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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Porn is all over the web, and pretty much always has been and arguably has even driven the development of the web. In fact, one of the things that feminists still bitch about is that online pornographers created the click-through banner, developed high-speed, high data downloads which led to bandwidth, streaming video service, online subtitles (yeah, I shit you not), and even e-commerce — as if any of that is a bad thing.

But yeah, smut developers have made a ton of shit which not only makes porn better but helped to build the internet. And in the past thirty years of innovation, I think that every possible invention and feature which could be put onto a smut site already have been.

But much to my surprise, I still find some sites out there which have a spin on a nice feature, upgraded it, or even added something completely new to the mix. Sound exciting? Then keep on reading to find out about the combination of fap content and side-splitting humor that you’re going to find on Sexy And Funny.

You Get A Nice Variety Of Videos

Although I’m not sure that I would call this a tube site due to the way that it’s structured, S & F certainly has the fuck load of videos of one. And, as you might guess, they feature fucking of all kinds and kinks. You’ve got your standard girl strips down and sticks it in for twenty minutes of bliss whether ‘it’ is a basic dildo, a decent dick, or a five-speed, steam-powered vibrator.

Then there’s the more creative content that we all love. You all know what I’m talking about: some lesbians who are fully comfortable with their bodies (and each other) getting and giving some TLC. Other smut includes naughty nubiles receiving some much-needed discipline, exhibitionists showing off in the sun without the limits of boundaries or clothes, and much more.

There’s A Bevy Of Photos

At this point in the age of the internets, we’re used to getting at least a small gallery of photos which compliment a video on premium sites. On typical tubes, there is usually a decent sampling of amateur pics, though you usually might have to sort through a ton of shit to find the good stuff. However, on S & F there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of pictures to choose from — nearly all of them are hot as hell.

With so much to choose from, there are a few different sections — the first, All Photos, which shows you a dick ton of pics up front. The Girl Galleries have sorted galleries which usually have a themed series of photos. By using the Most Viewed and Most Loved you’re going to get an updated layout of what pics are popular on S & F.

Not sure what you want? Need some inspiration? Want to see something unexpected? Then try the Random Photos section. In addition to sexy stuff, you’re also going to get a good smattering of funny rap material, some of which is erotic while other stuff is downright hilarious.

Fans of meme culture will be very pleased.

And if you do want something (semi-)random and kinda have an idea of what you want, there’s a specialty filter where you can apply a few search parameters to your rando search. For example, you can put in singular terms like Asians, Ebonys, Wet Girls, apply a model name, or just click on redhead, brunette or blondes.

Besides all of that, there is a subsection of the photo part of the site which I don’t think that I’ve ever seen on any other site. Yeah, I know that sounds hard to believe coming from me, but seriously I don’t think that I’ve encountered S & F’s Battle photos. To give you an idea of what you are in for, they are picture galleries of different girls featured in pairs against each other in an interactive gallery based around a theme.

For example, one I saw focusing on physical fitness which compared a bunch of pairs of buff and busty babes against each other. You get to vote for one each round, so it’s kinda like a neat mini-game. Not super amazing, but still original. And in case you want to track down the origin of each pic, each photo is sourced, complete with links to the original site.

Other battles include themes like Full Frontal, girls by the water, perky titties, and a couple battle of the thongs posts, to name a few.

Check Out The Mouthwatering Models

Like big tits? Me, too. And who doesn’t really? Hell, I’ve even met gay guys who are into some big bozongas. Anyway, that’s your kink, or just one of your big ones, then you’ll love the ladies on S & F. Of course, there are other assets to enjoy as well including well-endowed women with plump posteriors, uninhibited lesbians swatting at each others’ tight snatches, and honey’s with hourglass figures for days.

I brought up earlier the variety of the types of videos you’ll see, and like you’d guess, there are girls of every hair color, skin shade, and ethnic extraction. Unfortunately, for all of you granny poonany chasers out there, most of the women range from nubile to just under mature.

The Cams Are Free

Yeah, you read that right — in addition to all of the sweet stuff you get to enjoy, there is a mighty mess of free webcam shows by girls who totally aren’t messy.

(Insert heavy sarcasm if you didn’t pick up on it here.)

At any rate, there are thousands of free cam shows which you can see at any time no matter where you are located in the world. The link is to MyFreeCams, and isn’t a unique site under the S & F brand, but don’t let that take away from your fun on this site.

As I said, there are tons of girls on at any time, but before you click on a stream, you get one of those mini-previews in the thumbnail including snapshots of the model. On top of that, on this site, there are both amateurs who are fresh on the cam scene, seasoned indie girls who have made their bread and butter for years buttering their buns both front and back, and even professional porn stars.

To make navigating the site as easy as possible, what with all of the thousands of diverse models, there are tabs which feature trending and popular rooms. Find a girl you fancy, but she’s not online? Well, while you wait, a lot of the models upload pictures of themselves fully dressed, completely nude, and everything in between to tease your wetted beak.

Plus, if you have an account, you can save a girl’s profile to your favorites so if you can keep up with her streams and get regular updates from her profile.

Speaking of profiles, you actually don’t need one to get access to this site, and you can see shows for free. But to take full advantage of what this site has to offer, I’d say you should get an account. There’s no cost to join, and you’ll be able to fully interact with the models and get into private and group shows, though you’ll have to shell out some coin, of course.

The one downside I’ve noticed is that some girls don’t use HD cams, but this seems to be pretty rare. And finally, like any proper site these days, it has been optimized for mobile devices, too.

The Forum Is Pretty Extensive, Too

What’s better than fapping to sexy and funny stuff? Talking about it with other smut junkies who are into the same smut that you are. Well, apparently in an attempt to not only be a combination of a comedy and tube site, S & F also has a complete forum as well. And in keeping with the theme of the rest of the site, most of the posts seem to be a mix of hot and heavy content and humor.

My first recommendation for newbies would be to check out the Newbies ‘R’ Us page on the main page. Of course, this portion of the forum is the place to ask questions from the veterans about the site and how to best have fun on the forum. No question is off limits, but this is the internet, so I’d advise not saying anything stupid.

Moving forward, other parts of the forum include the Newest posts which is great to keep up with the rest of the site. As you might guess, the Best posts where you can see what’s risen up through the ranks, no matter how old, and got a lot of people’s attention for being funny, scandalous, sexy, or some delightfully perverted mix of all of those.

Of course, another recommendation of mine would be to look at the S & F hotties to see a bevy of beautiful babes and commentaries on their best work by other forum users.

Then there’s the General Mayhem section which, from what I can tell, is meant to be a section where people take the theme of combining sex and comedy to the next level. You should check it out for yourself, but to give you an idea of what you are going to see here are a few titles: ‘She’s Drunk All The Time,’ ‘the gingers are breeding again,’ ‘Abused & Overloaded Machines,’ and ‘My Last Post Ever? (I’ll never equal this again).’

In addition to that kind of stuff, there’s also music covers, news updates, and a smattering of other sex-related stuff. So, in total it’s a bit of a fun grab bag with fun bags…among images of other delectable bits.

In a similar vein, the Funhouse of Fun is a section for all kinds of entertaining media including videos, pics, jokes, games, cartoons, and interesting links to fun stuff offsite. Sure it’s less sexual but still worth checking out.

Oh, and be sure to look up the Purple Monkey Dishwasher section, too. Just remember before you post, either you’re with them or against them.

There’s Even More…

Yep, in the ‘More’ section your going to be treated to a dick ton of awesome features and side bonuses. There are far too many to mention in detail, but here’s a quick summary of the best bonus sections.

Adult Toons — I’ve done reviews of hentai and erotic and having done so many I gotta stay that I’ve never gotten bored looking at fresh material. If that’s your kink too, then check this section out.

Sexy Animations — As someone who’s got a talent for web design, but definitely not for sketches and other kinds of art, I was pretty impressed by the amount and quality of the erotic animations in this section of the site.

Adult Games — Most of the porn-themed video games on the net are shite for sure. But with that out of the way, this part of the site is a nice distraction when your walk hand gets tired and your sides hurt from laughing.

Adult Jokes — Who doesn’t love some classy and crass adult humor. You guys all know that I do, so when I give this part of the site my endorsement you know that you are going to enjoy it.

Sexy Articles — There’s new stuff on the sex industry all of the time. So, to keep up with what’s what, besides checking out my site, this section of S & F is a great resource, too.

Contests — Yep, that’s right, this is one of those websites which even has competitions where your best posts can win you some recognition…and even a little coin. To be a bit more specific, you can win thousands of tokens to sites like My Free Cams, memberships to Playboy, and similar prizes.

S & F Shop — Nothing says professionalism like a complete e-commerce shop. Well, S & F has one, and there’s all kinds of t-shirts with the S & F brand and some funny quips, too.

Is This Sexy, Funny Smut Site Really Fap Worthy?

This site has everything that you need and want in a porn site — a nearly endless supply of videos, picture galleries with fresh uploads of both fap formats being added all of the time. In addition to that, there is a complete forum, an e-store, new contests with prizes and tons of other great bonus material.

I’m not crazy about all of the ads put all over the site’s pages. However, they aren’t terribly flashy and generally placed to the side of the webpages, and there aren’t a ton of secret redirects embedded on the site.

After looking through this site I found myself aroused, laughing, fapping, and crying…or at least my dick was. So, after going through all of the proper range of emotions when looking at a fap platform, I’d say that Sexy and Funny is one of the best smut tube-funny forum websites that I’ve ever reviewed.

ThePornDude likes SexyAndFunny's

  • The amount of big assed, balloon titted porn is out of control — it’s great!
  • Between pics, vids, and GIFs you’ve got tons of types of smut to choose from
  • In addition to the usual porn, there’s tons of stuff which combines cock springing content and comedy
  • The forums are well-designed and highly active and have tons of posts to hang out on
  • The contests are another awesome feature which S & F has which most other sites don’t

ThePornDude hates SexyAndFunny's

  • As per usual, there’s a lot of ads smattered on just about every page
  • Some of you might have to use a few different tools to filter through all of the funny stuff
  • The mobile optimization of the site could be a bit better
  • …Other than that, its GREAT!