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Updated on 05 February 2024
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To all the hentai lovers, I am here to share one great site dedicated to only the lovely animated babes, Even without telling you that much, just by reading the name of the site, I am sure you will know what the site is all about, as they have both ‘anime’ and ‘hentai’ in the title. For those who do not know what ‘hentai’ even is, do not worry, I am here to explain every important detail about this site.

First of all, how can you not fucking know what hentai means? Were you born yesterday? Hentai are animated porn scenes, usually series, that are filled with all kinds of kinky crap. You never know what the fuck you can expect to see in a hentai movie, and I guess that is the beauty of it.

Honestly, I do prefer to watch these animated series over real porn sometimes, because everything is possible in a hentai world. Not to mention, that all of the sluts presented here are fucking perfect, from head to toe, since they are not real. The scenarios in these movies will vary quite a lot, so if you are weirded out easily, I suggested you browse somewhere else.

When I say you can expect to see everything that is exactly what I mean, so it is safe to say that you should browse for the shit to watch by the categories or check the categories out before you actually watch anything. I say this because, usually on hentai websites, you have tags such as loli/lolicon, rape, monsters, gore and similar shit… as that is bound to make the 1st timers run away.

One good thing about is probably the fact that everything is where it should be, and the site itself is quite simple with a lot offered. You have plenty of suggested videos that you can watch at the beginning or you can search for your favorite series by the usual way; list alphabetically, latest updates, uncensored or the genre list.

If you are interested in the categories, then check out the Genre list they offer, but make sure to not actually click on that tab, choose from the shit that is suggested in the drop menu. I am pretty sure you want to ask me why the fuck you would not click on the tab, and that is simply because you would waste your time.

The Genre tab itself is empty, and it just takes some time to load, while the drop menu works just fine. I am quite fucking interested in who decided to make their shit work like this, because it makes no fucking sense to create a perfectly good-working drop menu, and then forget to add the shit to the actual tab. You fuckers know that you can create just a drop menu, and not give us the ability to open the tab?

Apparently, the guys you hired to work on the functionality of the site are not that smart. Another thing that made me quite annoyed is the fact that they only cover some of the tags, not even the full basics, and I think that no matter what kind of porn site you offer, as long as there are videos, you need to cover the basics with the categories.

On a positive note, they offer some quite juicy crap here. I found plenty of satisfying clips with lovely anime babes who have a pair of giant knockers and they just love to pleasure plenty of hard cocks… now that is my heaven. But as I said, be careful with what you open, because those loli videos might look innocent, but they never are.

The quality of these clips is quite nice, from solid to HD, and they cover plenty of series… I should know, there were a couple of them that I regularly enjoy following. For example, the series with hypnosis are fucking hot if you ask me, and you should check them out as well. Basically, hentai chicks are perfect because they are doing what all women were made to do, get fucked and give us children.

One minor thing that I will mention is that when you watch the videos without full-screening them, they have this weird way of twitching which makes my head hurt, so I suggest you full screen it all the time. Those who love to play hentai games, this site does offer one good game that I’d suggest you open and try out. It is called Hentai Heroes, which should already say a lot.

Basically, you are this very lucky dude who gets to be in a harem filled with all kinds of beautiful chicks, and there is some crap you need to do to fuck these sluts. That is all I will say about the game, and if you are interested I suggest you explore it because the art style and all that shit is quite nice.

Now, for all the losers here, I am happy to say that this place also offers an option to download their shit, but that works in a very weird way. I just saw that the download option works and I did not bother exploring much else since this is a free hentai site, so why the fuck would you download shit to your PC in the first place?

This is basically all the important crap that one could mention about Everything else is either straightforward or already implied (which I am sure only idiots would not understand)… you have a free hentai website filled with loads of great naughty series, and you can explore them all you want.

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  • A free site filled with hentai!
  • Good website design
  • HD videos

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  • Not enough categories
  • Some annoying ads