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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sankaku Complex

Sankaku Complex

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Sankaku Complex is a hilarious and alternative news site for all things Otaku. Whether it’s games, anime, or manga, Sankaku Complex has all the bases covered with the latest write ups, reviews, and summaries for all kinds of hentai and anime shit.

What kind of news will you find here? All kinds of shit. Whether it’s political shit, voice actress news, episode breakdowns, or just plain old racist shit, Sankaku Complex has got it all.

Between all the “real” news articles on the site, you’ll find plenty of porn. Sankaku Complex has long breakdowns of the latest episodes from the popular hentai animes such as Kimi Omou Koi and Nande Koko ni Sensei ga.

Don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about? Congratulations, you might just be a normal human being! Head off to and never look back my friend.

Sankaku Complex goes deep into Japanese culture. Amidst all the porn disguised as episode summaries, you’ll also find cosplay, figurine reviews, industry news, and even JAV content. There’s even an article about Mike Tyson’s anger over being left out of the Punch-Out! re-release.

Sankaku Complex really knows its audience, even if that audience is kind of niche. We all love hentai porn and most of us have watched the popular animes like One Piece, but Sankaku Complex goes ass-deep into that real nerd shit. Do we really give a shit that the new Final Fantasy 9 figurines look fucking amazing? Not really!

I’m all about the porn so let’s focus on that. The hentai doujin and anime reviews have dozens of pictures to sort through, complete with bullshit like spa steam censorship and glowing white cocks. You also get cool tidbits like a JAV company inviting horny men to ride on bicycles hooked up to generators while watching porn.

The idea is that the porn will encourage the men to pedal harder and harder, producing lots of productive energy to light Tokyo with. Goddamn, these Japanese are efficient, trying to run the country through porno power.

Sankaku also features an active forum as well as two Chan-style image boards. The forum doesn’t really specialize in porn, so sadly you won’t find great user content here. The Chans, however, is another story. You’ll find all kinds of awesome hentai and JAV pics of both original and Rule 34 works to feast your balls to.

If you’re trying to jerk off, I suggest you head straight there. There’s some delicious looking titties and you can sort everything by ratings and tags really easily.

The Wall Street Journal for horny Jap-lovers

When you first enter Sankaku Complex, you’ll see some big clickbait ads at the top followed by the recent posts. You’ll see that the porn content is mixed in nicely with SFW shit, and sadly there’s no way to just sort out the hentai.

You’ll note that each post gets a good amount of comments, and the site is updated almost hourly.

Going down you’ll see the popular posts. Now, this will all be porn pics, just incase you wondered what kind of people the site caters to. Dozens of bouncing titties and women being forcibly bent over will inspire you to check these posts out.

There are also samples of posts from the Chan-board as well as Idol posts. For me, the Idol post updates didn’t show on the main page so it might be broken, but you can just head over to to see their Chan-board dedicated to real life bitches.

One of the best posts I saw was a bitch sitting with a dude at a public restaurant, except he has a remote control vibrator connected to her vag. The discrete orgasms are always the best in my opinion, but I digress.

The main areas of Sankaku Complex include Anime, Manga, Games, and Japan, and these can be accessed via the links at the top. The Japanese news includes crime, culture, society, and politics, and can go way outside of typical weeb shit.

Of course, when I say culture, I mean shit like watching a voice actress get spanked by a walrus. Really important hard-hitting journalism at Sankaku Complex.

Click on a post and you’ll get sent to the main article or blog. For the anime and manga reviews, you’ll see a quick summary announcing the latest episode or issue or whatever, followed by a fuckton of pictures.

You see up to forty or fifty images showing off all the highlights (read: tits and ass) of the anime. At the end of the post, you can also check out all the related tags as well as recommended content. Finally, there is the comments section which is fairly active on Sankaku Complex. There’s also a user feature but when I checked out the site registration was closed. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a user to access any of the content. Registration is mostly just for forum posting.

That’s about it for the layout. Pretty straight forward blog site all-around, and you’ll need to be a heavy Otaku to really love the content. Of course, you can just jack off to the screenshots like I did.

What I Like

Sankaku Complex is great if you are a huge Japanese nerd who also appreciates pussy. You can read all kinds of interesting and random news like how the Hikikomori are taking over Japan or how some JAV slut spread her legs on national TV.

Meanwhile, you’ll also be seeing plenty of anime and manga hentai screenshots for the latest and greatest from Japan. There are so many screenshots that it’s like watching the actual video in stop motion.

The articles are generally interesting. Did you know Pokemon Go is still huge in Japan? Or that there’s a new set of Ring movies coming out? I can’t imagine reading this kind of stuff anywhere outside of Sankaku Complex.

There’s a lot of retro videogame news too. Whether it is classic game re-releases or new game releases of old franchises like R-Type, Sankaku Complex has the older nostalgic gamers covered.

What I Hate

There’s a button to filter out the NSFW content. Well, that’s retarded.

You’ll also get very little porn outside of pictures. The front page thumbnails are animated GIFs (much bounciness) but the actual posts are just screenshots, with many of the shots not even having tits or pussy.

There’s also a lot of annoying ads scattered around, although luckily no pop-ups. Just a ton of clickbait bullshit.

Frankly, if you want to jerk off you should just head to the related Chans. and are solid porn image boards that not only have a ton of content, but rank and tag everything making it easy to browse.

Some of the articles also can’t even be considered news. One article literally just talks about how ero-artists love drawing a popular manga bitch (Komi-san wa Komyushou desu), and then just posts a shitload of Rule 34. This isn’t news. Worst of all, most of the pictures aren’t even pornographic!

In general, many of the articles seem to just be an excuse to post a ton of porn pics. I don’t mind this, except that they could just cut out the bullshit and just give us the porn.

The forum is also pretty terrible since there is no categorization or sub-forums to speak of. The forum is also mostly SFW shit, and they couldn’t even make a separate section for the hentai. That’s just lazy, not to mention the fact that registration wasn’t even working when I visited the site.

Schizophrenic at times

Sankaku Complex would benefit a lot from more strict categorizations and organization. First of all, they need a function to separate out the porn content from the regular shit, because I’m sure plenty of users (cough, me) just want to get to the pussy action. I don’t give a flying fuck that Japan’s new era is named “Reiwa” whatever fuck that’s supposed to mean.

Sankaku Complex has great Chan-style imageboards for both JAV and hentai, and it’s weird that these sites aren’t featured on the main page. Add some main links to the website so people can easily learn where the real action is. This will drive a lot of traffic I’m sure.

Strange little corner of the internet

Overall, Sankaku Complex is a nice little Otaku corner of the internet. Come get the latest news on Otaku culture, jack off to some hentai screenshots, and meet other weeb nerds to waste the rest of your life with.

Much like 4chan, the porn here is often a sideshow to the discussion and content. There is a lot of news on obscure Japanese celebrities that you’ll only know if you really follow the culture.

Frankly, I would just head straight to the JAV and hentai Chans to get my jerk on. There is a ton of content that is nicely tagged, rated, and ranked, and I find some awesome porn. Beats the shit out of the main site, at least that’s what my dick told me.

ThePornDude likes Sankaku Complex's

  • Tons of screenshots and samples
  • Great commentary and insight that you won’t find on other news sites

ThePornDude hates Sankaku Complex's

  • Not the best place to jerk off to
  • Very Japan-centric