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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hentai Haven

Hentai Haven

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Let’s face it, real-life girls tend to get on your nerves from time to time if not all the time. They nag, get mad, take your money and still expect you to be sensitive to their emotions. Sometimes all you want to do is bust a nut and sleep without any disturbance and that’s where hentai comes into play. For those of you who are not too twisted in the head and have no idea what this is, congratulations! There might still be hope for you. On the other hand, you may be new to this genre of porn and are testing new frontiers in your fapping career. I’ll explain, as best I can, this exotic form of adult entertainment.

Hentai is Japanese which loosely translates to anime in English and manga (also Japanese) translates loosely to porn. Hence hentai manga is animated porn. There are a couple of sub-categories in this genre which I think you should know so that you can easily find the shit you’re specifically into. They are named in Japanese so I thought you would want to know what to expect when you click on a specific subheading.

I’ll start with my favorite yuri which is lesbian hentai manga. There is yaoi which is gay porn. Netori is where a guy steals another dude’s woman while netorare is where a girl steals someone else’s man. Tsundere is Japanese describing a character that is perceived as being hostile but as the plot unfolds it becomes evident that they are actually friendly. Another favorite for me is kemonomimi which is girls in costumes with rabbit ears and tails.

Since hentai is not constrained by the limitations of the physical human body and the physics of the real world, you will find quite a variety of videos to choose from limited only by the artists’ imagination. There is also the liberating aspect that nothing is illegal in what drawn characters can do in a video so there is a lot of material for you sick fucks who enjoy the peripheral shit to choose from. While there are numerous hentai porn sites out there, today I want to focus on Hentaihaven.org.

Hentai haven website layout.

The site itself has a very clean layout which is neatly organized making it easier for you to find your cup of tea easily and get on with your blissful fapping. The videos are arranged into various categories i.e. newest, most fapped, most viewed, most discussed, by name and chronologically. I would like to mention that most fapped is determined by how many people add the video to their faplist which is basically their favorite videos.

Hentai has its roots in actual anime films and comics so they generally have a storyline albeit corrupted to a pornographic context for our pleasure. This is where the category of most discussed draws its material from since a good story will elicit a lot of talk from the audience. Further classification of the videos is done separating them into series, based on particular characters who follow a given storyline. Also under the series tab, you will find the various categories such as kemonomimi, yuri, yaoi, netori, netorare and the other more conventional categories you’re used to such as anal, handjob, double penetration which are self-explanatory.

If you are not sure of what exactly looking for there is a tab to display videos randomly until you get one that suits your particular taste. Hentaihaven must have a great team on their payroll since they came up with this brilliant feature under the settings tab. Herein is contained the faplist and the blacklist. The faplist is a collection of videos you have placed in your favorites so you can get to them quickly whenever you want. The ingenuity in the creation of the blacklist is a prize winner. It gives you the ability to hide videos in a category you are not interested in. For example, if rape is a thing you would prefer not to watch, you can simply put that category in the blacklist and all videos with this tag will automatically be hidden from you as you scroll to your preferred type of content.

More seasoned hentai consumers have the search option which allows you to search directly for a particular video or series that you may be following. The site has quite a large number of videos so if you are new or don’t yet know what you would enjoy, I would advise you to use the random button and you are bound to find something you like. I came across a video, via the random, button of this fictional place where they passed a law that allowed men to impregnate any fertile woman near them in the country whether they wanted it or not. The outcome is some of the most fappable shit I have ever come across.

Great imaginative video content.

I think makers of hentai are quite lucky since their scripts have no limitation whatsoever. If you are into anime porn you will not miss a video that suits your particular fapping tastes. There are videos for your regular porn categories such as rimming, public sex, milf and the like. In addition to those is the stuff that is dreamt up by the artists, such as monsters, rape, x-ray and even alien if you are into extraterrestrial fucking. The stuff that these guys come up with is unlimited, freaky and twisted.

Something that boggled my mind is the censoring of the characters’ genitals. Why in the world would anyone watch porn that is censored? I was further perplexed because the characters are not actual people but rather drawings so why would anyone need or want them to be censored. Fortunately, not all is lost as there is a category of uncensored hentai videos.

As I sampled the site, I did come across several advertisements, which always pisses me off. But since the site is completely free to access, you have to understand that these guys need to pay some bills. I clicked on the ‘hentai manga’ tab and it took me directly to another site called fakku.net. They offer hentai manga for a fee. These types of adverts are very common on the site and don’t be surprised to come across them each time you click on something to watch.

I clicked on the ‘the plan’ tab and it took me to a page that shed some light on the website. Apparently, the site had been closed down due to legal reasons and fakku.net came to the rescue and bailed them out. They are probably the ones who pay for the site so that we can all enjoy high-quality anime porn for free. Regardless of how Hentaihaven pays their bills, they have assured us of a steady supply of 100 percent legal, 100 percent free anime porn streaming.

Hentai manga is created by mainly Japanese artists so the language used in the videos is inevitably Japanese. The content creators of the website have put a lot of effort into translating to English as many of the videos as they could. Obviously, due to the sheer volume of the videos, it is not possible to have 100 percent of the videos translated. The videos that are translated have closed captioning instead of a voiceover translation. I found this particularly inconvenient as it is difficult enough trying to fap while concentrating on a video. When you add reading closed captioning to the mix, the whole experience becomes quite a herculean feat.

Quality of the content

Considering that the site is totally free, I have to say that they did an exceptional job of getting high-quality videos. There are high definition clips and the ones that are not full high definition are 720p. I expected to find so many advertisements on Hentaihaven but was pleasantly surprised to find a website that didn’t even require me to fill a registration form to be able to watch the videos.


The website is absolutely 100 percent free without any hidden caveats. It doesn’t have any clickbait, big burner adds that suddenly cover your video when you are about to cum to your favorite video. There is a lot of variety in the types of videos available on the site. Whether you are into shy characters who take their time before getting it on or you are into gang rape on the other side of the preferences scale, there is a video for every possible fantasy you might have. Even aliens are fair game on this site.


The videos are in Japanese and it will take you quite a bit of time to get used to reading closed captions while watching porn. All the videos are hentai so if you are not into anime there is nothing for you on this website.

ThePornDude likes Hentai Haven's

  • The high-quality videos
  • The site is free
  • The great variety of videos available

ThePornDude hates Hentai Haven's

  • The closed captioning of the videos
  • Lack of voiceover translation