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Updated on 15 January 2022
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We all love fapping to hentai. Whether its random anime bitches or your favorite character from a game or TV show, there’s no shame in admitting that 2D titties will get your juices flowing.

But we rarely ever think about who actually drew them sweet pussies and titties. Of course, why would we want to? One can only imagine what kind of greasy slob stays in his basement all fucking day perfecting the art of drawing booty curvatures. Or striking his pen against the page in just the perfect angle to draw realistic pussy hairs.

Well if you are one of those greasy freaks, or if you aspire to be one, or if you just want to see some high-quality porn, then check out HentaiFoundry. HentaiFoundry is a community for porn artists that love to draw hentai, Western porn, digital porn, or even comics of all kinds. HentaiFoundry is all about the community. You’ll see all the works get plenty of feedback and comments from other porn lovers who really examine the shit like it’s science. These bastards don’t just fap, but they try to make art out of it.

There’s a lot of top quality hentai to be found at HentaiFoundry. Some of the art is reviewed and approved before posting, to make sure that people don’t post MSPaint garbage. For you and me, that means that we’ll see some great porn, without wasting time on the bullshit. And you know what kind of bullshit I’m talking about. We’ve all seen shitty hentai where the boobs look flat like pancakes or the eyes look like the Avatar blue bitch’s eyes. Ain’t nobody want to fap to that shit (Although the amount of avatar porn tells me otherwise).

HentaiFoundry has a very active forum that’s geared towards artists. There are boards for artists to read constructive criticism, share their works in progress, or even self-promote. There are also lots of general discussions too, if you want to make friends on a porn site.

Strangely ugly layout for an artist site

HentaiFoundry doesn’t have the prettiest layout, although it gets the job done. When you first enter, you’ll see a random gallery of featured pictures, along with title and uploader. You should already see that this isn’t your everyday hentai, and there are many different art styles.

Below you’ll get a bigger gallery of the latest updates. You can choose between pictures and comics by clicking on the tab at the top of the gallery. Sadly, the comics gallery layout is really wack here. You’ll hardly even get a preview picture.

If you keep going down, you’ll also see sections for popular pictures, latest news, and more.

HentaiFoundry does cool shit, like feature community art contests with real cash prizes. You can find out about them on the news section or the forums. This is the type of shit that makes HentaiFoundry so great for artists and the hentai community in general. At the top of the page is the main navigation menu, with links for About, FAQ, Forums, and Discord. You can browse the porn here by category, by users, or by submissions.

A big part about HentaiFoundry is the forums. HentaiFoundry uses a phpBB layout that you should be familiar with by now. The forum is split into three main sections: site discussion, art (porn) discussion, and real life discussion. Now let’s talk about finding some porn.

Click on “Browse Categories” at the top and you’ll see a page with five sections. These include Anime & Manga, Cartoons, Games, Misc, and Original. Cartoons represent American series like Family Guy, Marvel comics, and more.

Click on any of these, to go to a gallery for that section. Now I’ll show you a feature I really like. At the top of the gallery you’ll see a bar for Subcategories. Use that pulldown menu to instantly find your Rule 34 of choice.

There is a shit-ton of Rule 34 here and this layout makes it super easy to find what you want. The series are in alphabetical order, so don’t get intimidated by the huge list. You ever want to see Johnny Bravo with huge tits get titty fucked? Me neither. There’s even Gummi Bears porn.

Another good way to find porn is via “Browse Submissions”. Hover your mouse over it and you’ll see options including Featured, Recent, Popular, and Random.

If you want to check out some true artistry, click on “Popular”. You’ll see s impressive ass art, complete with Patreon whoring from the artists.

What I Like

HentaiFoundry is classy. Yes, sometimes we want that down and dirty shit where Japanese bitches are getting pooped on, but it’s a welcome fresh air that a place like HentaiFoundry exists.

People keep a professional tone, which makes the comments great. You won’t find the typical “nice titties I want suck” type comments you’ll find on basically every other porn site. People actually give criticisms, compliments, and other shit for a richer experience.

I like that the art goes through a vetting process. I still see some really amateur art at HentaiFoundry, but you can tell they put a lot of effort. Everyone here is working hard and trying to grow as artists, and it shows in the quality of the porn.

It’s places like this where the next generation of porn grows. You need to appreciate that ten years from now, you’ll be fapping to the shit that artists here are developing as we speak. It’s a beautiful thing.

HentaiFoundry still has the basic tools you need to get your fap on. All the pictures come with genre and tags so you can search what you want. Once you find an artist you like, HentaiFoundry makes it easy to see the rest of their work to fap to.

What I Hate

HentaiFoundry isn’t the best when it comes to choking the chicken.

First, HentaiFoundry is all about pictures and only pictures. You won’t find any videos or animations here. When it comes to pictures, there are other hentai and adult cartoon sites that make it easier to navigate and browse.

It also might get distracting how “art” focused the place is. Do I really need to know that the drawing of the bitch holding her pussy is “graphene on white paper”? No, I fucking don’t, unless she’s sticking that graphene right up her ass.

There’s also some non-porn works mixed in, especially when it comes to the Rule 34. So don’t get mad at me if you see these bitches still wearing their uniforms. That’s HentaiFoundry, not me.

The layout is also really dark and doesn’t adjust well to mobile. I don’t think they have a special layout for mobile, so browsing on your phone can be awkward.

Get that non-porn shit out of here

HentaiFoundry is cool, but it could do some things to appeal to us degenerate fappers just as much as artists.

First, put all the non-porn stuff in a different section. This way my dick doesn’t have to waste time as I click through all that bullshit.

Second, the Rule 34 layout isn’t quite complete. Yes, it is easy to browse the series through the subcategory, but it’s missing really major franchises like My Hero Academia.

This is a flaw in the system. The moderators have to manually add all the franchises, rather than just letting the tag system figure out what’s popular. This leads to issues where shit that got popular recently may not be found, or the admins may just overlook something that people love to fap to.

HentaiFoundry also has some issues with spammers or other users that exploit the system to make their work at the top. Sometimes you’ll see an artist spam the latest updates over and over, and the site doesn’t seem to have a good handle on that.

A more tasteful place to fap

Overall, HentaiFoundry’s focus on artists also makes it a great place to find high quality porn. There are some seriously passionate and talented artists here that post some hot looking bitches, and it’s great that these artist are only trying to get better.

If you want to draw hentai, you absolutely need to join this place. Post your work, get involved in the forums, and get some heavy hitting advice and critique to jumpstart your artistic journey. These are good people.

HentaiFoundry also won’t spam you with ads. They have some banner ads here and there, but the focus is on the artistic community, not making money. I’m sold on this concept.

So whether it’s Rule 34 or original works, check out HentaiFoundry if you want to see some pics. You can also find some cool comics, and plenty of discussion on these works that are fun to read. I’m sure you’ll be fapping to these artists in the years to come, so why not get to know them today?

ThePornDude likes Hentai Foundry's

  • Minimal ads
  • Excellent Rule 34 collection and organization

ThePornDude hates Hentai Foundry's

  • Layout isn’t the greatest
  • It’s more about art than fapping