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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Akali. Orianna. Neeko. Poppy.

If you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, you can safely ignore this review. There’s nothing for you here.

For the rest of you nerds who are excited finding a fellow League of Legends fan, I am here to introduce you to the best League of Legends porn site on the internet. is the de-facto center of the world for League porn. For those who don’t know, League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the market where people go 5v5 in a team based battleground.

League is a pretty addictive game, but more importantly, it also features plenty of tits and ass. Those motherfuckers at Riot Games learned early on that beta nerds love to play as scantily clad bitches, so there is plenty of characters to make excellent porn out of.

And I’m not just talking about fanart either. Lolhentai features plenty of Rule 34 porn, but it also has shit like cosplay and comics. Lolhentai even has a really active forum where people roleplay and write sex stories all based on League of Legends.

Getting laid in real life can be tough, so fuck all that shit and fap to your favorite computer game bitches. Frankly, I never noticed how much armor these bitches are all wearing now that I found them all butt naked at Lolhentai. They kind of all end up looking the same actually.

Or maybe my eyes just get glued to their tits and ass. I can pretty much only tell them apart based on the color of their pussy hairs.

Lolhentai has a pretty limited video section, but you’ll find some good stuff nonetheless. There are some hot CGI animations of the League heroes getting fucked to the shadow realm.

There is even real life cosplay bitches dressed up as the characters in sexy poses. You’d be surprised how many whores out there have found a market dressing up as the League characters. Really has me thinking twice about the state of our society. Check out Courtney Dunn’s work to see a fine ass bitch.

Messy, but it works

Enter Lolhentai and you’ll see all the familiar icons for the League heroes with vaginas. There’s even Rek Sai, who…basically the vagina probably has teeth.

Heroes that have recently updated content get a nice little updated icon above, so if you come here often you can jump to the new stuff.

The top of the page has the main menu, which include Images, Videos, and Games. Well, the Games section is basically an ad for Nutaku so let’s leave that alone for now.

The images have categories like Group, GIFs, comics, Futanari, and more. You’ll also see a language select screen over the Comics section for Chinese, Korean, and English support (in case you were wondering who plays this shit).

Click on a thumbnail to go to the content’s page. You’ll get a nice big version of the image with, well, not much else. Lolhentai has ratings and comments you can read below each image but they don’t add too much to the experience.

One option that’s cool is Lolhentai has slideshow support. Click on the little play button below the picture and the site will automatically go from picture to picture.

This is really handy when you’re trying to fap with both hands. Get it? Handy? Hey, I’m not a comedian, just a humble porn reviewer.

Anyway, Lolhentai is fueled by user uploads. You can upload your own pictures in the Upload section, where you also choose what hero is featured and more. No login is necessary to add content.

Lolhentai also has a forum. The forum includes not only general discussion and porn talk, but you can also share skins and roleplay.

There’s actually a ton of roleplay posts, which basically means sex fanfiction at Lolhentai. If you are in the mood for some erotic league of legends fiction, the forums have you covered.

And before you ask, no I didn’t read them to see if they are any good. My guess is probably not. I’m more of a visual learner.

Every League of Legends character out there

Lolhentai covers A-Z of all the League ladies (literally). The layout makes it super easy to find porn for your favorite hero, but there’s some other cool features as well.

The user collections is a great place to start. Check out the “ABSOLUTE BEST” collection by sasek420blazeit (what a name) and you’ll truly find the best porn that League of Legends has to offer. We are talking high-quality full CGI art that really reminds you how pics can still be great to fap to. These bitches are fucking fine.

We also have shit like Genderbender, Futanari, and even male character porn. Did you ever want to see porn of Renekton? Me fucking neither, but Lolhentai has it in case you are a true freak (that’s an alligator for those who don’t know).

What I Like

If you love League of Legends, what’s there not to like here? Surely after spending thousands of hours spamming right click around these bitches, you’ve grown a little curious about what they look like with their clothes off.

Lolhentai has sexy bitches like Fiora, loli bitches like Annie, scary bitches like Janna, and tricky bitches like Jinx. League of Legends did a great job of bringing variety to their heroes, and it goes great with porn.

We all know League is a really hard game, but when it comes to getting these bitches naked Lolhentai makes it easy. The way they use the official icons as links on the main page means you don’t need to know these bitches’ names to find the one you want to fap to. Kind of like real life.

Lolhentai has some bonus features which include cosplay, animated GIFS, and comics. The cosplay isn’t pornographic, but has some sexy bitches nonetheless. Check out Ahri Aririya if you want to see some hot cosplay action.

There is a nice collection of animated GIFs and comics, though nothing crazy. The comics are cool because you’ll see other League of legends characters getting into it, and the doujin scene for League is solid.

There are over a hundred pics for all the major female champions so you’ll find plenty of fap material here, even if a lot of pics look amateur. If you go to the video section, you’ll find a couple of cosplay porn clips that’s cool to watch.

There are also sister sites for other popular series like One Piece and Fairy Tail. Just head over to the forums to see links to these sister sites at the top.

What I Hate

First off, the mobile layout was completely broken for me so fuck that noise. I had to browse the desktop version when on my phone, which is okay but kind of a pain in the ass.

The extra content like GIFs and comics are poorly organized. For the videos, there isn’t much of a collection, and the cosplay porn videos didn’t work for my browser. I think it requires a plugin or something.

In general, Lolhentai feels kind of clunky and unrefined. Hard to tell if the site admins are even still working here if it weren’t for the updates.

The ads get pretty annoying. There are popup ads so watch your step. This wasn’t a big issue on the desktop, but on mobile it becomes quite a pain.

I didn’t appreciate that the Games link is just an ad for Nutaku. You can ignore that shit. I hate false ads.

The place just needs a lot of fine-tuning. I suspect some real amateurs built this place since everything outside of the main page is clunky.

When it comes to League porn, Lolhentai is a hard carry

In conclusion, Lolhentai delivers its promise but in a pretty shitty package. The site is annoying to browse with lots of ads, and the video section is pretty ass.

If you don’t love League and aren’t in love with the bitches, don’t bother with this place. Lolhentai is purely for League of Legends fans who want to see their favorite champions get down and dirty.

Lolhentai has some community features like a forum, but I didn’t find it particularly great. I’d say just drop in, rub one out, and move on with your day. The best feature of the forums is the roleplay discussions if you’re into that.

I totally understand the need to jack off to some videogame bitches. I’ve had my moments where a bitch in my game inspired me to put down the controller and take a quick fap break because I couldn’t focus. This includes classic cunts like Tomb Raider, the bitches from Final Fantasy, and even The Sims. Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, Lolhentai is the place to be for that League pussy fix. But if I’m being completely serious, when you’re done fapping to these little league babies, come play a real game like Dota 2. Kids these days have such bad taste…

ThePornDude likes LoLHentai's

  • Specializes in one thing pretty well
  • Enough League porn to last a lifetime

ThePornDude hates LoLHentai's

  • Amateur layout and coding
  • Weak video section