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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Do you know all those porn sites where they give you suggestions of videos, usually from different porn websites, for free? Not, to mention that they are all usually in low-quality, which is a big turn-off. Well, while I am still against the fact that websites that host other people’s shit exist, I must say that damplips.com caught me by surprise. There is plenty I’d like to say about this place, so sit the fuck down, and read.

Before I get down to what this site has to offer, you know I have to make a couple of comments on their design. While browsing for different websites worth a visit, I did stumble upon plenty that had some of the shittiest designs I have seen so far, and even though the layout on Damp Lips is not that bad, there is nothing good I can say about it.

The best experiences are formed when you watch the porn clips at night, and with a design like this, there is no fucking way you could do that without getting blasted with a yellow background. Not to mention that the site itself has a white background, and the combo of two just makes my fucking brain hurt.

Really? From all of the nice colors out there, you choose to put yellow? I mean, if they put the black right where the yellow is, at least my eyes would not be bleeding right now… but, if you can get over that bullshit, then you will certainly enjoy your stay here. At least you had me to warn you about this shit, unlike when I first visited damplips.com.

In addition, while the layout is basically shit, the design of the site is not better. It kind of resembles a classier version of all the 2000s site designs, and that gives me a bunch of mixed feelings. It does not look that bad, but there is still a hint that it could have been done so much fucking better.

Well, as I mentioned in literally the first fucking paragraph, this place acts as a host of other videos that are all listed on different websites. Now, the catch here is that they are all from premium websites, and for the idiots who do not know what ‘premium’ websites are, those are the sites that require a payment for you to fucking open their shit.

However, with that payment, you are assured to have plenty of actual HD videos, and usually images as well, it all depends on the site you choose to subscribe to. Here, I was presently surprised to see that they offered videos from some of the best and well-known porn websites that we all have already heard about.

You can find suggestions from sites such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Share My BF, POV, Don’t Break Me, and other similar sites. If you have not heard about the porn sites I just mentioned, then you must be too fucking young to even be on the internet, or you are just a lonely bitch who can’t find an actual dick in their life, so she has to masturbate by watching porn all the time.

Unlike many similar hosting sites, on damplips.com you will not only get suggestions and a trailer, there is actually much more that they will offer. But do not get confused; just because I say that there is ‘much more that they offer’ does not mean that that something will necessarily be good. It is just my job to mention all the necessary shit, and you do with that info whatever the fuck you want.

Starting from the positive, the shit that this site has to recommend is not the sites, but certain videos on those websites. You will get to see some basic information about the clip that is right in front of you, and the best thing is that all of the suggested clips will usually last about 9 minutes, which is much longer than a fucking trailer.

This can tell you just what you can expect to see if you go to that website, not to mention that all of the videos on these premium sites are in HD, and can be downloaded if you become a member of their site. Of course, this shit will cost you, since why the hell would they offer such good things for free?

While that is all willy-nilly, there are some things that I need to mention as they made me so fucking annoyed. First of all, every suggested video will have a description that is longer than my fucking lifespan, which is never a good thing. There is literally no reason to describe a video in such detail, and I can bet on whatever the fuck you want, that most of you guys will not even read that shit.

The only idiots that might actually read the whole shitty descriptions are those who love erotic novels, the lonely sluts and the virgin men who never had the opportunity to stuff their face between some jugs. I will not really say much else about the description, because I did and will not fucking read it, so if you are a loser, go ahead and read it yourself.

Now, that we have that awkward shit out of the way, you should also know that damplips.com thinks about its viewers in a sense that it offers you different categories you might be interested in. This can really help a bitch out in finding the best site that suits your taste.

In addition, they also have the shitty ‘about’ page, where they also go on and on about themselves. Honestly, I could not be bothered to read any of that shit, just that the site itself began in 2007, other crap is not really important. Basically, if you want to find the best porn site that caters to your needs with HD videos, then you should visit damplips.com.

ThePornDude likes DampLips's

  • Free (short) videos, from premium sites
  • Only good premium sites are suggested
  • Plenty of categories to choose from

ThePornDude hates DampLips's

  • Nobody will fucking read that long-ass description
  • The yellow layout hurts my brain
  • Some annoying ads… use Ad-block