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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Fap For Fun! Hey guys, it’s ya boy, The Porn Dude coming at you with another hentai porn site review and WHAT THE FUCK? Alright, there has to be something wrong here. No, it can’t be. Alright, you better brace yourself for this one cause it’s going to be a doozy. This is one of the best places to get hentai videos and games. There, I said it. You can argue with me all you want, but by the time you’re done, I’ll already be drowning in hentai on my computer. So yeah, no point in arguing with me there. Then again, you can probably guess that this place won’t be as straight forward as you might think. That’s because no sane site is going to offer you this many hentai videos and games for free just like that.

Good user interface, but horrible logo

There’s a way FapForFun.net gets around the problem of hosting all of these files which we’ll get to soon enough, but first I want you to join me on an adventure through the site’s design. I just wanted to make fun of the logo that’s why we’re talking about the design so early on. I mean, look at that thing! It’s a fucking disgrace for whoever designed it. It’s just the name of the site “FapForFun.net” written in Comic Sans MS. It’s so fucking bad that an elementary school student could probably design something better and it would work perfectly. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. I fucking said it and whoever is in charge of the design on FapForFun.net can bite my ass as far as I’m concerned.

But it’s not all bad. The interface actually works pretty well. And if we just take the top of the site off it looks pretty great. Well, actually I think that the cover photo is great too, it’s just the text over it that sucks. I mean there’s the logo and then there’s the text underneath which reads “Free Hentai Torrent Download.” That in itself isn’t all that bad, but the problem arises when you look at the color that was used for that text. You can barely make out what the text says! I mean it took me a few seconds jut to fucking figure it out. That should be clear as day in my opinion.

Download all content for free through a torrent

But by now you’ve already figured out how you’ll be downloading shit from FapForFun.net. That’s right, you’ll be using a torrent program. Now, there are plenty of those out there which are completely free and all, but you’ll still have to go through the hassle of downloading and installing one of them if you haven’t already got one. If you already have one installed, then downloading is as easy as downloading anything else through a torrent program. You just have to click on the magnet link which is a fancy name for the Download button in the torrent community, and then you just have to open it in the program and start downloading. Peer to peer is what it’s all about when it comes to FapForFun.net.

Alright, but once you’ve downloaded the torrent, how do you get any of this shit to work? Well, there’s an FAQ section where you’ll learn everything you need to know about the appropriate way to get any of the hentai videos or the games to work. You thought that simply playing some of these hentai videos is enough? Nope. Sometimes you’ll need a special player such as VLC which can run pretty much every format of videos out there. I’ve also noticed that some games have inappropriately been categorized as games for some reason? I mean the game was fun, but I downloaded a hentai video. I just wanted to jerk off but now I have to work for it? Fuck that.

All the hentai games and videos you need

But yeah let’s turn out head towards the main two categories of games and videos on FapForFun.net. You basically have to choose between the two every time you come to the website. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to actually watch hentai and play hentai games every single day, right? It’s one or the other in that case, and I usually go for the hentai. I just like porn more and playing games has always seen more of a geeky thing to do. It’s something that people who just don’t get enough pussy do, you know? Alright, alright, I’m just playing, but I still prefer the hentai for some reason, and I’ll keep on downloading those for the time being.

However, a fact that might surprise you is that there are more hentai games on here than there are videos. Holy shit, right? There are only about 450 hentai videos if we take away the VIP section (and yes, there’s a VIP section on here as well) and over 1200 hentai games! That’s a huge difference! But hey, all of that content is free, and you don’t have to pay for any of it. So, at the end of the day, it’s not a battle between hentai games and videos, but it’s more about what you get to enjoy on here. And as it stands right now, you stand to gain a lot when you go to FapForFun.net and start browsing through all the amazing sections concerning hentai videos and games.

Bountiful VIP section with top content

The way you get to the VIP section is by pledging on their Patreon, and pledges over $10 already get some VIP exclusive content. Then there are higher tiers as well and those people get even more exclusive and premium content to download. And trust me, I saw what kind of content you can expect for the top tier content and it’s pretty amazing. It’s just a shame that all of that amazing content is hidden behind a paywall. I wish we were more communal on FapForFun.net and just started giving away free shit to everyone. After all, isn’t that what torrent sites are about? Then again, I guess we have to consider supporting the people who made everything possible in the first place, so there’s that.

But even if you don’t get the VIP pledge, there are plenty of hentai games and videos for you to enjoy. Many of the games are in English as well, so you won’t even have to worry about the translations. Actually, the number of those games is pretty high, and it goes to like 880 or something like that. That’s a lot of English hentai titles. I didn’t even know that this many hentai games even existed. So, thank you FapForFun.net for opening my eyes to this amazing fact. I wish that more sites were like this and presented me with some proper content that I’d enjoy.

Hentai videos come in 2D&3D

Oh, and let’s not forget that you can choose between 3D and 2D hentai videos on FapForFun.net. They’re separated into these two sections, and surprisingly it’s 3D leading the charge at around 290 videos. The 2D hentai videos number in just around 160. Still, that’s plenty of content to watch, and it’s all for free. One of the things that bugs me is that you have to download the hentai videos too. That means that you can’t stream any of the content on FapForFun.net which sucks since there are hentai sites out there which will allow you to stream all kinds of hentai content which you’ll definitely enjoy.

So, is FapForFun.net worth it? I think just reading this review will be enough for you to figure that one out. I think that this site is more than just worth it, and you’ll find so much enjoyment on it that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t used this website before! Let me just say that I’m really glad that a site like this exists. There are so many torrent sites that are going to bombard you with ads and all that, but that’s not the case with FapForFun.net, which is crowdfunded through Patreon instead. I love the community on here since they’re all banding together to avoid ads and so that they can make FapForFun.net a reality for years to come.

ThePornDude likes FapForFun's

  • Over 1200 hentai games and 450 hentai videos
  • You can download them all through a torrent
  • Incredible community support through patreon

ThePornDude hates FapForFun's

  • The logo and cover text are absolutely atrocious
  • Some content is miscategorized for some reason
  • You can’t stream any of the videos on the site