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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sankaku Channel
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Ever since the nineties, it seems like everyone is into Japanimation and not just when it comes to the kinds of cartoons that they enjoy. Everywhere we see anime-style clothing, hairstyles, games, figurines and, most interestingly, in a whole new wave of porn.

Well, to keep up with the newest wave of erotic entertainment I have been tracking down the biggest, best, and (most importantly) weirdest anime-type smut sites on the web. If you check this site out regularly, you’ll find that I’ve done a few of these reviews before — but most of those sites are pretty tame compared to Sankaku Complex.

If you don’t speak Japanese, you might think something like, “Sankaku? Is that some sort of Chinese erotic massage technique?” And those of you who do speak Japanese but aren’t familiar with the term might be thinking, “What the fuck do triable have to do with porn?”

Well, to get answers to both of those questions, discover a whole new level of kink, learn if I like doll porn, and find out other fascinating fap porn facts, keep on reading.

What Is Sankaku? What Is A Chan?

From what I can tell, sankaku means triangle in Japanese. What does that have to do with porn? Well, initially, I had no idea. Now I still don’t know for sure, but I think it has to do with the three different aspects of the site: porn, anime, and discussion.

Chan is a Japanese term for ‘girl’ and is usually used as a pet name. It fits pretty well seeing as the site focuses on nubiles, like…a lot.

Porn Pics You’ve Never Even Dreamed Of

One of the great (and super weird) things about anime porn is the imagination people put into their pics. The cool part about this is that content creators are only limited by what they can dream up and their own talent. And boy, can the people on this site dream a lot.

I mean, I’ve been doing porn reviews for years now and in that time have seen quite a lot of smut. To be more specific, I’ve seen super specialized blowjob porn, chicks with dicks bigger than mine, women dressed in gold & platinum, scat smut, and strange ass erotic stories, among other things. And having seen all of that stuff didn’t prepare me for what Sankaku has to offer.

The kind of pictures you’re going to see include the standard pretty girls with gravity defying tits as well as more exotic stuff like League of Legends-inspired female warrior-strippers, lady martial artists dressed like Playmates, scantily clad gals being summoned from mystic portals, and yeah, there are pics of ladyboys as well.

And that’s just the stuff I saw on the homepage. Beyond that, there are thousands of pics and GIFs which range from tame to totally unique spank material. To make things even better, most of the porn isn’t censored, unlike most East Asian and anime smut sites.

Once in a while, you’ll stumble across a pic which has some censor bars on it, but they’re actually not terribly distracting. To give you an idea of what you’re going to see, check this pic out and enjoy. 😉

From what I can tell, most of the pics are original, but there are a good number of porn parody pics which featuring Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Code: Geass, and other famous characters from other anime.

Most of the newer stuff tends to feature only single girls is sexy poses with their tits out. However, more of the archived footage shows off girls giving blowjobs or getting railed or enjoying a threesome.

There Are Doll’s In Porn Poses, Too

In addition to the drawn cartoons, there are hundreds of pics of custom dolls and action figures. And unlike the typical toys and figurines, you’ll see in stores, the pics of these figures are designed to be particularly pornographic.

To give you an idea of what you’ll see, there are highly detailed figures of sexy anime-ladies who, in addition to being well endowed, are built so that they can have their outer clothes removed and stripped down to panties.

Of course, since they are fully posable, these female figures are presented in various postures from multiple angles in various states of undress.

Sound weird? Well, yeah, I gotta be honest it did sound strange to me at first. And I felt a little weird after wanking to this stuff the first time…and the second. But by the time I nutted a third time to this unusual form of erotic entertainment, it started to feel normal.

So, before you dismiss this as being a way too weird fetish, try it out for yourself. After a few whacks, let me know what you think.

The Blog Pages Are Pretty Extensive

In addition to having hundreds of pages of pure anime porn, Sankaku also has several sections which combine anime news and culture with erotic entertainment in the form of blog posts. Besides being well written, they always feature some pretty damn fun (and sometimes even nap worthy) pics and GIFs. If you’re into Japanimation style erotica, or are just into anime, and like porn, this part of the site is going to be a must see.

Anime — We all know that anime tends to be pretty racy — even the adult-oriented and (supposedly) unfiltered shows. However, there are more, fully uncensored versions of some of your favorite animated programming. To find out what boner popping scenes you may have been missing out on and not even known it, check this blog out.

Manga — As you might suspect, this blog section focuses exclusively on hentai being presented in manga form. And like other parts of the site, it’s flush with porn parodies.

Games — While there is definitely a focus on fresh spoilers, promotional content, and general gaming news, there is still some erotic content here, too.

Japan — This blog section is super diverse since there are news articles about Japanese culture and current events along with seemingly random porn posts featuring pics of some of the finest women (real women) which Japan has to offer.

The Forum Is Fun, Too

Like most modern sites these days, Sankaku comes complete with a forum, too. And just like other sites, joining the site is super simple and doesn’t have any signup fees. The rules are easy to follow, but not all of the threads are.

The reason for this is because Sankaku’s threads aren’t subdivided into specialty sections. Rather, every thread, no matter the topic, is simply presented in an infinite scroll list. You can, however, order or filter your results by choosing between the latest results, the top threads, and by category.

Having mentioned that, the way the threads are categorized isn’t all that great since they break down to only general discussion, support, and feedback.

You’ll Be Assaulted By Ads, Though

People got bills to pay to keep their site going, and Sankaku Complex is no exception. To pay them bills, they have heavily invested in ad revenue. In fact, every inch of space which doesn’t have a link or a pic has ads plastered on it.

To be fair, since the ads on the site tend to be for websites from other anime pornographers, so it does kind go with the aesthetic of the site. On the other hand, since they sort of blend in with the other pics you might

However, there aren’t any pop-ups or redirects to deal with, so I guess that’s a plus.

Should You Be Watching And Wanking?

To be sure, this site has some super high-quality material and has some unique fap content. After all, how many sites do you know which have fine, female figurines posed in sexy panties?

I imagine that some people might be put off by the fact that a lot of the girls — both illustrated, dolls, and real-life females — look very young. And while there are tons of pics and GIFs, outside of a few clips, there aren’t any full-length videos to check out.

And the number of ads, where they are placed, and the fact that they blend in with the rest of the site ruin some people’s experience while using this site. On the other hand, the site seems to be pretty safe since there isn’t really any hidden spam or redirects.

Oh, and despite spending so much time on this site, I’m still not entirely sure what ‘sankaku’ means. That said, there isn’t a huge amount of stuff to bitch about.

To sum it up, I’d give Sankaku Complex four out of five hands.

ThePornDude likes Sankaku Channel's

  • With erotica focusing on pictures of custom dolls, this site is certainly unique
  • The forum is pretty nice and has tons of fun threads
  • Combining humor and hot content, the blog is also nice as well

ThePornDude hates Sankaku Channel's

  • With a focus on “chans,” some of the content looks a little creepy
  • I’m not crazy about the lack of video footage
  • There are far too many damn ads which blend in with the rest of the site
  • I’m still not entirely sure what sankaku is supposed to mean