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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I do not think there is anything hotter than watching either an Asian slut or a hentai bitch get fucked hard, and if you share this opinion, you are more than welcome to explore the beauties that danbooru.donmai.us (touhou project) has to offer. Now, if you have read any of my other pleasant reviews, you might be a bit skeptical at first, since I always shit on the fact that porn images exist, and this site only offers images.

However, do not get confused with the fact that hentai images are hot, while photographs of different real chicks are fucking unnecessary. This site is similar to other anime image sites, but with a small twist; most of the pictures here, not all, are actually hentai images.

For those of you who have been living under a fucking rock, and you do not know what ‘hentai’ means, with a heavy heart I will explain it. Hentai is animated pornography that is usually made by the Japanese, and it is fucking amazing. Do you know how many possibilities you have in an animated story? Well, here you only have images, but this is still a site worth a fucking visit.

Now the biggest reason I love this site is the fact that there are so many different images you can explore, that the browsing can be endless. You will never need another hentai image site in your life. On the left side, you have the most popular tags, but those are not the only tags you can browse through.

If you click on the “tags” in the usual menu, you will get to list through all of the tags on this site. Now, this is one of the issues I have with Danbooru; the categories like “translated” are listed in quite a difficult way for browsing. However, above them, you can filter your search in different ways, so I guess I could let this one slide.

I will mention the fact that their site’s design is so fucking minimalistic, it is like they did not even try to create something that is aesthetically pleasing to us. Usually, the sites that actually offer good shit can do this, because we do not mind if their content is incredible, and thus far we know that danbooru.donmai.us is fucking amazing.

If you are like me and you consider yourself an Otaku (I swear to Lord, if I have to describe every fucking term to you guys, I will go mad), then you will be happy to know that most images here are from an existing anime. But, they are not ordinary images, they are overly sexualized pictures that I am pretty fucking sure you will enjoy!

There are no rules when it comes to hentai, everything is possible and everything is allowed because nothing is real. So, if you get offended by some shit you find here, then you must be a fucking sissy. Of course, danbooru.donmai.us allows its users to upload their own shit, and becoming a member on this website is completely free.

As a member, you can save your favorites, upload your own shit and comment on whatever you want. One thing that I find quite unnecessary here is the fact that you can list the posts by their comments… What kind of a purpose does that serve? I really do not fucking understand this shit, so can somebody please explain?

Another useless way to list the content on this site is by their notes, and as I said… just why? Besides that, you can list the shit here by the artists, and I found that quite useful because my favorite artists tend to post the kinkiest shit that always makes me in the mood for something extra hot.

There is also a forum page for all the idiots who do not understand how this shit works. If you do not know how to upload your own artwork or anything along those lines, there are plenty of members who will help you out. Unlike what most of you guys probably think, members on danbooru.donmai.us are very friendly and nice.

Of course, you could just visit their ‘Wiki’ page and find the problem you have there. If you think the usual menu is missing something, just click on ‘more’ and you will get even more options to browse through. This site is quite straightforward and you will find your way around easily.

Now, the only thing I will repeat is that they could have made a better fucking job with the site’s design. The size and quality of the images really depend on the artist who made them, but they are usually in high quality, and you can download them the common way (right click + save image), but I mean why would you? Just create your favorites page instead.

Overall, danbooru.donmai.us is a fucking great site for those who enjoy the unrealistic beauty and kinkiness of hentai sluts. There is a lot to be seen here, from furry porn to lolis getting gangbanged, and everything in between. No matter what you might be into, this site will satisfy your dirty desires, and I know this because it definitely made me very happy.

ThePornDude likes Danbooru's

  • Hentai is the best
  • Shit load of hentai images
  • Everything is free
  • Upload your own drawings

ThePornDude hates Danbooru's

  • The design is quite shitty
  • Some useless features