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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Hentai. That’s for high school chumps – or so we thought. Hentai was the first thing you ever loved as a kid. Watching anime in the afternoons got your dick so hard for that yandere or tsundere girl with bouncing boobs and true enough, your discovery of hentai is one of the best, golden moments your life ever has (or had, given you’re just sitting there with your computer in the basement).

Another golden moment was your discovery of what the hell “Rule 34” of the fucking Internet is. Well, do you? FYI: Rule 34 is the rule that if it exists, then there is porn of it. So if you always wanted to see how big Mikasa’s boobs are if she was a Shingeki no Kyojin villain, well, you can just write “Rule 34 Mikasa” and see for yourself.

There’s a better version of this though – You can head to

To be honest with you, I hate the fucking name they gave the website. Rule 34 and Hentai, it’s annoyingly contradicting yet they sound well together. However, it restricts the idea of Rule34 to just hentai, I mean, if you’ve seen REAL rule 34 shit you’ll see some Selena Gomez fake nudes in there. Fake, but convincing.

Thankfully, the website doesn’t limit its content to anime (but it is STILL limited; more on this later).

So welcome to It’s an image gallery filled with sleazy, nude, and hardcore tributes to your favorite animated characters, series, movies, and everything else you can find in this world. There are over hundreds of thousands of tags (I estimate around 700 – 900k or so) that it’s impossible not to find that babe or hunk or animal or My Little Pony character you’ve always been making fanfiction about (yeah I’m talking to you, you sweaty Neanderthal).

Anyway, there are a lot of pros and cons on this site. I’m gonna walk you through it if you want to fap leisurely and smoothly.

First up: THERE ARE A LOT OF FRICKIN ADS. Two grid ads underneath the search bar. One huge ad underneath those two grid advertisements. Yeah, I mean everyone wants to earn some advertising cash from sponsors but this is ridiculous! Site design is nowhere existent. You just get a lightly-colored background with some words that say “Home,” “Upload,” “Comments,” “Picture Tags,” “The Wiki” and others.

The most annoying thing is you are asked to become a Patreon even though there are a fuck ton of advertisements anywhere you look – It’s disgraceful.

However, like any good porn connoisseur, we understand that the devil is in the details (or content… or everything else we watch or view). The aforementioned top menu items are useful to navigate the site and see your favorite porn. Using the search bar gives you suggestions on series based on the letters or words you use.

You can assume that sick fucks are all over fapping to this page’s content, but it has the decency to filter out all the words associated with the stupid ideas of masturbating to incest, rape, abuse, and other shitty things. Yeah sure they’re all available elsewhere, but here, you’ll only get the best-animated versions of porn about your favorite character.

Back to business – If you’re not sure which entity you want to see fucking around or you’ve grown tired of that bitch character that looks like Asuka from Evangelion, then you can go to Picture tags. The best thing about it is you can just click on it and you’ll see something to raise your little dick up.

And true enough, even that gets boring. But Rule 34 Hentai doesn’t give up on you that easily. Remember that stupid-looking main menu bar? You’ll see something that says “Comics.”

Similar with those video games you’re never good at, you want to have some motivation when you’re consuming content. Therefore, a story, right? These comics are better than your written fanfiction because they’ve got ART! They don’t rely on “oozing white shit” descriptions. They use actual huge boobs, penises, squirting, penetration, fucking, saliva-dripping images that you wish you can draw and fap to on a daily basis.

Yeah sure, some of them don’t have stories because they’re just pools of images with a common theme. But if you really find a good story, then et voila, you’re gonna drain your shit tonight.

Their Forums section is pretty active too. If you want to try your hand at drawing to fap to your own custom shitty fantasies, then you can ask the (actually very helpful) people in the forums for some models of your favorite characters. These include 2D or 3D renditions. Some would even help you out in adding details (and sometimes they ask a fee for that, but they’re artists so that’s okay).

Overall, has almost every character you want. But it doesn’t beat the true Rule34 website that has porn for everything and everyone, including Donald Trump’s fantasy dick and his butt getting ass fucked by Vlad Putin images. Together with, hey, don’t point your finger at me because I’m not into that shit. Then again, maybe is better because you’re shielded from all that pussy and shit-worth content.

ThePornDude likes Rule34Hentai's

  • Not Limited to Anime
  • Large library of hentai

ThePornDude hates Rule34Hentai's

  • Way too much ads AND still asked to be a Patreon
  • Feels very spammy
  • Chunk of duplicate uploads