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Updated on 05 February 2024
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You are getting sleepy… Sleepy… No, wait! Wake up! I need your undivided attention for this one, dude. Just one wrong glance and you might be caught under a spell cause the guys over at Hypno Hub know all the ins and outs of hypnosis. You don’t want to mess with this fetish, as it could leave you in complete control of whoever is doing the hypnotizing. Granted, once you see some of the hot babes posted here, you’re going to wish that you were hypnotized by them.

Hypnohub.com is exactly what it sounds like. A hub for all hentai images that are related to hypnosis. No joke! The site is very well organized, and you can browse it using the search bar or the aid of tags. There are also other utilities that you can use in the form of tabs at the top of the page. There’s a lot to cover here but I won’t beat around the bush with any of it since it’s pretty straight-forward. I’m more interested in some of the freaky content that you can find on Hypnohub.com! Like, holy hell haha!

Seriously, you thought Bowsette was bad? Wait ’till you get a load of all this hentai art of her being hypnotized. Trust me, it gets really freaky on Hypnohub.com. We can talk more about the posts you can find on here but let’s talk a bit about the technical aspects of the site itself before we dive any further into this. The layout is really responsive, and I like the way they handled the design. It’s pretty minimal, which lets the content pop on the page. There’s nothing to distract you from the good stuff on the page. Good is a relative term, but I can honestly say that the art here is pretty high quality most of the time. It’s surprising since you’d think that this niche is a very tight one without a big community behind it. Well, you’ll be really surprised with how many artists you’ll find on this site, hosting their original pieces of Hentai art.

You can sign up to the site, so you don’t necessarily have to be anonymous Hypnohub.com. It’s not necessary though, you’re free to jack off to this stuff without an account too. Then we’ve got the Posts tab where you’ve got a bunch of nifty little features that will help you scour through the endless content that you’ll find on Hypnohub. You can also search through Comments and Notes of the website. Yeah, this site has a lot of search options. In fact, now that I look at it, they could’ve concentrated these in a separate menu on its own so that they could cut down on the number of tabs that they need at the top of the page.

Now we come to some more useful tabs. Artists, Tags, and Pools. When looking through artists you might find a specific one that makes you feel a certain vibe. If you find an artist that suits your taste, then that’s great. You can bet your ass that you should stick to him on the website and enjoy his or her content as much as possible. In other words, you’ll be hypnotized by their work. See what I did there? It was good, c’mon. Anyway, enough of the jokes, let’s move on.

The Tags tab is useful if you’re interested in a specific category that you’ve got in mind without having concerns about the drawing style or anything else for that matter. No matter which category you choose, they all have to do something with hypnotizing. And these aren’t your average categories either. The tags are very specific, and they reference different shows, and different characters from shows as well. It’s all pretty geeky when you think about it because you really need to know a bit of anime culture in order to understand some of these tags. They only have an appeal if you have some kind of knowledge about the show beforehand so brush up on your Hentais before coming to Hypnohub.com.

Pools are like collections of sorts. These are great because you know that there’s a mind even sicker than yours that took its time and made a collection of some of the best art that they could find on Hypnohub.com. That’s right, you’re basically jerking off to some dude’s porn stash, but at least he knows about it since he put that collection out for the public to see. He’s like a public servant, giving the people what they need, in the most desperate times. God bless these men for saving us countless hours with browsing through the website for the highest quality content.

Some other tabs that this site has are also a Wiki tab, a Forum, a Chat, and some tabs for assistance on the site such as Help and Rules. Rules is in red, so you should probably read that as soon as you enter the site. I’ve heard that’s what the red color usually means. Of course, I’m sure that you’ll read it, just like everyone before you did, I can bet my head on it…right. Anyway, with that being said, Hypnohub.com is on point, and you’ll find all sorts of goodies that have to do with this genre right here. If this is your thing, then this is the place to be, no doubt.

ThePornDude likes HypnoHub's

  • Great design, great layout, great performance
  • The really kinky content on the site
  • Many different ways to browse the site

ThePornDude hates HypnoHub's

  • Sub-optimized tab bar that could do with fewer tabs