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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Probably an unpopular opinion here, but I think softcore porn can be just as good as the hardcore shit. Yeah, yeah, I know most of you degenerates think you outgrew that shit a long time ago. The magic of jerking it to a few quality pictures of a titty is gone. But there’s something so chill about softcore porn. I like seeing some cumslut get her ass prolapsed as much as the next sick fuck, but, man, you need a break from that every once in a while. You can’t have every single fap end in that weird guilty feeling, right?

You probably aren’t going to get with some chick and fist her or some stupid shit after the first date. Well, for you guys I could probably have ended that sentence at ‘chick.’ But that’s all the more reason to check out the softer side of things. Vanilla may seem boring, but everyone likes that flavor for a reason. Softcore porn sets an example that, frankly, you dudes could benefit from following. No, she doesn’t want your 4-inch dicks drilling into her like some kind of crooked, clumsy jackhammer. So, take some notes and bear with me here while I tell you about this great softcore porn site.

Xmissy.nl is a regular old plain Jane porn site that has videos, picture galleries, webcam shows, and a sexy blog. This site has been around since way, way back in 2005, a fact which the site is quite proud of. You’ll see “since 2005” all over the place. And, in that time, they have amassed a decently large following of 4-5 million site views every month.

Unique, Blog Style Site Design Makes for Quick and Easy Browsing

You’ll notice right away that Xmissy is set up quite a bit differently from your regular porn site. It reminds me a lot of a WordPress site or something similar. It’s got a mainly purple design with a white column of content going down the middle. In that column, you’ll get all kinds of updates and posts. Blog articles/posts, video updates, votes for the hottest model, links to the best videos from other sites of that day, photo galleries, and more. It’s a rather wide variety of content that’s organized by most recent up top to oldest on the bottom.

The right side of the site mostly has links to their partners and deals for other sites. On the left, you’ll get a list of pages to visit like “videos, babes, pictures mixes, real girls, blog categories, popular girls, and a handy list of shortcuts.” That’s all great and all, but here’s where the site design gets on my nerves. If you click over to babes, videos, or photos the entire site design changes. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the new design they do. It’s sleek and looks a lot more modern that the homepage does.

Weird Design Changes on Certain Pages

The issue is that you lose a lot of the front page options. You can’t get back to any of the blog posts or anything without first going back to the home section. It’s a jarring change that needs to be worked on. Like seeing some hot babe from behind with a 10 out of 10 booty and thin waist only to see that she’s total 4/10 butterface from the front. I mean, hey, doggystyle is still an option. What I’m getting at is that the site could be more cohesive. Pick a format and stick to it.

But let’s dive into these videos, because there’s some shit I need to bring up about those too. The previews are alright. You don’t get a video time, which always aggravates me. The previews are still images. Pretty big HD images, but nothing too special. You get a rating, a title with the pornstars’ name, and an option to comment.

Very Short Video Clips

It’s pretty obvious why the previews aren’t animated and why the video times aren’t included. These videos are short as fuck. The longest one I stumbled across was 6 minutes tops. And below each videos, you’ll see an ad that tells you where to view the full video and how much that membership costs. That’s every video on the site. Nothing full length at all. That’s fucking disappointing.

At least the videos look to be decent quality. If you watch a bunch of them you might be able to bust a nut. But in this glorious day and age, there are so many other free options for full-length 1080p videos that I don’t even know why someone would bother with these.

Impressive HD Photo Galleries with Tons of Fap Worthy Content

The pictures are better. You’re not getting cock teased by those nearly as much. You get full galleries of hot babes doing all sorts of kinky shit. You even get galleries with hot gifs if that’s what you’re looking for. The only thing I wished they’d include is an indicator for the number of photos in a gallery, but you can’t have everything. There aren’t any arrow key options here, but the scrolling is assisted by a little button that lets you jump between photos. Honestly, I’d say this section of the site is where this place really shines. Fuck the videos. Jerk off to the thousands of sexy, sensual photos.

I’d go over how cool and interesting the “Babes” section was if it weren’t basically the same exact page as the galleries. It’s the same shit, but just loosely organized by model. I clicked over there and thought I was still in the galleries page I was on it’s so similar. It’s like being in a threeway with identical twins. You can’t tell one sluts ass from the other. Yeah, I may have used that metaphor in the past, but I just like thinking about it. Let a man dream.

Good Mobile Experience, but the Galleries are Harder to Browse

The mobile site is decent enough. The formatting and all of the basic shit is on point. You can still get your fix of short, softcore video clips on the go with zero issues. I didn’t mention it above, but at least you can download the videos for free. I still wish they were longer, but that makes up for it a little. The galleries aren’t as easy to use as mobile. There really needs to be a swipe feature of some sort to make them useable. The previews are too small, so you have to full screen in and out of each one to get a decent experience.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Xmissy.nl is the gallery section by far. Every other section on the site is average at best, but these photos are fucking awesome. They aren’t the same old boring galleries you get on other sites that justs pit out photos from a video on the site. These are all artfully done, sensual galleries that are worth giving a look. You’ll see more than just your regular pornstars here. Tons of exclusive photo models here to jerk your dick to.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I don’t want to keep ragging on the site too much, so I’ll keep my suggestions brief. Make the site design consistent everywhere, add video times, add gallery photo counts, allow swiping between photos on mobile, and maybe throw in some longer videos that aren’t just ads for other sites. Do all of that and i’m sure more people will start pouring into the site and give it some fresh energy. Even saying all of that, the site is still worth checking out of those kinky photos and gifs.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I really wanted to like Xmissy.nl more than I did. The unique site design with tons of different kinds of content roped me in, but the water was shallower than I expected. The blog posts aren’t actually full articles moreso as short descriptions of the videos uploaded. Videos are way too short and try to get you to pay up for other sites. The real saving grace here were the photo galleries. This wasn’t a terrible site by any means though. It just didn’t impress. It’s average. So, if you the idea of kinky photos or short downloadable videos sounds like a win to you, then head over to Xmissy.nl and get fapping.

ThePornDude likes xMissy's

  • Unique Site Design with a Variety of Content
  • HD Photo Galleries
  • Downloadable Video Clips
  • Barely any Ads

ThePornDude hates xMissy's

  • Videos are Very Short
  • Inconsistent Site Design
  • Galleries are Hard to Browse on Mobile