as well as what could be pretty alluring for this generation.


There is no doubt that Fleshbot.com is a great and uniquely crafted porn site. There is a wide range of strictly straight porn content categories to choose from straight, gay and transsexual porn. Also, there are other features to easen up navigation as well as keep the porn blog vibe at Bay. Now if you find this porn site’s mode of porn delivery pretty cool then go for it because it’s free and pretty intense too. Enjoy!

ThePornDude likes FleshBot's

  • Lots of great content that provides context to your straight porn
  • Provides lots of options i.e. categories to help you find what best suites you
  • An awesome sleek design with nice color combination plus a smooth user interface

ThePornDude hates FleshBot's

  • Porn podcasts that are an actual thing on here
  • Some content is disappointingly not what you’d expect from a blog