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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Hentai Stream

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Hentai Stream is probably the most self-explanatory site of all time. It is a place where you go to stream hentai, and luckily, the name holds true.

Hentaistream.com is a rather basic site, dedicated to nothing but hentai anime streams. You’ll find all the latest releases from Japan subbed into English for your convenient pleasure. Sorry hombres, but no other languages are available on Hentaistream.

What sets Hentaistream apart is the reliability and lack of ads. This place makes porn-watching painless. You’ll get one small text popup that goes away without any hassle, and that video will start streaming right away.

Sadly you won’t find any Rule 34. Those of you who want to fap after your favorite videogame or anime bitch is straight out of luck. Hentaistream sticks to professional and unique hentai series from well-established studios in Japan.

The episodes are conveniently organized to make series watching easy. You’ll always get a directory of all the episodes available for a series, with plot summaries in tow. You be jumping from episode to episode, fapping the night away in no time. So what kind of porn are we talking about here? Everything under the sun, basically. Ahegao, aliens, magical bitches, lolis, and a whole lot more are represented here.

A modern and smooth layout

Hentaistream makes it easy to find the best shit, and with so many original Japanese titles, you’ll need all the help it gives you.

When you first enter Hentaistream, you’ll see a big gallery with all the latest updates. For each video, you’re given crucial information like title, episode number, if it is censored or uncensored, and date added.

The screenshots should give you a good idea of what the fuck is up in terms of the art. You’ll see that latest updates goes up to page 135 or so, giving you over 2,500 videos to fap to overall.

Along the top are the featured hentai series. These are the more popular hentai series with multiple episodes.

Now let’s check out the main menu. You’ll see links that include Home, Porn Games, Hentai Series List, Most Viewed Episode, Genres, and Nutaku. Porn Games and Nutaku are advertisement links, so you can safely ignore those. I’d say the rest are pretty self-explanatory.

Clicking on a video will get you to its episode page. You’ll see the main video player at the top, along with mirror link tabs if the episode has them.

Hentaistream uses a banner overlay over its video player. You can safely close it without worrying about more popups or other bullshit, thank god. When you close it, the video should play automatically. There is never any time to waste when it comes to jerking off.

Below the video player is all the important info. You’ll get tags (typically these include censorship and subbed/dubbed status) and genres (big list of actual tags for the video).

On the right side, you’ll see embedded windows for Twitter tweets regarding the series, as well as direct link to the Discord chat. At the way bottom, you can also check out comments from other users.

Most of these videos have at least a handful of comments. You can read such gems like “The people who made this will burn in hell, I say that as an atheist.” I’m glad Hentaistream knows exactly what kind of shit gets me off.

Unfortunately the video players aren’t the most feature-rich. You won’t get much more other than volume adjustment, full screen, and opening in a new window. Sadly, the videos don’t support multiple resolutions.

So much porn I can’t pronounce

In addition to hentai episodes, you’ll also find some ecchi anime and trailers also. Popular ecchi includes titles like To Love-Ru and Tiny Evil.

Trailers are short preview clips for individual hentai episodes. Hentaistream will also tell you when the episode will actually be released in Japan, so you can keep that mouth and that dick watering in anticipation.

The most popular tags at Hentaistream include things like internal shots, short episodes, loli, harem, cervix penetration, lactation, and more. If you want to stick to strictly uncensored porn, then click on the “uncensored” tag under the genre section to sort those out.

What I Like

Hentaistream has a single job and it does that job fucking well. You won’t find many hentai streams that make it this easy and painless to watch some 2D fuck action. Just click on an episode, close the ad and boom, it’s faptown baby.

I really like how the site is organized. The tags are neatly laid out, and everything is easy to navigate. Hentaistream is constantly recommending the latest and highest rated hentai out there, and the user comments can help make sure you’re watching the best shit.

Videos come with multiple mirrors and download links as well. Hentaistream seems to know when mirrors are down, since it’ll tell you rather than make you go through the bullshit of finding out yourself.

And the collection is huge. Over a thousand hentai series with over 2,500 videos means you can spend a lifetime fapping here. For those of you who have, I salute you. That is true dedication to your craft.

Hentaistream also does a good job of providing series summaries. You’ll get a quick little plot previewing all the sick action you’re about to watch. Surprisingly, these are written in understandable English; no Google translate bullshit here.

What I Hate

Hentaistream is great for watching subbed hentai, but there are some important things missing.

First, Hentaistream only provides HD videos to paid users. From what I saw, there were no videos above 480p when I was browsing as a free user. With other hentai sites offering 720p and even 1080p for free, I don’t think Hentaistream gives enough value worth paying for.

The episode download links are through Adfly portals. For those who don’t know, Adfly is a fucking pain in the ass to use. You’ll get a full page ad that can be a hassle to go through, and Hentaistream does not host their own download files. I’d avoid downloads if possible.

There is also no Rule 34 porn on Hentaistream. What a bummer, since the site is so great otherwise. Sadly you won’t find any Naruto or One Piece porn here.

I’m not sure why they don’t offer it, but maybe it’s because of copyright issues. I did run into some episodes that were taken down because of copyright infringement. I’m surprised there are companies in Japan that actually hunt this shit down, frankly. There’s more to life than money, friend.

Finally, Hentaistream has some misleading links trying to promote Nutaku. Both “Porn Games” and “Nutaku” are major links on the homepage that just serve as ads. Don’t click on that shit- you should never support these kinds of practices.

It’s a shame because otherwise, Hentaistream is super respectful about ads. No popups, popunders, mysterious download attempts, and other bullshit.

Hook us up with some Rule 34!

I really like Hentaistream, so I wish they would add Rule 34 videos.

Typically, the reason why Rule 34 videos aren’t great is because the video quality isn’t that great. But Hentaistream only serves 480p videos anyway! So bring on the Rule 34 porn please, so I can fap to bitches I actually know and love.

It is also kind of awkward going to the series homepage from an episode page. The episode page actually doesn’t have any big links that link to the series page, which is where you want to go for the summary and episodes list.

To get to the series page, you need to find a small “Hentai Series” link at the bottom of the video player. They should make this link bigger, or break down the title and the episode number separately at the top. It’s annoying since you’ll often start at the episode page, instead of the series page, if you click on a video from the main gallery.

A godsend for 480p action

Hentaistream is a great site overall. Most of the porn on Hentaistream is censored and subbed, simply because that’s what most of the latest porn actually is.

There is also a “premium” option on Hentaistream. Premium membership, which costs money, will unlock HD mobile videos, remove all ads, and add some extra functions. If you love this site or want to get more involved on the forums, it’s an option to think about.

There’s some other random stuff to check out if you’re interested. The “Staff” link at the top shows you Hentaistream is recruiting more workers, so check that out if you want to join growing porn empire.

Overall, Hentaistream focuses on giving you high-quality hentai streams, and it fulfills that promise very well. Hentaistream is part of a bigger network and has separate websites for doujins too. Considering how good Hentaistream is to use, I’d recommend checking out its partners as well.

ThePornDude likes Hentai Stream's

  • Minimal fuss when it comes to the streams
  • Lots of rankings and comments help you find the best porn out there

ThePornDude hates Hentai Stream's

  • Resolutions seem to max out at 480p for free users
  • No Rule 34 porn
  • Some links removed for copyright infringement