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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Ever since Danbooru splashed onto the scene so many years ago, its format has spawned dozens of similar porn sites that have exploded in popularity with hundreds of millions of views.

The “Booru”-style imageboard includes tons of content and a very flexible search engine where you can mix and match tags to really specify your result. Whether you’re looking for a character, fetish, or just some erect nipples, all of it can be searched though the tag system. Everything flows through the hardworking users who upload, tag, and overall manage the hundreds of thousands of porn pics on XBooru. All the pics show you who uploaded it, so you can always search through the username to try to find more porn straight from the source.

Going back to the search engine, you can get really creative with your searches. Not only can you search for what you want, but you can also type in tags that you want to avoid. You can also search based on uploader, rating, and even specify what image size you want to fap to. XBooru has all the Rule 34 you can handle. It’s weird that XBooru has a sister site dedicated to Rule34, since XBooru seems to have plenty of that action anyway. You can search Western franchises like KimPossible and Family Guy, as well as Japanese series like Dragon Quest and One Piece.

In addition to pictures, XBooru also supports webm and animated GIFs. There are tens of thousands of animations, so include these tags if you want a little video action.

XBooru is mostly focused towards 2D bitches, but you’ll find plenty of real women porn here also. “Real_person” is one of many tags you can include to get your hands on some 3D pussy and titties. There’s also plenty of gays and twinks here if you swing that way. One of the key features of XBooru is the alias system. So, if you have a picture featuring a girl with some nice knockers, should you search tags like huge_tits, big_boobs, or what? Well have no fear.

With the alias system, XBooru will automatically connect tags that are related to one another. For example, the tag “evangelion” will automatically also scan the tag “Neon_Genesis_Evangelion”, to make sure you squeeze every last drop of Asuka rape porn you are looking for.

Catgirls will show you the way

When you first enter XBooru, you’ll see a nice big picture of a sexy Catgirl followed by a Google-like search engine. At the bottom there are random bitches holding up numbers showing you how many pictures they have.

Type in any search term, and you’ll see a bar pop-up with related tag recommendations. The tags also show how many pictures each tag has, so you can immediately scan how popular your tag is and what related tags you can check out instead.

Click on search, and you’ll be sent to the main gallery of search results. Depending on the search, you may find all kinds of shit like CGI, hentai, real life, comic, or even robots. Just look around and click on anything you want to zoom in on.

At the left side of the page is a huge list of tags. These tags can be added or removed from your search to refine your results. The negative sign next to the tag will remove all the pictures that have that tag, while the positive sign will include them.

Clicking on a thumbnail will get you to the content page. You’ll get a full-size image, along with information like character, artist, and tags.

XBooru also has a hilarious “Cum on this” button, which is part of the site’s “iCame” system. Basically, every day you can choose one porno piece to cum to. XBooru will see what most people have shot their load to, and the top characters get featured on a list.

I find it really fucking weird that the top of the list includes Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson. In fact, Bart Simpson is ranked fourth on the iCame top list, which is just…this world is going to hell.

Anyway, going back to the content, you’ll also find ratings, related posts, and comments attached to each picture/video. Right click on the image to save it to your hard drive.

At the top of the page is the main menu, where you can check out Stats, Forum, Artists, and more. XBooru also links rule34.xxx (For only Rule 34) and realbooru.com (for real bitches).

XBooru has a very active forum. It’s mostly used for things like reporting broken links and meeting other degenerate freaks, but you’ll also find really deep and important conversation like if dicks are better cut or uncut.

Taking a look at the search engine

Like I said before, XBooru is all about the search and tag system. There are so many different porn types here, so you’ll need to know how to use the engine to filter the things you want.

Searching multiple tags will refine the search to only keep the porn that features both of the tags you searched for. Meanwhile, if you add ~ to the tags, then the search becomes a “or” function where you grab all the porn that has at least one of the tags.

You can also specify what kind of ratings, sizes, or upload date you want your results to show. For example, typing “score>=8” will only show the porn that’s rated eight or above.

XBooru also has a parent/child system for its images. Since pics often come in a series, XBooru makes sure to link all the related pictures in the set for you to easily find. For comics, each page will usually be thrown into a pool, which you can access from the top of the image viewer to see the full gallery.

What I Like

Once you wrap your arms around it, the Booru-style porn site is one of the best for searching and navigating. XBooru is a great example of this system, with its huge pool of porn and customized searches.

Another great feature is the pool system. With image porn sites, it’s hard to include comics or series because all the porn pics can become separated. With XBooru, it clearly tells you at the top of the page if the pic is part of a pool, and one click later you’ll see the entire gallery. Perfect for comics and photo sets.

The collection of porn is unrivaled. Close to 700,000 pictures and videos to fap to. Even if you spent just one second on each piece of porn here, it’ll take you eight full days to see everything! Goddamn that’s a lot of fapping.

The XBooru engine is perfect for Rule 34. First, the alias feature will make sure that even if your search is slightly off, the site will connect you to the main tag for that special bitch you want to cum to. The content page always shows you what franchise and character is in the picture, so just click on that tag for boatloads more.

Of course, the heart of XBooru is the flexible search engine. You should take like one minute to read over the Help section to learn just how flexible this shit really is. If XBooru was a bitch, she’d be able to eat her own ass, but you still need to show her how.

What I Hate

The main issue with XBooru is that it’s not newbie friendly. You need to get used to things like combining different tags and using underscores to connect multi-word strings. This is especially important when searching for characters to fap to, and I totally understand if you get frustrated.

XBooru also blocks all loli and shota content. Some bullshit about wanting to please advertisers or something. Definitely not the spirit of a true hentai porn site…

How great or shitty the site is really comes down to how well you navigate the tag system. With so many different art styles and genres featured, and the ridiculous amount of porn there is, you’ll need to be a surgeon with that porn search to really get what you want.

For guys who just want to bust a nut without thinking too hard, this can end up being a frustrating or confusing experience.

XBooru continues the great Booru legacy

Overall, XBooru is a great example of the power of the Danbooru style image board. The porn is plentiful, the tags are appropriate, and you’ll find just about every type of porn you can think of.

Most porn sites will specialize in a certain niche to stand out from the crowd, since there are literally millions of porn sites out there to compete with. Rather than focusing on the content, XBooru focuses on the engine.

If you build it, they will come, is the general idea behind XBooru.

And come they did. Almost 700,000 uploads and millions of tags later, XBooru is home for many experienced fappers. With just a little bit of work, you’ll become an expert sailor navigating XBooru’s ocean of porn.

ThePornDude likes Xbooru's

  • A search engine strong enough to support all kinds of porn
  • Great Rule 34 collection

ThePornDude hates Xbooru's

  • No games or videos
  • Tough to browse if you don’t know what you’re looking for
  • Shota/loli is banned