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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Furry porn is a lot like fine wine to me. I don’t like wine. I’m not against it at all. I get why other people out there like that shit, but it’s just not for me. The flavor is whack. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know good furry porn, or uh wine, when I see it. Okay, I’ll ditch the metaphor. It’s getting more confusing than an art student’s sexuality. I just can’t seem to get off to the thought of fucking a dog with tits. Weirds me out. I wouldn’t be able to look my German Shepard in eye if I went down that road. But holy fuck is this particular brand of degeneracy popular. There are fetishes within fetishes in this niche group.

Most people I know who like furry porn often don’t want their real name or identity being associated with their taboo desires. It’s the kind of shit that could ruin a relationship if it’s found in your search history. Explaining some vanilla lesbian porn is easy enough. But if family or friends catch you watching Pinkie Pie get her asshole prolapsed by a Doberman with a 13-inch red rocket, then you might be in some hot water.

U18chan.com is an anonymous furry porn image board with an interesting theme going on. Like any chan board, you can participate in a variety of different boards all anonymously. I’d still throw that shit in incognito mode just to be safe though. Over 5 million of you furries come to this board every month for your daily fix. The site has been around in multiple different forms since around, if not a few years before, 2010.

Odd Choice of Mascot and Site Theme

Now, it’s not often that sites throw me for a loop. I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to gore, scat, and the whole nine. I’m used to it. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore. But the theme here caught me off guard like a pinky in your ass when you least expect it. It’s Nazi-themed.

Yeah, you read that right. Their sexy fox mascot named “Valkyria” sports a patch with a “pawstika” on it. The site says they aren’t affiliated with Nazis in any way and that it’s just the symbol that “AuroraFurries” have adopted, but, uh, I don’t know man. That shit is weird. I guess people think the whole nazi dominatrix thing is hot. You do you. They don’t seem to be hurting anyone anyway, so that’s all I’ll mention of that.

Dark & Light Modes, Handy-FAQ Page, and Organized Boards

The homepage has sections for site news, FAQ, and Rules. I definitely recommend at least skimming over those pages before you get started posting your favorite clop pics anywhere and everywhere you can. The dark theme on this site is fucking great, and you can even toggle it to a sky theme if you really need some good old eye strain to liven up your day.

You’ll want to use the header for browsing all of the different boards on the site. There are 5 sections each with a variety of different boards. “Furry Related, The Basement, General, Indices, and Misc.” Furry Related has, of course, all of your standard furry content like “Comics, Artwork, Gay Furries, Intersex, and Animated content.”

Head to The Basement for some Crazy Fetish Content

The Basement houses the darker furry fetish content like “Cub (loli), Feral, Ponies, and Gore.” The General page is for stuff that isn’t porn like “Weapons, Video Games, and Literature.” Indices is a page full of indexes from all of the boards. And, finally, Misc has site guides, discord links, and a cool site feature called Fap Mode.

Fap Mode makes it so that threads only display posts with images, so you can scroll through and jerk off without dealing with text posts. Pretty sweet feature that more image boards like this one should definitely have. I hate getting threads that only have 4 or so images and 100+ replies. I don’t care what you fucks have to say. I just want to bust a nut.

Being an anonymous image board site, it’s got a pretty similar format to sites like it. You browse by board and can add images or replies to current threads. Each thread will have a topic that you’ll have to stick to. You can create your own thread pretty easily. Just follow the board rules and you should be fine. But the site also has a few unique features that set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Active Community, Mainly Image-Based Content, and Some Unique Site Features

The site lets you upload multiple files at once, so if you have a set of, I don’t fucking know, 5 furry futas that you just need to upload at once, then you can do that here. The site also supports BB code, so you can modify your posts as much as you want. You can tag spoilers without any annoying extra steps. And linking to posts in between boards is easier here than on other similar sites.

There’s not too terribly much to say about the content. I dig that they have a ton of different sections for all of the fetishes and kinks in the furry fandom. The quality is bound to vary from post to post and board to board. Most everything here is images. I’m not sure if the site supports Webms or GIFs to the same extent that other boards do. There were some of those scattered throughout, but images are by far the popular choice. You can save full sized versions of the images easily. The ads are pretty manageable. Only a few banners to deal with. No annoying pop-ups or redirects.

Poor Mobile Experience

The mobile site is pretty meh. No effort was made to make it easily readable or useable on mobile. It’s just your standard desktop site but much harder to use. You have to zoom in and out of every comment on every thread just to read it or view images. I expected better from a site that’s been around for coming up on ten years now. There’s no excuse for a bullshit mobile experience like this. I’d say you deserve to be punished, but, judging by the mascot, I think you’d like that a little too much.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about U18chan.com is the level or organization they’ve got going on. Other sites just give you a long ass list of topics and boards with most of them being dead. Here you get 5 sections with a short list of boards under each. And every board on the site was fairly active. There weren’t any notable ghost towns or any bullshit like that.

The ads are kept to a minimum, which is great. Sometimes sites like these love to fuck you up with redirects and annoying pop-ups. I also like the general vibe here. The community was active and fairly supportive. I didn’t see too many hateful trolls or annoying spam posters.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I like the Indices page, but I found myself missing the usual “Catalog” option you get for each board that lets you view all of the current threads at once. The Indices is nice and all, but I prefer the more traditional catalog page. I get that the site theme is the identity and brand of the site, but it’s only going to cause trouble. It’s caused the site a fair share of issues in the past, and I don’t see that sort of pushback going away anytime soon. I mean, do you really need a femdom fox nazi as your mascot? Just sayin’.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed U18chan.com. Despite the weird site theme and questionable background, they provide a quality place to share all sorts of furry porn. You can check out all kinds of kinky fetish content that you would never find on a regular board. The site is designed well and has a fair share of unique features that set them apart from other anonymous image board sites. If you’re an incredibly kinky furry fuck who needs high-quality fetish porn to jerk off too, then hop in your fursuit and get your degenerate rump over to U18chan.com.

ThePornDude likes U18Chan's

  • Anonymously Share Furry Porn
  • Quality Site Design on Desktop
  • Active Community of Furries

ThePornDude hates U18Chan's

  • Questionable Site Theme
  • Poor Mobile Experience