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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Porn is full of weird acronyms. If you’re a regular smut viewer, you’ll know exactly what I mean if I tell you a BBW MILF is doing ATM with a BBC. Delve into some niche fetish communities, though, and you’re bound to get confused. For example, what the fuck is e621? (Spoiler alert: it’s a huge archive of furry hentai.)

E621.net has been online since 2006 and currently gets about 40 million hits a month. That’s not bad at all for a site with a name that ain’t the least bit sexy, at least from where I’m sitting. Let’s pull back the curtain and see what this site’s all about.

Oh! It’s All About Furries!

The landing page at e621 gives away basically nothing. There’s a box with the site title, a search bar, and just a few links: Login/Signup, Posts, Comments, Tags, Wiki, and Forum. A counter at the bottom says they’re currently serving 1,678,174 posts.

It’s a very simple design and honestly doesn’t look anything like a typical sex website. This is a Danbooru-style image board, which you may recognize if you visit sites with “chan” in the name. Once we step past this gate out front, it’s probably going to be a free-for-all of users posting dirty images.

The little box with all the navigation elements sits on top of a peacock when I first look, but when I refresh the page it turns into some kind of lizard dude. Next to the search button is a Change Mascot button that will do the same thing.

The mascots are the first clue what e621 might be about. Some look like animals and nothing else. Most of them look like anthropomorphic animals from sci-fi and fantasy video games, comic books or cartoons. The horse dude surfing on a hoverboard is a little, um, buff. He’s got pecs and there’s just something about his pose. What I’m saying is that it’s a pretty fucking sexualized drawing of a horse-man, man.

Well, the link to e621’s wiki is right there on the front page, so I figured it might be the easiest place to start. Sure enough, the site’s mission is posted right at the top of the wiki:

“Our mission: To archive the best/strangest/most excellent animal/anthro-related artwork, regardless of content, for all those who wish to view it.”

The buff horse dude’s dick wasn’t hanging out or anything, but he gave away the surprise. E621 is a furry site. I looked for some site history in the wiki and FAQ, but still couldn’t figure out what the hell the name means. I’m guessing it’s the section of the criminal code that labels furries a bunch of deviates, but hey, you’re in good company.

Bring on The Rabbit Asses and Piggy Titties

Horse dude was pretty homoerotic, but the pic wasn’t exactly what I’d call dirty. I actually got a little worried I wasn’t going to end up seeing any perversion, but the Posts section cleared that up in a hurry. The users uploading their work here are some stone-cold freaks.

By default, the Posts area shows the newest content first. A couple of minutes ago, somebody uploaded hand-drawn hentai of some bitch with elephant ears getting fucked in the ass. A couple of minutes before that, it was a close-up from behind of a rabbit broad’s private parts. There’s a tiny dude rabbit with a giant cock fucking her in the ass, which is making her cunt squirt girl-rabbit cum.

I’m sure there are hardcore nerds in this community who would debate whether or not e621 is a hentai site or just a furry site. It’s true that not all of the art is drawn in the anime style, but the majority seems to be. Most of the bat girls, fox women, dinosaur men and opossums eating each other out have huge eyes. When they have human hair on top of their heads, it’s brightly colored and ridiculous.

The hentai style is so standard here that half a dozen nearly identical drawings of a raccoon stand out on the page with more of a Disney look. It’s another drawing from behind, a favorite angle in porno and hentai, with the coon’s tail in the air. I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl because there’s no wee-wee or pee-pee. In each picture, more and more runny shit is pouring out of its ass.

The front page of Posts has 75 pieces of pornographic furry art, and it’s all been uploaded in the past 3 hours. The rate of growth here is fucking ridiculous. It’s like an ever-flowing faucet of horny lion men with red and veiny erect penises, dingo girls showing off their fine, furry asses, and skunk sluts committing the ultimate taboo by sucking human dick.

Furry Porn for Every Shade of Deviate

Like any sex site with a wide variety of content, the art on e621 is organized by tag. The Trending Tags in the left sidebar show the top 30 ones over the past 24 hours. A number beside each tag lists how many pieces of that content e621 has in their massive furry porn stash. Good fucking god, there’s a lot here.

The top tag today is Mammal. I’m not surprised considering how many sexy bunnies are on the front page. The phrase “fuck like rabbits” makes them ideal for a furry site, I guess. The total lists well over a million drawings labeled with Mammal.

Anthro is the second most popular tag, followed by Female and then Male. These tags probably always take up some of the top slots, since pretty much everything here is going to have 2 or 3 of those tags.

Other popular tags of the moment include Hi-Res, Solo, Breasts, Penis, Fur and Nude. It seems like lots of body parts are listed but not sex acts. I saw some human-animal hybrid cock-sucking on the front page, but blowjob isn’t one of today’s popular sub-genres of furry porn.

Typing Blowjob into the search bar brings up no fewer than 750 pages of user-submitted images of anthropomorphic animals eating dick. The Trending Tags actually change with my search. Now I see Fellatio (300), Oral (300), Sex (300) and Male (272) at the top of the list. These secondary tags may max out at 300 results.

That search bar is probably your best bet if you’re looking for something in particular on e621. The Tags page is a mess on a lot of sites, but it’s an absolute fucking disaster here. It’s not just thousands of tags, it’s thousands of pages of tags. There’s just no good or easy way to browse that many.

Join a Thriving Community of Furry Pervies

Based on the steady flow of updates, it’s clear that e621 has a thriving community of furry freaks. There’s a Forum link in the header, but there’s actually not much action there. Somebody posted 13 hours ago looking for an image source, but the posts before that were 18 days and 2 months ago.

Like other imageboards, the conversation is mostly going on in the comment sections of the art. You can get in on that directly from the images, or head straight for the talked-about stuff by hitting the Comments link.

In the time I spent reviewing e621, people have uploaded a cute puppy getting fucked, a dog-faced mermaid masturbating, an elderly rabbit woman with lovingly drawn saggy boobs and cellulite, and a couple pics of a gender-swapped Yoda with a huge, thick round ass. Every time I went back to the Posts, there was new, kinky stuff.

Furry porn obviously ain’t for everybody. For whatever reason, most of us are wired to want to fuck other humans. If your fantasies lean toward banging humanized versions of animals, e621 is really going to trip your trigger. There’s an insane amount of anthro art, and it’s all free to browse to your heart’s content. Furry artists are encouraged to share their work with the rest of the class.

ThePornDude likes E621's

  • Free
  • Massive archive of erotic furry art
  • Very active community of furries
  • Constant updates

ThePornDude hates E621's

  • Slight learning curve
  • Tags page is a disaster