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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Rule 34

Rule 34

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User Rating: is a Danbooru-style site dedicated to Rule 34 porn. Unfamiliar with Danbooru? It’s basically a place where users can upload and add a ton of tags, and visitors use the search engine to find really specific porn.

When it comes to Rule, the searches can get super specific. It’s never enough that you just search “Princess Peach” and jerk off to her. You can get really deep, adding terms like “areola”, “brick floor”, and “thighhighs” to get that super specific nut that your dick needs. has some fun features that make it more than an image dump. First, features an iCame Top 100 list, which logs which images visitors came to the most. With users only given one vote a day, you’ll see the most popular characters presented.

Spoiler alert: Tracer from Overwatch is ranked number one at the time of this writing. Goddamn, that game has inspired a lot of hard dicks, hasn’t it?

All your favorite characters from around the world are featured at You have Nintendo characters like Samus and Princess Peach. You have anime characters like Naruto and Sailor Moon. You have comic book characters like Harley Quinn. And of course, thousands more. goes beyond just images. You’ll also see videos, GIFs, and short comics as well. With the rich tag system, you can always track down the artists or studio to find even more content from them.

There’s a bit of a community going on at The site features a forum as well as a Discord chat. You’ll probably want to stick to the Discord if you want to get some communication going, as the forum isn’t the most active.

There’s also Pools. Pools are image groups where users upload a bunch of content about a certain topic. supports private, public, and personal pools. doesn’t have the most high-quality content, but it makes up for it in sheer numbers. You’ll be hard pressed to find more Rule 34 porn anywhere else on the internet, and the rich tag system helps you sniff out the dirtiest nastiest shit available.

It all starts with a search

When you first enter, you’ll see a sweet looking bitch laying there with a simple search bar underneath. This is a very Google-esque layout, with this cunt inviting you to search for that slut you’ve been jerking off to since you were a teen.

Below you’ll see the number of uploads, which were close to 3 million at the time I wrote this. That’s a lot of fapping to do.

If you can’t think of anything to search, just click on the bitch at the top. This will take you to a gallery of the latest uploads.

Whether you search for a tag or just click on the bitch, you’ll be sent to a main gallery of pictures. On the left you’ll see a search bar, a big ass ad, and a list of popular tags. Cracks me up that “areolae” is one of the most popular tags available.

Click on an image in the gallery, and you’ll be sent to the main file page. Along with the actual image/video, you’ll get a bunch of information on the left. The “copyright” shows what series or franchise the pic is from. You’ll also get the names of the character, artist, related tags, uploader, and a bunch of random statistics like the source and upload date.

You’ll always see a few banner ads laying around, but they are super easy to ignore. Luckily doesn’t have any popups or other bullshit like that.

Along the top of the page is the main links. You’ll see sections for comments, aliases, tags, pools, forum, discord, top 100, and more.

The Aliases is a cool feature on Rule 34. You see, there can be a lot of tags that overlap that lead to failed searches. For example, if I search Lockheart_Tifa, instead of Tifa_Lockheart, normally would lock out all the pictures under the latter search. With aliases, this kind of bullshit gets fixed.

There’s also a link to the site’s Patreon. pulls in about $400/month for server and website costs, which isn’t bad. Glad people are supporting this place.

There’s also a “Other Booru’s” link at the top, which links to other similar imageboards. You have Hypnohub (dedicated to hypno-fetishes), XBooru (unmonitored sister-site), and many more.

All bitches are welcome, as long as they are 2D

Fuck smelly stinky 3D bitches. is all about giving you the best 2D and CGI fuck action available.

Some popular bitches here include Lara Croft, Chun Li, Tifa Lockheart, Lois Griffin, Marge Simpson, the My Little Pony horses, and many more.

There is a ton of gay and yaoi content also. With roughly 174,000 images tagged with yaoi, well, I doubt you need to look much further than this place for that dick in your ass fun.

Oh, also sells t-shirts. If you want to be loud and proud about your love for Rule 34, well, I suggest you think carefully about your life direction. sells a Rule 34 T-shirt that parodies the Cartoon Network logo.

What I Like is a Danbooru-style board, and there’s a reason that style is so goddamn popular today. The site makes it easy for anyone to upload and tag random porn, but also has a moderator team that makes sure that the content is good and relevant.

There is a certain level of autism that always comes with these sites, and I mean that in a good way. These huge nerds are not only proud of uploading hundreds of thousands of porn for us to fap to, but are super anal about the tags also. For you and me, this means great easy to search porn.

I like that there are also webms, gifs, and comics. Right now webms are my format of choice, since they are like videos except way quicker and easier to watch. It’s great that supports these formats.

The Aliases feature and Top 100 iCame list are cool features that upgrade the standard Danbooru template. The search on these sites can be picky, and aliases fixes help really tone this problem down. Thank god for the site’s army of nerds to fix this kind of shit. also opens up 90% of the website without needing to register. Registration is only needed for things like favoriting content and uploading content. Generally speaking, the site is kind to lurkers.

What I Hate requires some getting used to, especially if you haven’t used Danbooru boards before.

For example, if you search “Princess Peach”, you’ll get dog shit results. You need to know to use underscores for all spaces, because the tag system groups the words with underscores.

Otherwise, you’ll just get the pics that use both the tags “princess” and “peach” separately, and believe me they frown on such idiocy.

This kind of site is also very dependent on its userbase. If the userbase turns to shit or abandons ship, you’ll see turn to shit quickly also. The Discord should give you a good indication if the site is doing well or not.

The porn is also hard to organize when it comes to quality. Sure, you can search “elbow gloves fishnet legwear Princess Peach” and get results, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to quality.

On the other hand, if you just search “Princess Peach”, you’ll be digging through thousands of photos looking for that 10/10. Basically, curating the content can be tough.

One of the best Danbooru boards out there

Overall, if you are looking for Rule 34 shit always keep a tab open at

It’s one of the core Rule 34 porn places you can find on the internet, bottom line. It’s not the best for comics, but for GIFs and pics you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to, you’re best off knowing what you want or having a deep fetish. If you just search a character without any details, you might run into hundreds of shitty amateur porn that you’d rather get wiped from your memory.

Danbooru-style boards live and die by their userbase, and safe to say has a big userbase. The Discord chat has thousands of users on at any time, and all the good pictures has lots of ratings and comments.

The iCame Top 100 is hilarious and worth checking out even if you don’t like this type of place. It’s just fun to see what everyone in the world is jerking off to. Surprised to see Tracer from Overwatch is at the top. Sad to see My Little Ponies still occupying the top 20.

Basically, the autists have agreed that will be a major hub for Rule 34 porn. And so it has been spoken, and so it will be.

ThePornDude likes Rule 34's

  • Characters from hentai, Western cartoons, games, and everything else
  • Short videos and gifs included, not just pics

ThePornDude hates Rule 34's

  • Search engine takes some getting used to
  • Can’t sort by ratings, quality fluctuates a ton