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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Hentai was the final frontier for me when it came to porn. For a long time, I never saw the appeal. There are literally hundreds of thousands of videos or real women of every size, shape, and color doing anything that you can imagine for you to find online (and in most cases, for free). So what could something animated by a Japanese guy who probably hasn’t seen (let alone touched) a naked woman in the past three months possibly offer to me?

After exploring UnderHentai, one of the internet’s biggest repositories of the hundreds of animated sex cartoons coming out of Japan, I found my answer: some of the most obscure, strangest, and shockingly hot fetish porn you’ll ever find. Within a few minutes, you can easily stumble on ten videos that contain shit so strange that you’d have to quadruple the budget of live-action porn to even come close to the fantasies you can find at UnderHentai.

If you want to see demons with tentacles grope a schoolgirl (of unknown age) on a train, you’re really going to struggle if you’re looking anywhere else. You might be able to find it if you look hard enough, but you’ll probably only find the one video and it’s not even likely to be very good. Switch over to UnderHentai and you’ll find that situations like that are a dime a dozen, so your only problem will be making yourself pick the best one.

And when I say it’s a large collection, I mean it. By my count, there are close to a thousand series of hentai on the menu here. That’s not a thousand videos, but a thousand shows, each with multiple episodes and seasons, some stretching on for years. It’s all high-quality professional stuff too, so pretty much everything here is worth viewing. You can even say you’re watching foreign films, so as long as nobody asks for any details they’ll think you’re open-minded and cultured, not the perverted basement-dweller that you really are.

UnderHentai even keeps up with new releases—for a casual hentai fan this might not seem important, but I’ve heard that those in the scene keep up with new shows like normal people watch Game of Thrones. Every few days, a new episode will come out and will pretty much immediately appear on UnderHentai. You can even take a look at the upcoming releases of your favorite shows, in case you get so invested in the plot that you need to plan a day off from work surrounded by lube and tissues. Again, just tell your boss you’re attending a foreign film festival. He’ll see through it, but he’ll probably be too polite to call you out on your lie.

Finding What You Need

If you’re a Hentai kind of guy (I know you are), if you’re not too picky (again, obviously), and if you’re desperately horny (three for three), UnderHentai will serve you well. Take a glance at what’s in front of you, and choose something that looks good. Within seconds you’ll see cartoonishly huge tits on a suspiciously small girl getting sprayed with a load of cum from a censored cock. Zip up your pants, wash your hands and go about your day with nobody the wiser about how you spend your time.

But if not just anything will work for you, you might run into some problems. First and foremost, the fact that almost all of the titles here don’t contain a single word of English. For all I know Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai could be exactly what I’m looking for, but it could also be an experimental piece focusing on lonely obese men trying to suck their own cocks. Which, if it is, maybe you should give UnderHentai a call so that they can use you as inspiration for the sequel, but for people like me the uncertainty can be a bit unnerving.

Thankfully, UnderHentai has a very specialized genre filter. These aren’t the same basic categories that your normal tube site would let you choose from. Instead of teen porn, you’ll find loli (Google it if you’re not sure, but don’t blame me when a white van shows up on your driveway), and instead of categories like amateur and MILF you’ll find exciting stuff like demons, elves, harems, succubi, and vampires.

Thankfully, you can also sort the porn by the most popular stuff of the week, month, year, or all time. This is probably the best place for a beginner to start. Watch a few videos, find out what you like, then go to the genre section to find more. Eventually, you’ll dig yourself so deep into the rabbit hole that you’ll never leave your bedroom, constantly searching for more and more obscure elvish harem scat porn. Your quality of life might drop a bit, but at least you’ve got a good place to find it all.

If that little black bar or strip of pixilation blurring all the fun bits gets on your nerves, the site even has a section that exclusively shows uncensored videos. To me, it actually wasn’t that big of a deal—a lot of the appeal for me is in the sights and sounds that can’t be replicated anywhere in real life, not in the detailed drawings of dickholes and other highlights of human anatomy. But in any case, the option is there if you need it.

If you’re masturbating on the go, all of the same features exist on the mobile site. The two are functionally identical, aside from the layout changes required to fit everything on a smaller screen. Actually, UnderHentai’s mobile site might even be a touch better than the desktop page, since it doesn’t seem to be plagued with ads (as I’ll discuss below). If some fantastical cosplay you saw at your local ComicCon awakened something inside you, feel free to sneak off to the bathroom and beat yourself silly.

Language Issues, Missing Links, and Ads

That isn’t to say that UnderHentai is perfect, though. With the great bounty it offers, you’ll have to accept a few drawbacks. Life isn’t perfect and hot succubus girls don’t actually want to drink your cum, but we can take what we can and enjoy life (and UnderHentai) as much as possible.

One thing that initially bothered me was the fact that basically none of the porn here is voiced in English. This makes sense, since Japan is basically the only country lonely enough to draw porn when real live women are willing to make it, but it still got on my nerves a bit. How was I supposed to enjoy this stuff when I didn’t know what they were saying?

But let’s be honest with ourselves: we don’t watch porn for gripping dialogue. If you’re looking for an artistic experience, throw on some Scorsese after you beat your meat. When you’re jerking off, you’ve got better things to focus on. If you really need to follow the plot, a vast majority of the videos come with optional English subtitles, so you can read along with the class to get the gist of it.

Much more annoying but thankfully far less common is the fact that some of the links to videos are dead. UnderHentai doesn’t actually host the videos on their own servers, so sometimes the third parties that do end up taking the content down. To combat this, UnderHentai aggregates links to the videos from multiple sources. In every case I’ve found, at least one of the four worked, but it can be distracting to have to click around to find the right one when all you really want to do is immerse yourself in your own private harem.

By far the worst aspect of UnderHentai is the ads. They’re everywhere. Each time I clicked on a video, a few showed up. Yes, a few—as in more than one. Once I got four pop-ups spread across my screen after a single click.

This might be unforgivable if not for the fact that there is a simple workaround. Some porn sites have put in efforts to get around popup-blockers, but UnderHentai seems to be an exception there. Download and install some protection for your browser and you can masturbate in peace. It’s like a condom but for porn, and you’d benefit from using it much more because I know you’re not getting close to any women in real life.

ThePornDude likes UnderHentai's

  • Absolutely huge selection
  • Regular updates

ThePornDude hates UnderHentai's

  • Overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for
  • Unavoidable and annoying ads
  • Some dead links