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Updated on 05 February 2024
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While galleries are really not my thing when it comes to picking out my fapping material, URLGalleries.net is something you might enjoy if you like to play with yourself while watching still images of smoking babes.

Even if the homepage of URL Galleries offers you loads of galleries right from the start, the first thing I noticed that you really need to know, is that the site contains a shit ton of fucking Ads. I couldn’t even count the number of Ads I stumbled upon the second I entered; and since I wasn’t able to make a difference between the content that the site offers and the Ads, I turned on my AdBlock without any hesitation. I suggest you do the same fucking thing because it will help your browsing session immensely.

With shitty Ads out of the way, I was finally able to browse the site without any interruptions. Since the Ads took quite a big portion of the site, it looked a bit empty for a second, but I got to appreciate the simple design that the site uses as I personally don’t like when things are overcrowded with useless information.

Before further browsing, I decided to register, however, after I filled out the standard asked information, I noticed that there is no ReCaptcha to fill. I thought it was a bug, and as I pressed the “Sign up” button, it said I still have to fill the ReCaptcha. The first thing that came to my mind is that the ReCaptcha is considered an Ad, so I turned off my AdBlock, but the thing was still bugged. Let’s just say that the registration doesn’t fucking work, what a promising experience.

On the top of the page, right under the logo, I discovered that there are over 1.500.000 free porn galleries, and honestly, that is an absolutely insane number of images that you can access for free. To make your browsing even easier, there are some categories listed on the left side of the homepage, and while I thought you can combine all the kinks that turn you on, I realized what a shit storm I have gotten into.

For starters, you can only select four different categories to narrow your search, and while that might be enough for some people, I am sure that there are others who would like to browse for those specific looks that make your boner dance more than anything else. The second thing that is really shit, is that when you filter those four categories and then press the “go back” in your browser, the whole categories just bug the fuck out. It keeps the previously checked categories, and I am pretty sure it disables them too.

There is a search bar in the top middle of the site, and for a second I thought it can save the shitty browsing system that the site uses, but I was proven wrong quite swiftly. While sites like this one usually use keywords to help you narrow your search, in this case, I am not even sure how the search works. I have tried lots of things, but I got no results no matter what, even if I searched the galleries on the homepage.

Finally, after trying out some keywords, I did get results from 2013, and at that point, I discovered that the majority of the images is deleted, which means that the number of galleries the site tells you about at the homepage is a complete pile of shit. While there are still loads of images to browse through, the facts that the categories and the search don’t work are just unimaginably bad.

I realized that I still haven’t really opened the gallery, I just complimented them by seeing the thumbnails, and as I opened the first few galleries on the homepage, I realized that this is a complete disaster. With the AdBlock on, you will not be able to load a single gallery properly, you will either get some unavailable images or a bunch of code. So, in order to browse through the galleries, the AdBlock, unfortunately, has to go off.

After all, all of the galleries that the site offers are free, so maybe having the Ads is a small price to pay while you are browsing through these galleries. Speaking of browsing, it is a bit unfortunate that you cannot choose the pages to jump through, but instead, you can only go to the next and previous page. But since the galleries get updated quite frequently, you will be browsing for a while until you reach the same destination as your previous browsing session.

I almost forgot to mention that there is a section on the right side of the homepage where you will be able to find some suggested sites that you might want to check out, however, some of them are not related to porn, so don’t waste your time if that’s the only thing you are looking for.

Overall, there is a lot of shit on this site that might seem very unappealing at first, but since the number of galleries on URLGalleries.net is truly remarkable, it is a trade-off that you will just have to accept. In case you like browsing through images of smoking babes, then this might be the place for you.

ThePornDude likes URLGalleries's

  • Lots of galleries
  • Simple design that works

ThePornDude hates URLGalleries's

  • Lots of Ads
  • Various features don’t work