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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Today there are millions of kids in high school and even older ‘manlets’ who waste at least a few hours of every single day playing some kind of video game which they’re hopelessly invested in for whatever reason – some of these people play games to kill time, some of them play them to relieve stress, some play them because they don’t have a lot of friends to socialize with, and some play because they prefer to spend half of their childhood controlling a virtual avatar in a fantasy video game that will grind away for them for thousands of hours in order to be able to earn the high-level gear they want and eventually end up selling it for real life money.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone who plays video games plays them to experience some kind of fun, and that video games themselves aren’t made to offer people sexually-stimulating visuals in order to prompt them to please themselves as a ways of substituting real sex. But in recent years, plenty of sex-based, pornographic video games have sprung up and carved out a piece of both the video game and pornography industry for themselves – I mean almost every time you go on a popular XXX website you’re greeted with a loud, annoying pop up of ‘The world’s most addictive sex game’ which is essentially an ad that shows you a repeating loop of 3D-generated characters having sex.

Sex games have been around for over a decade now on many platforms, including PC and mobile, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Their initial rise to popularity may be due to the flash-games era of “Newgrounds”, a platform which is credited for hosting some of the first-ever XXX games on the internet, but despite their humble beginnings, XXX games are now so damn popular that there are videos of their playthroughs uploaded on popular porn tubes the likes of XVideos and PornHub. In fact, XXX online games have become so iconic that some porn consumers prefer to only fap to them as their preferred format of pornography, which is why websites like WHentai are able to exist with a healthy supply of traffic…

Completely Original Works and Titles

WHentai might not be on people’s minds if they were to name the top 5 most popular Hentai websites on the internet, but it doesn’t have to be overly-popular when it has completely original works and titles available that can’t be found, played or fapped to on any other domain on the internet.

There are more than enough completely original games to kill time on right here on this website, and they’re not re-uploads of those cult classic XXX flash games that every 90s kid used to play on Newgrounds back in the mid 2000s when they were the hottest new thing in internet porn – these games are exclusive only to this website, so if you’ve got a knack for clocking flash-based Hentai games while pleasing yourself simultaneously then that’s just one reason to spend some time here at WHentai and invest your ‘loads’ into a different kind of internet porn format, one that will stimulate your brain while making you stimulate your penis at the same time…

The XXX Parody Games are Where It’s At Though

Original Hentai works and titles are one thing, but let’s face it – everyone whose ever watched Hentai has done so in order to see their favorite Anime characters getting it on right in front of their eyes in all their fully drawn, naked glory. I mean a whole generation of kids practically grew up watching popular anime shows like Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece and so on, so it’s pretty much a given that every one of these kids would practically kill to see Bulma getting plowed from behind, or Misty sucking Ash’s dick, or maybe Nami from One Piece getting her uterus destroyed by Dragon Ball’s Son Goku in an X-Rated crossover.

This site has a lot more XXX parody games than original works and titles – they’re just that much more effective at getting people horny because if it’s one thing that gets an anime fan aroused, it’s watching female anime characters with their tits and ass out, having sex in all kinds of ways. Even if you’re not a devoted anime fan, you can still definitely appreciate seeing all your favorite childhood anime characters sucking and fucking in animated XXX videos, and there’s plenty of that kind of content right here on WHentai except instead of videos it’s in the form of interactive sex games…

Every Game has its Corresponding Tags

There might not be any categories on this site, but there sure are plenty of tags that will make it easier for you to lock down on any themes, genres or other miscellaneous factors that you’d like to be featured or shown in the content you’re viewing – after all, that is the function of tags, and tags are important for the organization of any kind of content regardless if it’s porn or otherwise. While there may not be any standalone tag section on this website, there are still plenty of tags that you can view under any piece of content you open here. The tags themselves cover essentially every visual or content-based factor that could be shown on literally any piece of given content here on WHentai, including both games and artworks (more on those later). This means that if you’d prefer for your content to have anal in it, contain big-titty MILFs or belong to a certain anime franchise, you can easily lock down on precisely those themes and factors by using the tags provided on this site.

Original Artworks Aside from Just Games

If you ever get tired of playing the games on WHentai which could eventually happen seeing as how they force you to pay attention to them in order to be able to play them which can be quite challenging if you want to fap at the same time, then why not give them and your brain a break for some time and check out some of the many, many original artworks posted on this page which are so damn original you won’t even be able to find them on Rule 34. There are hundreds upon hundreds of pictures on this site including full image sets and XXX comics which rarely feature original characters, and are mostly XXX depictions of popular anime babes like Kefla from Dragon Ball Super and other lovable, fuckable anime babes that you and every other anime fan would love to see in an XXX depiction. The artworks on this site are of decent quality too, so you can bet both nuts that you won’t be jacking off to some low-grade, mediocre XXX depiction of an anime character that looks like it was drawn by someone who only watches Western cartoons and doesn’t know how to replicate the style properly…

Need an Account to Play/View Them Though…

One of the most annoying things about this website which I decided to save for last is the fact that you require an account in order to view everything which it contains – there are a LOT of great quality games and images on this site which would hit home in any Hentai fan’s league, but the fact that you need a paying, premium account to view them does really make things annoying, especially if you go on here looking to fap to something quickly. Anyone can create an account on this site for absolutely nothing, and the process itself is short – in addition, every new account has three free ‘views’ that they can use to view any three pieces of content here, but once they’re over you’ll need to either make a new account from a new email address (which is a hassle of its own) or start paying and unlock everything that this site has to offer, which again is a hassle because spending money for pornography isn’t something that people with low income do, and a lot of people who enjoy Hentai porn tend to be younger people without much income…

ThePornDude likes WHentai's

  • Games completely unique to the site
  • Original works
  • Plenty of original artworks
  • Plenty of XXX parodies too
  • Site responds fast

ThePornDude hates WHentai's

  • Way too many options on homepage
  • Site’s visual design is basic at best
  • The art quality of the games isn’t great
  • No long, interactive RPG games
  • Need a paying account to access the site’s content properly