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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Ex-hentai. Sadpanda. To the layman, this means nothing, but to the porn initiated, Exhentai is one of the great forbidden fruits of the internet.

Getting access to Exhentai is no easy feat. You can find plenty of guides online, including one by yours truly, ThePornDude, but those of you who have the patience and reading ability to find your way here will be richly rewarded.

Exhentai is an imageboard style porn site that features just about everything. You have doujins, pictures, animations, and everything else. There’s even real Japanese bitches, cosplay, non-H comics, and more that’s outside of traditional hentai porn.

So what makes Exhentai special? There are a few things. First of all, it has one of the largest and most dedicated userbases in the world. For a “secret” website, you’ll find hundreds of updates a day, a super active community, and more porn than you can ever hold in your little dick.

Exhentai is also known for hosting more taboo topics like incest, loli, and more. It’s a damn shame that many major porn sites are censoring this kind of content because it reduces ad revenue and makes the website vulnerable to shutdowns.

No such problem here. Since Exhentai is such a pain to get into in the first place, it’s pretty well immunized from the bullshit regulation from the little dicked authorities that try to police our porno. If I want some of that nasty evil shit, I’ll always go to Exhentai first.

Exhentai also features a huge torrent directory. Torrents are great for downloading bigger files that typically run hundreds of megabytes. You’ll have to know what you’re looking for since they don’t give much info on the torrents, but the search bar makes it easy to find something specific you’re looking for.

Zero bullshit layout

Exhentai features a text-heavy layout that’s geared towards hentai experts. You won’t find any previews as you browse, but just languages, titles, ratings, and category.

Like I said before, if you didn’t set up access to the site all you’ll run into is the infamous Sadpanda. All I can say for that is look up the guides and get to work on getting access. You’ll need to register on E-hentai and then wait about a week for the unlock. You might also have to fuck around with your cookies, or use a plug-in to manage your cookies as needed.

Once you get in, you’ll see a big list of the latest updates. On the way left is the major category, whether its doujin, CG, non-hentai or other shit. There are ten major categories in total, which are nicely color coded and listed at the top.

You’ll also get publish date, rating, and torrent availability next to it. Under the Title column, you’ll see not just the title, but also language, publisher, chapter number, and other basic info. Finally, there’s the uploader user and number of pages on the right.

At the top right of the gallery is a small pulldown menu. If you want to see graphics in the gallery, click on Thumbnail or Extended. This is an easy way to preview the art. Personally, I recommend the Thumbnail view which is both compact but also gives you a little preview.

Finally, there are navigation buttons at the top and bottom. There are over 27,000 pages to sort through, so we’re talking hundreds of thousands of hentai and porn to check out. Fuck yes.

At the top of the page is an Exhentai search bar. You can click on the colored category buttons to enable or disable them for your search. So let’s say you only want to see Cosplay bitches. Then click on all the rest of the buttons to disable them, and then type in whatever keyword you’re looking for.

There’s an Advanced Options feature where you can sort through descriptions, torrent filenames, and even expunged galleries. Another cool feature is setting a minimum rating, if you want to sort out all the garbage from your search results.

Click on a title to go to its viewing page. You’ll see a nice thumbnail gallery for each page of the doujin or picture sets. If the torrent is available, you’ll also see links to the torrent, as well as an option to enter new tags.

The image viewer is nothing special, but it gets the job done. Just click on the image to go to the next page, or use the navigation bar in the bottom. You can also download the HQ version of the image through a download link at the bottom.

What I Like

Exhentai is super clean and responsive, and one of the best places for hentai pics and doujins.

You’ll also find a solid amount of Rule 34 here. I’m talking everything from Final Fantasy to Simpsons.

The Western Rule 34 content is pretty lacking compared to the hentai shit, but you’ll still find plenty to jerk off to.

I love the torrent feature in the site, since I’m one of those guys that still fucks with torrents. I still haven’t found a better way to get big ass porn files than torrents, and it certainly beats fiddling with file hosts like Mega.

Typically, having a real Japanese bitch porn area attached to the hentai can be cumbersome, but it works here since Exhentai has everything so neatly organized. You can also search “animation” as one of your tags to get all the animated GIFs featured here. There are plenty of bitches in motion to fap to.

There are also no ads. I don’t know what the fuck is supporting Exhentai other than its affiliation to E-hentai, but its pretty sick that a site this good doesn’t have any ads whatsoever. I was wondering why everything was loading so fast and smoothly, and then I realized holy shit, I haven’t seen even a single banner ad!

Finally, it’s nice to see a mega-site support the taboo porn like loli, incest, shouta, etc. As degenerate as that shit is, it’s a big part of hentai culture so I’m sick of mainstream sites taking those tags down in fear of authorities.

Actually, I believe the reason for Exhentai’s existence is to separate this out from E-hentai. E-hentai is the mainstream hentai site for all the “normies” to go to, while Exhentai is where the real motherfuckers fap.

What I Hate

There isn’t much to complain about than the huge pain in the ass it is to unlock this site in the first place. It took me a little over a week to gain access, and I did use a Chrome extension (Sad Panda) to help me get access.

I don’t know why they don’t make the thumbnails the default browsing function. I doubt that 99% of fappers out there have any fucking clue what any of this porn is just based on the title, and the guess and check approach is fucking bullshit when it comes to porn.

For a sec I was worried that this place didn’t have preview images, but the menu at the top right of the gallery fixed that in a hurry.

A truly legendary hentai site

There’s a reason that freaks like me are willing to put up with the bullshit unlocking process even with thousands of other hentai sites out there (Believe me, I know them all).

Exhentai is one pure motherfucker. No ads, no bullshit, just a shit-ton of porn that is organized for high-level fappers like us. There’s a huge and devoted userbase that uploads hundreds of files a day, with plenty of comments and ratings to let you know what’s good and what’s shitty.

Exhentai strikes a good balance between appealing to casuals and experts. I don’t mean to make Exhentai sound like a fucking fighting game, but the way they organize the porn and the search engine itself offers good options while still being easy to use.

For example, the Booru porn sites are examples where the search bar might be too confusing for newbies to find their fap shit. Booru is where you get straight up scientific with the porn, while there are also other porn sites where it feels like they just vomited random porn onto the page with no organization.

For Exhentai, the way you can enable and disable categories, and the advanced search options, makes it easy to navigate. Clicking and unclicking the buttons might get kind of old, but it’s super intuitive and easy to use.

So what’s the verdict? Frankly, Exhentai is worth unlocking if you love to jerk off to hentai. No ads, lots of Rule 34, tons of regular updates, and a popping torrents section makes this one of the best hentai sites around.

The exclusivity of Exhentai makes me confident that this place won’t get contaminated by bullshit anytime soon. This is a special place, so fucking appreciate it. Other hentai sites just ain’t on the same shit.

ThePornDude likes ExHentai's

  • Tons of tags and a god-tier search engine
  • Very active viewership with tons of ratings and comments
  • No ads

ThePornDude hates ExHentai's

  • Pain in the ass to get access to
  • Lots of non-porn content mixed in (easy to filter out though)