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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Rule 34 Paheal

Rule 34 Paheal

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People today are so goddamn spoiled. Back in the day, if you wanted to fap to your favorite cartoon or videogame character, you had to use this disgusting piece of shit called your “imagination”. Either that, or you had to try to draw your own, and believe me, that ain’t pretty. With the advent of the internet, we now live in a paradise where there are hundreds of thousands of Rule 34 pictures to fap to. Not only are there drawings, but we also have CGI, animations, comics, and so much more. is a solid implementation of a Booru -style imageboard that concentrates on Rule 34 content. This means that you won’t have to sort through bullshit original characters that you don’t give a fuck about. You’ll find all your favorite characters that you have fantasized about growing up, whether its anime, cartoon or even celebrities.

Rule 34 doesn’t discriminate where the characters come from. If you love American cartoons, you can fap to bitches from franchises like Family Guy, Simpsons, and Kimpossible. If you are a weeaboo faggot, you can fap to anime characters like the Fate/Stay Night bitches, Dragonball, and One Piece.

Of course, you’ll find plenty of videogame porn. And I’m not just talking about the classic shit like Final Fantasy or Last of Us. You can also fap to Pokémon (like literally, the Pokémon animals), furries, even the robot from Portal. Actually, there are over 700 pictures dedicated to Portal, in case you were wondering how degenerate these assholes are.

If you don’t know what a Booru or Danbooru-style board is, you really should learn. Booru imageboards allow anyone to upload, meaning that these sites quickly build up hundreds of thousands of pictures to fap to. The engine uses a smart tag system that even with all this porn you can find really specific porn.

Once you become an expert fapper like me, just finding porn for Tifa Lockhart isn’t enough. You need to find Tifa pregnant or lactating, or some other deep dark disgusting shit to actually nut to. This is where Booru’s beauty comes in. To be honest,’s tag system isn’t as great as other Booru sites I’ve found. This place usually limits the tags to franchise and characters, while in other Booru sites you can specify shit like hair color or what color panties she’s wearing. But either way, it works just fine and there’s plenty to fap to.

A standard Booru layout will take you straight to the action after a quick age check. Just search something you want to fap to in the main search bar, and off you go.

The search bar uses a multiple tag system, so when you type a search entry and press enter, you’ll notice it just locks in the tag without actually searching. expects you to search multiple tags at once, so you can keep adding tags to the search bar before clicking “find”.

Your results will be thumbnailed in a nice gallery. One cool feature about is that they tell you under the image what kind of content it is. curiously doesn’t tell you any information about the thumbnail other than what kind of media it is. 99.9% of the content here is “Image Only”, so expect to read that shit a LOT when you browse here. Don’t be fooled though, has plenty of animations and comics to check out also.

Click on a thumbnail to see that ass in full size. You’ll get the picture, uploader, tags, source link, and comments. doesn’t require registration for comments, so you can start commenting how you’d like to fuck her in the ass and all that other weird shit you see on porn sites.

For some reason, I didn’t see any rating system on One cool feature is that the tag box is immediately editable, so you can add tags if you feel they fit. This should help shore up their weak tags in the long run.

At the top of the page is the main menu which includes Main, Community, Help, and Announcements. The Comments section just gives you a huge list of the latest comments along with the picture that the comment is attached to. Not sure why anyone would browse like this , to be honest.

One of my favorite comments is some asshole talking about how the bullet mark on Clementine from The Walking Dead is on the wrong shoulder. Here is a 9/10 awesome nude picture of Clementine complete with firm titties and pussy hair landing strip, and this faggot complains that the artist drew the scar on the wrong side.

The internet is truly fascinating.

Not just hentai has a lot more than just 2D Rule 34. You’ll also find other content like cosplay, webms, comics, celebrity fakes, and even Rule 63. For those who don’t know, Rule 63 is when you have Rule 34 except the character is gender-swapped. I don’t think I have to tell you how popular this has gotten in recent years. The Bowsette bullshit is still going strong. has a solid celeb nude gallery. A lot of it is homo shit, surprisingly, with characters like Thanos, the Kpop boy band EXO, and the Star Trek freaks. You’ll also find classic fakes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, upskirt tennis stars, and YouTube celebrities of all kinds.

You’ll find plenty of comics too. Fairly Odd Parents, Simpsons, even Winnie the Goddamn Pooh have full-fledged fuck comics at Unfortunately, the layout doesn’t make it easy to find the other pages, so I’d look elsewhere if you want to read porn comics.

As for the search, has the standard search functions you’ll find in other Booru sites. You can add strings like score, post date, and md5 hash to fine-tune your search beyond just content.

What I Like is a pretty solid implementation of the Booru concept. You can really fine-tune your search with the parameters I talked about above, and there is over 2.5 million posts! That’s a lot of porn.

I like that supports other types of porn like celebrity fakes and webms. These are always a joy to browse on Booru imageboards, since the search makes it easy to find what you want quickly. is also easy to use since you can comment and modify tags without registering. Registering will still give you cool perks like special graphics on your username and favorites, but it’s nice that I can fap and participate without creating another bullshit email address. Little quirks like avatars should grow the community here.

The site also has a really thorough FAQ section with a really active staff. There’s over a dozen people on the staff, with lots of moderators to make sure that the content is sexy and appropriate. Bottom line, they work hard and are very active which is always a good sign.

What I Hate has some missing features that make it pale compared to other major porn sites, especially Booru-style websites.

First, reading comics here is kind of annoying. I didn’t find an easy way to access the gallery for a comic. What I mean is, let’s say you find an image for one page of a comic that you really like. Well, obviously you want to read the rest of the comic right? Normally, porn sites will have a link that gives you access to the comic’s entire gallery, so you can read it page by page without any worries. I didn’t find any such feature at You’ll have to hunt down the other pages yourself.

I also didn’t find any CGI tag usage here. CGI is really important for Rule 34, especially in terms of video games. There IS a lot of CGI porn here, but for some reason, the CGI tag isn’t used. This is annoying.

The rating system is also missing here. I believe there is a system where users can upvote or downvote the porn, but there’s no X/10 rating system like you find in virtually every other porn site. Then again, most porn I find on the internet doesn’t have enough votes to make an accurate rating anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Still a solid Rule 34 fap site will get the job done, but it does pale compared to other major Booru sites.

The tags at is just limited in general. Most of the images will only have the major tags like the character name or the franchise. There’s no deep autistic tags like “blue panties” or “perky nipples”.

Finally, is VERY sensitive about loli. The announcement section is just a big explanation of why there is limited loli content on the site, and I guess the government is really cracking down on that shit. Fuck political correctness.

Still, the site has one of the largest collections on the internet, with tens of thousands of pictures for popular franchises like Kim Possible. The ads are minimal and respectful, and the pussy loads super quick. What more can you ask for?

ThePornDude likes Rule 34 Paheal's

  • Solid collection of Rule 34 with Danbooru engine
  • Sweet celeb fakes section

ThePornDude hates Rule 34 Paheal's

  • A lot of shitty porn mixed in with the good
  • Tags are limited for many pictures