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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Raise your hand if you like free cartoon titties. Shit, that’s a lot of hands. Good thing this hentai site I’m looking at today can handle the traffic. They get about 12 million visits a month right now, and the trend is looking up. So many fans of animated sex are sucking at the teat of Hentai Mama.

HentaiMama.io is only a few years old, but they’re clearly doing pretty well if they’re pulling that kind of traffic. Speaking of pulling, I recommend lubing up first. There’s a lot of free adult animation here, and I ain’t talking that cable-friendly shit. This is the hardcore stuff.

A Ton of Free Hentai Videos Right Now

HentaiMama doesn’t fuck around with a fancy format or a pretty logo. My browser says it’s blocking some spam. All I can see is hentai.

This isn’t that amateur doujinshi you see sometimes, the bullshit sex comics some knucklehead with a crooked stiffy drew in his dorm room. This is the full-motion deal. All of the thumbnails seem to point to full episodes of full-color, fully animated anime porno.

A handful of selections scroll across the top of the screen. Some have Japanese titles that mean nothing to me. Shin Kyouhaku 2 could be about a schoolgirl going to school, but based on that O face she’s making I bet she gets fucked before class. Some titles are in English, and therefore a little more immediately appealing to me. I want to see Living Sex Toy Delivery and Hills Have Size.

Weirdly, the next thing on the screen is a bunch of 2017 Releases. Maybe it’s a typo or something they’ve forgotten to update two years running, because the dates below the videos are recent. It looks like they’re adding something new every couple days right now. Sometimes there are multiples per day, other times it takes nearly a week before new shit appears.

I can filter the list with a huge dropdown list of Producers. Who puts out the good stuff? They’ve got EDGE and Jam, Hot Bear and Mitsu. Dubbed is the only tag here that doesn’t look like a Producer, though I’m kind of guessing. Maybe Triangle Bitter and Toho Company are porn categories in Japan. Just when I think I’ve seen all the kinky shit the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer…

An A-to-Z of Off-the-Wall Depravity

You know what I love about hentai? I mean, besides the little anime bitches with the giant tits getting boned? I like the sheer, unrestrained perversion of it all. Japan is a relatively small country, but absolutely leads the world in indulging the most bizarre of fetishes.

There’s a Genres menu toward the bottom of the front page. It’s so big you have to scroll through it. I can only see from 3D down to Bukkake at first. What catches my eye isn’t the Brainwashed (17 movies) or Blackmail categories (63). It’s not even the Ahegao (158), which is some Japanese shit I don’t recognize but seems to involve naked schoolgirls in distress and covered in sticky fluid, just like most other hentai.

Nah, what catches my eye in this short A-to-B list is the Beastiality category. They only have 10 movies, but that’s infinitely more animal fucking movies than almost every other porn site has because most sites won’t touch it. HentaiMama’s letting it all hang out and I want to see what other fucked-up shit they’ve got to show me.

I scrolled down the list and immediately saw some of the typical hentai stuff like Cat Girl and Cosplay, which you expect. There’s Double “Penetration” and Facesitting, which I like because I’m a pervert who likes normal human perverted sex.

The Futanari category has a couple of hundred cartoons about chicks with dicks. Do I have that right? I’m always confused about whether Futanari are the same thing everyone else calls Shemales or if it’s some anime-specific fake gender. (Before you email me, nerd, let me remind you that nobody actually gives a flying fuck about all the weird little distinctions in your Pokemon sex club.)

Going down the list, I see Japanese categories like Ecchi and Gyaru. There’s plenty of Incest for the freaks, and a ton of Lactation for the deviates. Magical Girls, MILFs and Molestation all have their own sections, though I bet there’s some overlap between that last one and Train Molestation.

Do you know what’s fucking crazy? Hentai gets this reputation as being all about tentacles raping broads, but that just ain’t true. HentaiMama is chock-full of filthy porno anime, but they have barely over a hundred videos in the Tentacles category. You better start rethinking your presumptions about people.

That coworker you’ve been ribbing about his hentai addiction isn’t beating off to octopus smut, you dickhead. Stop leaving the fucking calamari on his desk. He’s a normal guy like everyone else, touching his genitals while looking at young manga whores getting tied up and aggressively violated in HentaiMama’s wildly popular Rape section (428 free hentai movies).

Watch Schoolgirls Tit-fucked and Raped

Hover your mouse over a thumbnail on the front page and you get a snippet of a synopsis so short it won’t tell you a damn thing. Fortunately, the studio, year and genres are tagged pretty well in the bubble that pops up.

I was interested in one called Seitkatsua Shuukan: The Animation since it had DeepThroat and Internal Cumshot scenes, plus something called Shoutacon. Toriko no Shizuku Natsu no Gouka Kyakusen de Kegasareru Otome-tachi, however, had School Girls, Tits Fuck, Mind Break and Rape. It also has a catchy title that just rolls off the tongue.

Click through to the video page and you get a fuller description. Toriko no Shoriko Noriko or whatever is about some space casino cruise and honestly sounds fucking boring. There’s nothing sexy in the synopsis, so let’s watch the video.

I really expected to be redirected to some Russian filehost or have my choice of five in case one went down. I expected to at least get a bunch of spam, but my spam plugin says it’s taken care of it all for me. The dirty anime starts playing immediately without buffering. Holy shit.

I skipped ahead to the middle of the 26-minute episode. A girl was sucking on something covered in a bunch of pixels. Ah, goddammit! The dreaded but not surprising censorship you see in too much hentai. Fortunately, there’s a big Uncensored link in the header to skip to HentaiMama’s porn that hasn’t been kid-proofed.

What’s Your Favorite Hentai Series?

Besides the Uncensored link, the header also provides quick access to the Top and even Upcoming porn you’ll be seeing on the site soon. First on the list, though, is the Series section. HentaiMama is showing off a little here, but I can’t blame the big-eyed slut.

The Series section is broken down alphabetically. Every letter has a ton of different porn anime to choose from. I found a lot of series with only one or two episodes, which sucks, but they make up for it in sheer volume of animated smut on display. Is it normal for an episode or two to be the whole series? (Again, don’t email me. Nobody cares.)

There are a couple of filters on the Series page. One lets you narrow down genres, like Dark Skin, Elf or Femdom. The other lets you choose a year. The archive goes all the way back to 1987, which is way older than I expected, but they’ve only got one movie available. Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji must be a goddamn classic to be shared for so long. It probably has something to do with the Anal Action, Demons, Rape, School Girls and Tentacles I see in the tags. Plus this one’s uncensored!

It’s hard to find a real complaint about HentaiMama. The organization is nice, the collection is ridiculously huge and easy to browse, and there’s barely any spam at all if you’re using a blocker. All of those mean this is easily one of the best free hentai video sites online.

ThePornDude likes HentaiMama's

  • Tons of full hentai movies to stream free
  • Long list of seriously perverted categories
  • Subtitled porn anime
  • Uncensored anime genitals

ThePornDude hates HentaiMama's

  • Censored anime genitals
  • Piracy?