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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Luscious Hentai

Luscious Hentai

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Luscious serves up both hentai and real bitches, with porn uploaded by its legion of loyal nerds. Luscious has one of the strongest communities I’ve ever seen, and this horde of geeks have turned Luscious into a golden shrine of porno.

There’s a lot of different porn being served at Luscious. In terms of genre, you have furries, trannies, video game bitches, incest, and more. Luscious also has different types like JAV, 3D, hentai, and western porn.

It’s not every day that you see a porn site try to juggle hentai, real Western bitches, and JAV all at once. That doesn’t even include Luscious’ s huge video tube page, which is just as varied as the pictures.

The point of all this is to tell you that Luscious somehow works. This layout is so goddamn smart and optimized that even with all this different bullshit, you’ll easily find what you want. You’ll never feel lost, or wonder “what the fuck is this shit doing here?” Luscious is wicked smart.

And that all comes down to community. Luscious has a very dedicated and talented community. There’s even a leaderboard for users who find bug fixes and shit like that, and users can get badges for things like contributing ideas or helping out the beta.

Do you fucking understand? These commie bastards have gamified pornsite-building. The top users are all scored based on how much they have helped and uploaded porn, and they get followers as well. This all means that Luscious is not only a top site, but it’s getting better at a scary pace.

So many filters

Luscious wants to see how much different pornos it can add while still keeping browsing a breeze.

When you first enter the site, you’ll see a gallery of really random porn that goes down the page. You’ll see screenshots, samples, genre, tags, and some other basic information.

One thing to note is that everything on Luscious is downloadable. Always look for download links or just right click on the picture or video and you can download anything.

Anyway, Luscious’s main gallery will be too random for you. I mean, who jumps from anime porn to American real bitches in a blink of an eye? My dick can’t cross dimensions that quick.

At the very top, you’ll see links to different categories such as Manga, Pictures, Videos, and GIFs. There are also user blogs that you can read, and unlike other sites, you’ll find high-quality blogs here for all sorts of shit. I even saw blog posts where people share cooking pictures for fuck’s sake.

Anyway, hover over the links and you’ll get to choose from subcategories. The subcategories are the same across the major categories, but are super effective nonetheless. You can quickly combine porn already like “BDSM+Manga” or “CelebrityFakes+Pictures”. Super fast, simple, and effective.

Luscious doesn’t stop there. Click on any of those and you’ll see a main gallery with extra filter options on the left.

These filters are updated in real time, so you can rapidly be adjusting shit to find the best porn possible. You can set up the straight/gay filters, album size, genres, and tags. The tags are always listed in order of popularity, so right away you can see what everyone else loves fapping to.

There are even filters for language, although personally, I think this one takes up too much needless space. You’ll see ten languages supported including English, Spanish, French, Korean, and Other.

Click on a picture or video and you’ll immediately access the porn.

For picture albums, you’ll see a download link, while for videos just right click on the video and click “Save As…” You’ll also see other information like description, uploader, favorites, and more.

Luscious is smart about how it recommends other content to you too. For picture albums, the recommendations are other porn from the same user. For celebrity fakes, you’ll see a list of nudes just for that celebrity.

Luscious also has a solid tag system with lots of tags per content. But with browsing so good, I didn’t really need it.

Luscious also has an insane GIFs section. When you first enter the GIFs section, you’ll see some quick instructions and a big ass animation of a hot-ass bitch. Click on that bitch to see all kinds of porn.

Luscious is for picture and videos, not games or cams

Luscious serves up comics, videos, and pictures. The categories of porn include 3D, BDSM, fakes, furries, incest, JAV, and more. These types and categories of porn can be mixed and matched on Luscious for that ideal sex experience.

The main menu for Luscious also shows links for Sex Games and Live Cams. These are not real links, but rather outgoing links to advertisers. So just keep that in mind.

What Like

Everything at Luscious just feels “easy”. The frustrations you get from other sites, whether its navigation, ads, or lack of downloads, is fixed here.

This is also one of the few porn sites that makes registration worth it. You can customize your own filters so that you always get the porn you want. If you have a set of filters you like, its annoying always having to re-do it.

Let me quickly give an example of what makes this site good.

The blog section constantly has users making recommendations or pointing out site issues. One frustrated user asked why the hell uploaded content is set to “private” by default, when it should be obvious that making it public by default is easier.

Then we have a twelve comment discussion on the pros and cons between him and staff. It ends with staff making a different but pretty good change that satisfies everyone.

These types of users carefully examine every part of the site, always looking for things to fix or improve. The staff is also very responsive and hardworking, and actually listening to its userbase.

Meanwhile, everyone is also dedicated to uploading as much pussy, ass, and titties that internet technology allows for. I’m talking hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of porn.

These motherfuckers upload porn like it’s the cure for cancer, and who knows, maybe it fucking is.

What I Hate

There’s not much to hate here. I poked at it a few times but they really optimized this shit.

One thing about Luscious is that it can feel overwhelming. If you just want to chill, Luscious can make that difficult since there’s so many filters and options. You won’t just have the porn you want falling onto your lap.

Luscious also has false links on the main page which is a practice I disagree with. I get that they’d rather have that than ugly banner ads all over the sides, but still.

One thing about Luscious is that when you first get there, you might be confused and lost. I know I was. And the site creators have this thing where they like being cryptic and shit.

For example, I found no place where they actually explained how the site works. They link all these research papers and high-level shit as their source of inspiration and research, yet don’t explain what they are trying to do. It simply says, “we’re in beta”.

Maybe I’m just being trolled.

Make sure you stop by to check the GIFs shit out. As you click through it you’ll see an awesome movie of some crazy cave goblins gangraping this bitch. As you keep clicking, you’ll get an awesome gallery of randomized GIFs to fap to.

Browsing GIFS by clicking on them is great. Try it out. You’ll love how instantly you go from porn to porn with no downtime, so even if the porn is shit you can just go onto the next one without any bullshit.

Porn is slowly evolving

I’ve never seen a site juggle so much different content at once. Even sites that only juggle two types, like say comics and hentai videos, usually end up focusing on one over the other.

When you think about it, it’s really hard to do. Each type of porn needs its own way of filtering and categorizations, and when you start mixing video and pictures together, shit gets messy.

Luscious’s filter system isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I’ve seen. I don’t know how they chose their categories, especially since sometimes the categories don’t fit, but it works.

I can’t say enough about the spirit of this community. When I call Luscious the Apple of porn sites, I’m not just talking about the design. What other porn site has hundreds of user blogs? How many porn sites have active discussions between users and staff on how to improve things?

As for straight-up fapping, I don’t know. You can have a faster and easier experience just going to the specific thing you want, meaning a hentai site for hentai, JAV site for JAV, etc. Luscious makes you do some work, but they really try to make it worth it.

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  • One of the best layouts
  • Both hentai and real bitches are well represented

ThePornDude hates Luscious Hentai's

  • No games
  • Ads including fake link