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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Public nudity has a long, long history of being considered taboo. Stripping someone out of their clothes has even been used as a form of humiliation by governments throughout history, a means of dehumanizing a subject. I know that might be a little too heavy for a porn review site, but that could definitely be playing a major role in why public nudity is such a taboo today; and, therefore, why it has become a burgeoning niche in the world of porn. People are all about confronting the taboo these days, and the adult entertainment industry appropriately reflects that.

Think about it, a fuck ton of the most popular porn studios at the moment are specializing in the taboo, namely ‘incest’ porn. You’ve got sites like Pure Taboo, Dad Crush, Family Strokes, Sis Loves Me, Bratty Sis, Daughter Swap, and My Family Pies all killing it right now. In fact, it’s difficult to browse Porn Hub or Red Tube these days and not find incest porn. It is fucking everywhere! And, honestly, a little bit strange if you ask me, but who am I to judge. All I know is Freud would have a fucking field day if he were alive today to see it!

Although public nudity is not quite as taboo as fucking your family members, it is certainly still widely (if not universally) looked down upon to be naked outside of the privacy of your own home. Especially for women! In fact, the double-standard between the social acceptability of men being able to be topless in public or in pics on social media and the fact that women are not has spurred a feminist movement of its own: free the nipple! Now there’s an aspect of feminism that I think we all can get behind.

No straight man in his right mind is going to be upset about seeing titties in public all day long, right? Well, save for maybe Vice President Mike Pence and other religious fuck heads like him. But they are all just either bitter because their wives won’t fuck them anymore or pissed because they secretly have gay thoughts and they’re too pussy to accept them. Quit restricting reproductive rights and rallying against gay marriage for a second and come out of the closet already, Pence! You little fucking faggot.

At any rate, as society stands today, it is still illegal for chicks to walk around topless. And maybe the only upswing to that is the fact that it has resulted in a whole category of porn that is honestly a lot hotter than I thought it would be upon first hearing about it. ‘So, these sites show pics of girls standing around with their tits out in public,’ I thought, ‘what’s the big fuckin’ deal?’ Well, I was pleasantly surprised, it turns out.

I’m not a big fan of things like humiliation porn and shit like that, but there is something at least a little bit hot about a shy girl coming out of her shell (and her top), or a girl being forced to strip down while everyone around her is fully clothed. I guess it’s probably just the dom in me. Okay, that came out wrong. I meant the part of me that is a dom, not that there is literally a dom inside of me. Thank sweet baby Jesus for that! I don’t know … whatever it is, though, it’s definitely piqued my curiosity, at least for the moment. So, let’s take a look at one of the better-known porn blogs that dedicates itself to this strange and enticing niche.

Humble Beginnings

ENF – CMNF is a site that was created in 2010 by a porn pioneer who has always gotten off at women being nude in public and being embarrassed by their nudity. Maybe you could call it a Garden of Eden fetish, since Adam and Eve were made to be embarrassed by their nudity once Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. Side note: you know, I’m honestly really surprised that this isn’t the premise of more pornos … maybe that could be the next big thing: biblical porn. Ah, Mike Pence would fucking love that! Maybe I’ll make some just to troll him.

Either way, he made this site solo, uploading all of the content on his own. At least for the first few years. Eventually, though, I guess it caught on, and other people made it their passion project as well. Today, it is a massive collaborative effort, updated regularly by users with this somewhat obscure kink from all over the world. Hey, it’s like they say in Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will cum.” An impressive feat, nonetheless, though, to start this blog, grow it, expand it, and publicize it all on your own, eventually turning it into the large user-curated porn site it is today? Pretty fucking cool.

You are probably wondering what the fuck the initialisms stand for. And why the fuck there are two of them. Well, according to the site’s About page, “ENF” stands for Embarrassed Nude Female. Okay, that makes sense. Totally in line with the mission of the site. And apparently “CMNF” stands for Clothed Male Nude Female. Which, okay, that also makes sense. Like, I get it. But why would you need two separate distinctions for these two things? I mean, if a female is naked in front of a bunch of clothed dudes, isn’t it fair to reason that most women would be a little self-conscious about it? But, hey, I guess it’s an even more specific sub-niche of this already extremely specific porn category. So, whatever, I’ll just roll with it!

Bland Site Design

The site itself gets a “meh” at best from me. It’s not the worst site I’ve ever seen, but it’s a far cry from the best site I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. It’s just very bland. I mean, to be fair, blogs have never really been known for their stellar web design. But, still, that doesn’t mean that we should just except them from accountability. There’s no real reason why a blog can’t look really nice while also being functional as a blog, right? Right.

ENF – CMNF, however, just has no excitement to it. I mean, it works well enough … it does what it’s supposed to do as a porn blog, as far as I can see. But it seems as if little to no thought has been put into the aesthetic. And for a site that’s been running for almost a decade now, that’s a little embarrassing (but, then again, maybe the site’s founder gets off on that, who knows). You’ve got a really uninspired sand-colored background (maybe you could say it’s nude colored?) and a banner that features a blown-out image of a girl posing nude on a public city street, leaning up against a lamp post. She’s looking away in shame as a group of fully clothed onlookers (mostly men) ogle at her, judge her, or take pictures of her. Honestly, it’s probably the perfect picture to sum up what this site is all about.

Within the banner, very plain text reads, “ENF, CMNF, Embarrassment and Forced Nudity Blog … Embarrassed Naked Women, shy and reluctant.” The words themselves are almost as uninspired as the font used to type them. Right below that, you’ll find the site menu bar. Here, you can choose between Blog, Forum, About, Free Live Cams [Bonga Cams], and Free Hentai. Huh. I, for one, never would have put ENF and hentai together for some reason. I don’t know why, but it just seems like a very strange niche to link to on a site like this.

Extra Discussion and Content in Forum

I am very pleased to see that ENF has chosen to include a forum in addition to the blog itself. I always appreciate it when sites go out of their way to offer up some kind of community features. Especially on a site like this, that is so niche and so obscure. It makes having a community of likeminded pornoholics all the more important. It has to be hard to find other people who are into this esoteric kind of shit, so to be provided a forum to chat with, discuss, and share additional pics / videos … I’d say that’s just a necessity. Besides, there is always the possibility that you could meet a girl who actually enjoys doing this. Which, I’m sure, for ENF / CMNF lovers, that would be a dream cum true.

The site is not, however, as large as you might expect it to be. Well, maybe that is not so surprising, on second thought, seeing as there are probably only like 100 people in the world who are super into this. But the site boasts “more than 1,600 handpicked photos and videos.” That’s just not that many in today’s porn tube dominated porn world.

All in all, though, this is a solid resource for anyone who thinks they might be into something like this!

ThePornDude likes ENF CMNF's

  • Awesome niche content
  • Community features
  • Handpicked content

ThePornDude hates ENF CMNF's

  • Boring site design
  • Not that many photos/videos
  • Some content strays from niche a bit