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Updated on 05 February 2024
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The usual kind of porn nearly always involves pics of video footage of real people, in all of their beauty and agony, putting on a show. As great as that is, there are some forms of erotic entertainment which not only show perfectly idealized forms of the human body, but also the depths – and some might say depravity – of the human imagination.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about cartoon porn! What style, you might ask? Of course, these days in a globalist world, there are many styles of that kind of smut. Well, there are hundreds of them as far as I can tell. But the most common seem to be anime-inspired porn.

Porn Posts To Please Your Peen

The fertility and versatility of the libido is on display on this site. There are thousands of cartoon pics – both of the censored and uncensored variety – which not only showcase the female form at its best but also in a series of poses in sequence. For instance, you can find pics of girls being penetrated, diddling themselves, or showing off almost like a series of frames from a cartoon.

To put it in the blunt terms (that you love) you’ll find that every fetish is catered to no matter how weird or, I guess depending on your perspective, wonderful.

There Aren’t Too Many Ads

I’m sure some people might give me shit for riding atop an ideological high horse since I don’t post ads on my sites, but I do have a problem with other internet entrepreneurs who pollute their sites with adverts. It distracts the viewer, and it ruins the aesthetics of the site.

Plus, I enjoy riding on top in both an ideological and moral manner.

At any rate, Gelbooru doesn’t have too many ads posted though there are a few near the top end of the page just below the search engine button. Be wary of them but don’t let them destroy your enjoyment of the site.

And There Is Even A Wiki

Or at least a wiki of sorts. Don’t get your hopes up; the wiki section is another weird way to organize photos. But I’ve never seen too many methods to organize porn. So, if you’re ready to go through an eclectic and exotic porn collection, then I’d recommend you check this page out.

There Are Approximately Theckillion Tags

Okay, I made that number up. But there are dozens to tens of thousands of pictures per tag and dozens of pages which have a variety of tags. And you’d be amazed as to what kinds of tags you’ll find. There are tags including super_mario_land and variations like super_mario_bros. There are other highly specific tags like large areolaes (yes, it’s misspelled), breast sucking, and purple_hair.

Remember what I said about finding damn near every fetish being catered to on this site?

If you need further proof, check out the pokemon_frig tag. You’ll find which you have never imagined. Then again, if you have imagined some of what you see on that tag, you might have to admit to yourself that you really to enjoy hentai.

There Are Pools Of Porn

Similar to a favorite’s section or a playlist, Gelbooru’s Pools are a collection of images which are either public or private. Typically, most pools have dozens of images, and a few even have hundreds – but there are still who don’t have any at all!

How is that possible?

Well, unlike the favorite sections of other porn sites, with Gelbooru you can actually edit entire pools. By entering into ‘delete mood’ – with the simple click of a button – you can select a thumbnail and remove a post from any pool. But if you do want to edit a Pool, you will need to have an account.

Make Friends On The Forum

To be honest, if you’re not only reading this review and are a fan of sites like Gelbooru I’m guessing you might need a few. Regardless of whether you are or not, I’d recommend checking out the forum section. There are tons of other horny fuckers who have created to a series of posts covering a series of topics including general discussions regarding sexuality, “breast envy” (yes, apparently that is a thing), hentai requests, and commentaries regarding certain aspects of the lesbian porn scene.

It’s just too damn bad the forum design could be better. To be sure, it’s not terrible. The rules are clearly spelled out, and the threads themselves are well structured – at least so well that you don’t have to adjust your brain to read them like a post back from the days of Usenet or a Reddit thread.

That said, the forum is a subsection of Gelbooru and doesn’t have the proper layout that most forums do. So, to get to any thread that interests you, you are going to have to scroll through a series of forum pages to find things which might interest you.

That doesn’t mean that most forum posts are boring – actually I found several to be very arousing…so to speak. But I do understand that every person’s taste is different, and with the lack of forum structuring, there’s no easy way to sort your way through the dozens of posts.

Anyway, if you do decide to post be sure to read all of the stickies. I’ve been on a good number of forums myself, both pornographic and regular, and I’ve found that there are always rules which are typically posted in the form of only a few stickies. Well, Gelbooru’s has a total of seven stickies which have been put up not only to keep order but also to cover a variety of highly specific posting guidelines.

You may not think that some of the finer points of ‘de rulz’ are something that you should be aware of, but you might be surprised – they could be something that might be applicable to you.

Really Like The Site? Then Shop On The Store!

You know that a fan-fiction art site has “made it” online when it has a functional e-store, especially if it’s an erotic site. Granted, it’s not huge, there are only a few unisex t-shirt designs available in a couple of color variations and a patch, all with the Gelbooru logo on it.

And good news for you Americans – you’ll get your package in just seven days. Everyone else will have to wait a week to a month, plus pay an international shipping fee to get their shit.

But If You’ve Got A Sticker Fetish? Then Get A Gelbooru Patch

Yep, that’s how big and industrious this website is. Right now, there is a fan-made disc-sized sticker. It’s actually non-pornographic but still looks pretty cool. And, although it’s described as being a weathering and UV resistant coffee time sticker which can be applied to mugs and cups, Gelbooru says that you can attach – and imply that it will adhere to – your laptop, guitar, your own ass, or your dog’s ass.

From what I can tell, new stickers are going to be designed and released by Gelbooru in the future – so, if someone finds out about new designs, let me know, and I’ll post an update.

Discuss Your Dirty Fantasies On Discord

I suppose in addition to having an e-store, the other mark of a good website is having an active discord page, too. Come to think of it, why don’t I have one?

Anyway, are any of you wimps worried that there won’t be enough people to talk to?

Well, don’t!

There are over eight thousand members on the Gelbooru Discord server with hundreds of users online to interact with at any given time. And with a server so densely populated, there are so goddamn many to topics to talk about.

Granted, it may be hard to get admission for your first time since you can only get access to the server directly through Gelbooru’s Post page. If you go through that section and click on the link at the top of the page, you’ll get to where you’ll want to be. But for some reason, that link doesn’t seem to show up anywhere else on the site.

“What’s This Doujin Link?”

According to the google machine, doujin means ‘sewing circle’ and refers to people (usually nerds) who have a unique interest. In other words, it’s a term for an autistic echo chamber.

But since Doujin is operated by Gelbooru and acts as another platform to share and talk about smut, it’s the best kind of autistic echo chamber.

Like Gelbooru, there are all kinds of anime-style porn of all kinds of styles including shotacon, tentacle-chan, and other styles. The design isn’t as good, there aren’t as many features or users, and there isn’t as much smut. But the same idea as Gelbooru is there so I’d say it’s worth looking at.

And In Summation…

…this is a fine website. But if you, like I certainly do, like “regular” porn – you know the kind featuring actual people – then you might be put off by this kind of porn. Then again, if you give it a shot, you might get off on this kind of kinky smut.

For sure, I’m not saying that I don’t approve. After all, have you seen some of the freaky shit I’ve reviewed elsewhere on this site? But I think that most people who keep up with this review might not “get” the niche stuff on Gelbooru.

Then there are the improvements in web design, like making it easy for users to get to well-made features and off-site pages.

At any rate, between the lack of ads, ease of use, the need to improve certain aspects of the site, the huge amount of pics, and other features, I think that you’ll love this website.

ThePornDude likes Gelbooru's

  • There are literally tens of thousands of photos which will make you want to boof your boner on the regular
  • With thousands of active users, you’ll never feel alone in your perversion
  • There are a dick ton of other features like the e-store, tags, and a forum

ThePornDude hates Gelbooru's

  • There aren’t too many ads, though there could be fewer
  • Navigating the site can be a pain in the ass – especially when it comes to finding specific pages
  • The ‘welcome’ page is hardly welcoming and is incredibly confusing