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Updated on 05 February 2024
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You can find porn basically anywhere on the internet, isn’t that just a wonderful thing? Well, I am here to talk about pixiv.net, a site where I did not expect actually to find porn. Well, to my surprise, there is actual pornographic content here, and I was quite satisfied with the art. Of course, this site is a place where artists can share their incredible work, no matter how dirty.

An old-school place with lewd art.

For those who have just recently discovered this place, like me, pixiv.net is a site that has been around since 2007, and they have a lot of active members who love to post their own naughty shit online. They basically get over 200 million visits in a month, which is fucking a lot. Now, I am not really sure just how many of those visitors are here for the dirty shit, but they are here nonetheless. This means that their community is pretty active.

Of course, if you are not only interested in the dirty aspect of pixiv.net, you are welcome to explore everything else they have to offer, as well. I am mainly focusing on their dirty porn content, and what you prefer to enjoy, is one of my fucking business. Just take your time and start exploring, I am pretty sure that you will find whatever the heck you are looking for; if what you are looking for is anime-related art-style.

At this point, I highly doubt that anyone is really surprised by my fascination with hentai shit, right? Well, pixiv.net is a site filled with those kinds of art content, thus how could I fucking resist. I enjoyed my time spent here, but whether you will like it as much as me, is a whole new story. If you are interested in how this site functions, you can browse through yourself or simply read what the heck I have to say instead.

You have to register.

Before you are allowed to check out everything pixiv.net has to offer, you will have to register… which is sort of expected. I kind of hoped that I would be able to browse through their shit without having to actually register, but you basically cannot view anything without proper registration. Now I understand the need for the registration, but at the same time, I think that they could have teased us a little bit.

They are not really a thriving community, or at least I do not see them as that. However, they are pretty inviting, starting with the registration being quite simple. You can even register with one of your existing accounts instead, which saves a lot of fucking time. Once you register, you will be allowed to see everything they have to offer, and that includes a lot of illustrations.

Keep in mind that pixiv.net is not only a smut place but it is a place dedicated to artists who like this particular style. This also means that you can find the hot hentai chicks sooner or later, which is why you are here, right? Well, start exploring, as I am sure that you will find whatever it is you are looking for, trust me.

Now, there is also a premium section for those who are willing to pay. With the free membership, you will get to search for the works on this site only y time; you can have five works in your history and mute only 1 item. However, the premium membership allows a lot more privileges on top of that, and since there are so many privileges, I think that you should check out the site instead.

There are four membership offers, starting with the 1-month membership that will cost you 550 yen/month. Then you have the 3-month membership of 533 yen/month, the 6-month membership of 500 yen/month, and the 1-year membership of 458 yen/month. If you are planning to visit this site often, and you like their content, you might as well purchase the premium membership, since you get a lot of good shit.

Simple design.

The site is pretty nice, as in the design looks dope. They did not really do anything special with the design, but I guess it kind of looks cool because of all the art that is presented. On top of the site, you have a couple of different options for you to choose from, starting with the basic illustrations, manga, to other shit where you can learn how to draw or whatever.

Everything is pretty straightforward if you ask me, and since I shall mostly be explaining how their naughty section works, you might also want to know that once you register, you have to disable the age restricting, actually to be able to view their naughty shit. You can do that by going to your profile settings. One that is changed, you will be able to view their naughty session, which is what I imagine you want.

The dirty section of pixiv.net and their basic section look quite similar but a bit different. Since I will mostly be talking about their dirty section, you can visit the site yourself if you are not interested in that. There are lots of dirty porn images and manga. As you can see, it all depends on what the fuck you are into, but I am pretty sure that you already knew that.

I just wish that they would tell us beforehand that you have to disable the age restriction to view what their dirty section has to offer because at first, I was hella confused. They tease you will all the dirty shit, but then you do not get to see any of it, so that was a bit weird. Oh well, at least you have me, and I am here to tell you everything.

On top, you can choose what you want to see, and on the side, you have the same shit. However, their dirty section is a little less organized than I hoped that it was going to be, but oh well. There is not much you can do about that, I guess. At least the content they do have to offer is pretty fucking dope, so I am pretty sure that you will love that aspect.

So what can I expect?

Well, while I think I pretty much covered what the fuck you can expect from this place, I shall continue explaining. The dirty section is filled with both art and manga, which means that the art section will have just pictures, and we all know what manga offer. So, what did you expect or what did you want when you decided to visit?

I think that that is what really matters, what the fuck you are into because I am pretty sure that you will find it here. Now, for those who came here to watch actual porn, why the fuck would you expect porn here? I mean, I did say they have a pornographic section, but I also clarified that it is just art and manga. That pretty much covers it.

I found a lot of smut and just overall dirty manga, one of the first ones featured two lads. It was basically yaoi, where the two dudes fucked each other, and while that is not really my cup of tea, I did appreciate what they had to offer. The second shit I checked out featured a gorgeous big tits blonde babe, who got slammed in school.

Before you open any of the presented shits, you can see the thumbnail and the number of pictures they have. That can also tell you what you can expect, as in whether that shit is a manga or just a series of images. In case you are not really into this type of shit, you have many other sites to explore since I reviewed a lot of places so far.

I’d say that if you are into this type of content, to begin with, you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for. I mean, it is pretty apparent what pixiv.net is all about, and since the site is also free, you can explore as much as you want. On top of that, the design is simple, so you will find your way around with ease, trust me. Overall, I think that everyone who loves these types of images and manga, in general, will enjoy what pixiv.net has to offer.

ThePornDude likes Pixiv's

  • Free to browse
  • Naughty manga and art
  • Lots of members
  • Active community

ThePornDude hates Pixiv's

  • You have to register to explore
  • Limited options for free membership