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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Sometimes I lay awake in bed wondering, just what the hell is a HentaiGasm? It could be a ball-draining blast of cum induced by a cartoon of schoolgirl getting violated by a demon. Maybe it’s the shuddering, squirting, screaming climax of an anime chick as she gets her butthole railed. Perhaps it’s the load itself, a gushing flow of not semen but a raging torrent of hentai. I guess that last one is similar to HentaiGasm, the website, which is a free tube of anime porn.

HentaiGasm.com has been around since 2013 and had 18 million viewers last month, which is more than Game of Thrones. Who would have thought that tentacle rape would be more popular than dragon queen incest? I bet you tried to bring that up at work and got #metoo’d right down to HR, huh? That actually has more to do with being a fat, smelly neckbeard in a fedora, but what can I say?

Drippy Boobies, Sticky Faces and Pixely Pee-pees

The front page looks like your typical tube site, only the big exposed titties and bitches covered in dripping fluids are all drawn by the steady, skillful hands of artisan smut creators in Japan. The thumbnails lead to cartoons, not videos. You surely knew this because the site is called HentaiGasm.

Since we all know what we’re here for, let’s jump to the big fucking elephant in the room. Can you see exposed, animated cunt getting speared by throbbing, unobscured cartoon cock?

Well, yes and no. Right away, I’m noticing pixels all over the front-page thumbnails. There’s a bitch uncomfortably and wetly slobbing on what could be a dude’s knob, or maybe his thumb, or it could even be a goddamn literal knob. I’m not sure, because the thing looks like Tetris with flesh tones.

There’s also some space bitch playing with her titties, but whatever purple thing interacting with her crotch got the Nintendo treatment. Another manga slut is slurping at something protruding from between her enormous pink melons, but it could be a tan lollipop for all I know.

Fuck Yeah? Uncensored Hentai Cooters?

Fortunately, the second thumbnail is for a video called UNCENSORED HENTAI HERE! Unfortunately, I clicked it and found out it’s actually an ad disguised as content. Instead of a video page, HentaiGasm sends me to a page where they hype up one of their affiliates. (It’s Hentai Heroes, in case you were wondering. I’ve got a review of the game on The Porn Dude.)

There’s also a big button in the corner of the header that says UNCENSORED. I saw it from the front page and was sure it would lead me to an uncensored hentai section on the site. Nope, it drops you off on the same page where they try to convince you to play this game.

Hey, fuck you, HentaiGasm! You make a really bad first impression when you open with a blatant bait-and-switch scam. If you have a couple of big links that look like they lead to cartoon humping that hasn’t been kid-friendlied, knowing that’s what your viewers want, you better deliver.

Hey, you want to see a real, live dragon? It’s completely free and 100% amazing. Step right behind this curtain and get yours. Surprise! It’s actually not a dragon, it’s just a kick in the balls and it’s also going to cost you twenty-five bucks.

A lot of hentai viewers are going to click on the same two things I clicked on when I first got to the site. Exactly none of them are looking for a goddamn hentai game. Yes, it’s certainly the right market for a game like that, but it’s also a market who understands how to find it when they want it.

Hentai ain’t even my preferred crank material and I’m annoyed. Personally, I’m just going to add question marks to this section’s title and move on. If you’re actually looking for uncensored hentai, you’re going to be pissed.

Minimal Uncensored Content, but Minimal Spam

I typed Uncensored in the search bar at the top, and it brought back just two results. One was the bait-and-switch link that’s not a video, which means there’s only one result. It’s something called Itadaki! Seieki Uncensored.

On the video page, I notice that Uncensored is not even a tag on HentaiGasm. I caught this 22-minute sex cartoon because the word is in the title, but its only Genres are Anal, Blowjob, Boobjob, Demon, Gangbang and Rape. Impressive spread, but I just want to watch anime fucking that I can actually see.

There could be other unedited stuff on the site, but there’s definitely no easy way to find it. That’s going to be a major deal-breaker for a lot of you pillow humpers. That makes the phony links a bigger insult.

Since I don’t have much choice if I want to watch the grown-up stuff, I give Itadaki a look. One good thing I can say about HentaiGasm is that it hasn’t really hit me very hard with spam. I’ve got an ad-blocking plugin, of course, but that doesn’t always do the trick. The video page here loads without spam, and so does the actual clip clip.

Ah! There’s Those Anime Penises!

The baked-in player is truly barebones, but it’s not like you really need to change the resolution to super HD for a hentai movie. The streaming works well, and I don’t have buffering issues even when I skip ahead, looking for the pee-pees and wee-wees.

Sure enough, when I stop at around 16 minutes in, this chick with bright red hair and giant eyes has two cocks in her mouth. They’re peach-colored and veiny, and I can see every cartoon inch of the shaft up to the mushroom tip.

The Download button below the video is a simple, no-bullshit link to the MP4 playing above. There’s no login or sign-up required, just like the rest of the site.

The actual viewing experience here is smooth as hell. That makes me more bummed they don’t have a Censored tag, but there’s a good list of genres in the sidebar that does make me happy. Looks like they have plenty of stuff filed under Anal, Maid, Gangbang, and Monster. There’s Futanari and Footjob, Tentacle and Bondage You know, typical porn stuff.

A Thousand Free Episodes of Animated Depravity

One of HentaiGasm’s biggest strengths is the size of their archive. If I’m doing the math right, they have about 1,200 hentai videos to stream or download for free.

If you’re as big a compulsive masturbator as I am, I know exactly what you’re thinking. Barely over a thousand clips is nothing to write home about, at least it wouldn’t be if the site were a typical free porn tube full of short clips that tease your cock and just make you want more. As far as I can tell, all of this site’s videos are full-length hentai episodes.

HentaiGasm is overall a decent site, but has a few major flaws. First of all, people who are looking for uncensored anime porn should just go somewhere else. I’ve got a bunch of suggestions in the Hentai section of The Porn Dude, but HentaiGasm is just going to piss you off.

The second issue is all the links to Hentai Heroes. The first ones I ran into were when HentaiGasm faked me out about content they didn’t have, but there are also ads for the game all over the front page. You’ll see them whether you have a spam-blocker or not. If the rest of HentaiGasm didn’t work so well I’d suspect the whole site was built to funnel people to Hentai Heroes. (Check out my review of the game before sinking a bunch of time and money into it!)

Other than that, the site runs beautifully. I like my porn with exposed vaginas, but I can see why HentaiGasm.com is so popular. They’ve got full episodes of a shit-ton of hentai. It’s free to stream and download, well organized, and there really isn’t too much spam to deal with. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the censorship, though.

ThePornDude likes Hentaigasm's

  • Free streaming and downloads
  • Vast archive of full-length hentai episodes
  • English subtitles and dubbed movies
  • Uncensored hentai?

ThePornDude hates Hentaigasm's

  • Ads disguised as uncensored content
  • Censored hentai