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Updated on 05 February 2024
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First things first, I have to say that I have been caught off-guard by the logo of the website…and I’m not gonna lie, it had me laughing for a while. I mean, laughing at an image of two house flies fucking is the equivalent of laughing to a fart joke. Both of these things are very immature, but honestly, I do not care one bit, seeing as us men don’t have such a hard time accepting that we are into some immature things. Some women are like that, too, but I don’t need to worry too much about inclusion on a page such as this one, seeing as the majority of ThePornDude’s audience is male, or at least I think so.

Seriously though, if there are any girls in here, you should all be willing to hit me up so that I could show you just what I can do in bed. Now, let’s get back to the main topic, which was…two house flies fucking right next to the name of the website. We’ve concluded that this shit’s mad funny, right? However, this does not matter that much, seeing as there’s so much more to this page, and there are so much more attractive animals having sex in front of the camera on this website. I don’t think that any of you lads would be thrilled to see two flies having a go at it, right? When I say “other animals” it should be obvious that I’m talking about humans. A whole lot of attractive humans, in fact. Many kinds of content can be seen on this website, starting with loads of amazing videos that will leave to breathless to tons of attractive pictures of girls laying around with none of their clothes on or even pictures of girls fucking other girls and girls having a go at it with one or more dudes at once. All of these gals are super attractive, which is great. The staff of apparently does not care much for the ugly girls, which is great.

Nobody wants to see ugly people being naked or having sex or anything like that. Now, it’s worth mentioning that the design of the page is pretty good as well, seeing as it is very easy to use and you most certainly will not be getting lost on, a page filled with all sorts of amazing adult content. The page even has a little bar in the top right corner that allows you to help yourself out when it comes to finding the ideal type of content for you. You don’t even need to be that careful when you try to come up with certain keywords and stuff like that, seeing as you’re probably quite familiar with the type of content you see on the page. Basically, for the most part, it’s going to be guy on girl porn, but there is some girl on girl action as well…so you know, is basically your average porno website meant for straight men.

Even though pictures and videos are basically the main “thing” on this website, the folks behind have written brief descriptions on every single one of this videos…and they’re pretty great, too. Seeing as they give you a great idea on what the hell is going on in these pornos. You don’t need to waste time watching a movie from start to finish, hoping that a decent scene would pop up, so it is quite obvious that this page is ideal for folks who are in heat and who are looking for a quick wank in order to get the sexual frustration out of their bodies as soon as humanly possible.

The “motto” of the page is everything but creative, but honestly, who even cares. Like “sex and other stuff’ might not seem to be a very creative motto for a page, but trust me, it is indeed an accurate depiction of what you will find on the page. The “sex” part of the motto refers to all the videos and pictures on the page, and the “other stuff’ part refers to all the useless things that can be found on the website, such as links that will redirect you to other websites that have pretty much nothing to do with However, there are some links to nice strip shows on the page, if that’s something you are interested in.

However, I also have to mention a very annoying thing that I have noticed on this website, seeing as it is something that simply can not be avoided that easily…unless you have Adblock! You guessed it. A near-perfect website is filled with a bunch of cancerous advertisements that will make your day much more unpleasant. I mean, no one really minds seeing pictures of girls floating around in the corner of the page, telling you that you should buy a membership for this or that website as long as these pictures stick to the fucking corners of the god damn page, but the thing with’s ads is…they don’t actually stick to the edges of the page. I’m almost certain that you have seen such ads at some point in your life, and these just won’t let you get some rest, which is absurd.

The ads

Most of us do not mind seeing the gorgeous faces of Elsa Jean and girls like her, but my oh my, do we hate ads. Now, I don’t know who are the people who have created these advertisements, but I will find them, and I will choke them to death with my very own hands for what they have unleashed onto the internet. These ads are essentially small gifs of attractive girls, which usually should not be an issue, but these girls will literally walk all over the god damn page for some reason, and it is really hard to avoid them in some occasions, and I have no idea who thought that this would be a good idea. If you actually end up clicking on those ads, you will be taken to a website that offers you to download those sexy gifs. And when you finally download them, they will pop up and dance on your screen as well, as if that’s something that people actually want. How horrifying. Just remember, someone out there in the world has at some point actually downloaded these gifs. How horrifying!

<h3?>The content

Technically, there are two very important sections on the website are filled with a whole lot of pornography, and those two sections are the “pictures” and “videos” sections. However, these are pretty much the same god damn thing, which is fucking lame. Sure, there is a higher possibility of a picture popping up in the PIctures section, but what’s the point if you can find videos in the “pictures” section and if you can find pictures in the VIdeos section? It makes no fucking sense and things like this make me absolutely furious.

However, the pictures and the videos that can be seen on the page are honestly top-notch. The player loads the movies so quickly, I was amazed, really. You don’t even get regular ads popping up on your screen whenever you click on a certain ad or a picture, which is great, too. I mean, you would expect such a thing to happen, seeing as there are ads all over the homepage, but this is not the case. Now, there’s the “wallpapers” section which is basically the same thing as the “pictures” section with actual pictures, so if you actually want to see nice HD pictures of gorgeous girls then you best head over to the Wallpapers section, as it is filled with great pictures you can use as wallpapers, if you really want to. I mean, honestly, I don’t see the point, but you know, you do you.

“Other stuff” and the conclusion

To sum it all up, is a page filled with great pornography, but you need to be patient if you want to get it. Did I mention that the Spanish version of the website is also a few clicks away? I almost forgot to mention the fact that this website actually has a section where you can show off your body, and there is also a sex shop on the page as well that is worth checking out as well. I mean, everything is free on the page, too, so I guess I really have nothing to complain about in the end. I bet you will like this page if you don’t have a short fuse.

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  • Tons of ads
  • No "categories" tab