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Updated on 05 February 2024
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To be quite honest, I never really liked hentai that much. I mean, the girls moan too much, the proportions are often hilarious, and so on. For example, the girls always have massive breasts or flat chests, and neither of these two things is good. Why can’t they just draw normal gals? What’s the big deal? You might say that 2D porn is meant to be unrealistic because we already have all that realistic stuff in “real” porn.

However, this is not a valid reason to draw out-of-proportion characters all over the god damn place. There’s simply no reason to do shit like that. Furthermore, while there were some Hentai movies that I enjoyed in the past, such as Kuroinu, the majority of them are just straight up trash and poor attempts at grabbing as much cash as possible. These people can’t possibly think that folks all over the world are going to jack it to poorly animated hentai, do they? Well, apparently, a lot of people do that, but I don’t work that way, and I don’t think the people reading this right now work that way either.

So, a website that just so happens to have a bunch of hentai porn that’s animated properly is exactly what we all needed. This is why OHentai.org is truly a gift! It’s one of those anime porn pages that everyone needs to check out before they die. I thought that I could never really get into hentai before I saw this page. However, now that I experienced the charm of OHentai.org, I now know that I do like more than one or two hentai movies that I’ve seen in the past.

The types of content

As soon as you open this website up, you’ll be confronted by a cute little homepage filled with a whole lot of thumbnails. Now, according to the looks of the website, you would assume that no matter where you click, hundreds of ads will pop up and block your entire view. However, this is not the case. Well, it isn’t the case as long as you’re clicking stuff on the four main tabs that we’ll talk about later. However, things switch up a little bit once you try to play a certain movie, but that’s something that’s pretty much inevitable. In the end, small pages such as this one simply have to place a bunch of ads on their page in order to survive. Luckily, the guys at OHentai.org did their best not to fill the page with way too many annoying ads.

After a brief look at the homepage, we get the proper idea of what kind of porn we can see on this page. First off, I will divide the content into two main categories. The first type of hentai movie that you will see on this page is the 2D category. I’d say that this is the main, basic, or rather, the original type. This is the type of porn that the majority of us are after. Then again, we find out that yet another type of pornography exists in here. There are so-called “sub-types” of porn out there, too, but I won’t talk about those yet, as we’re still getting there! So, the second main type of anime pornography you will be seeing on this page is the 3D porn that just so happens to be all over the internet.

About 3D Porn

As you might have noticed by now, 3D porn seems to be on the rise right now. There are so many ways to make it, too. For example., one of the most popular ways to do it would be with the Source Filmmaker. Why is this software so popular? Well, it came out a few years ago on Steam, and it’s absolutely free. It gained a lot of traction for its ability to edit in-game cut scenes from Team Fortress 2, and from there on, the internet did what it does best, and soon enough, every porn forum on the internet became flooded with porn made with the Source Filmmaker. However, the characters that appear in these movies, for the most part, aren’t anime characters, but they get the job done. These characters usually come from games such as Overwatch and shit like that. The naked models for these characters are quite easy to find, which is probably why people make so much porn with those characters. However, people do include anime characters every now and then in those animations, and that’s why we get to Source Filmmaker content on this website.

Then, we have porn made with Blender. This software is pretty neat, but it’s harder to use, and it’s much less popular than Source Filmmaker. All in all, we find a lot of anime characters in these animations, which is pretty nice. Then, there’s some footage from various porn games that can be found on the page, and that’s about it.

About the 2D porn

The regular hentai isn’t too diverse on this page, but that’s not a bad thing for the most part. First off, the majority of the content on this page is 2D content, and it’s made by various animators that mostly come from Japan. That’s the standard stuff. Now, there are all kinds of genres of hentai of this type, but we’ll talk about that a little bit later. Then, the other kind of 2D hentai is the porn that we get from hentai video games. There’s a lot of footage like this on this website, and it mostly plays loops of various scenes from random games. Now, finally, there’s the third type of 2D hentai that I’d like to mention. This the rare, 2D hentai made by random artists from all over the internet. Now, this is the good stuff. We find it to be pretty god damn great at times, and sometimes it’s just lame as people resort to primitive animation techniques in order to get as much work done as possible.


So far, we know that this website isn’t exactly filled with ads, but they do hide in some parts of the website. You’ll find yourself clicking on a video on the homepage, seeing that no ads pop up. You will believe that you are completely safe and that no ads will pop up to block your entire god damn screen. However, chaos is going to unfold in front of your very eyes soon enough. We notice that the video will display a 15-second ad before you are allowed to play your movie.

However, the player requires you to click on it at least two times. We click on it twice, two ads pop up, but it is quite easy to ignore them. It is pretty god damn easy to get your video playing, but the ads can be a bit annoying sometimes. Sometimes, these movies need to be clicked on a little bit more in order to get the player going, and while you do that, ads just keep popping up non stop. This is not way too annoying to me, but some of you are bound to get pissed off at this system, that’s for sure.

The four sections of the website

First things first, there’s the “all” section that we get to check out. This is where, well, everything is found. It’s pretty simple. Every website has this kind of section on it. Then, there’s the “all series” page where some hentai is sorted out neatly. So, you just find the name of the hentai you want to watch and all the episodes you want to see are in there. Well, not all of them as the website sometimes doesn’t have all the episodes you need, but that’s not a big issue, is it? You can just leave the page and go search for that one episode you want to see someplace else!

Then, we have the “favorites” section, and I don’t think I need to explain this one. I mean, it’s pretty god damn obvious what you can find in here. I assume that you expected a “categories” tab up on this website, but you don’t. However, you do get a “tags” section. You click on the section, and you get to see all the pseudo-categories that are made available to you on this website.

The “categories”

So, we enter the “tags” section, and what do we find? Well, the usual, While we get to see the regular categories such as “boob job,” “big boobs” and “cream pie,” there are also some rather unconventional categories that can only exist in hentai. A good example would be the “Ahegao” category, or the “gender bender” category. Of course, the “Chinese” category is also a great example because Chinese people do not exist in real life.

To sum it up

So, OHentai.org is completely free. The ads aren’ too annoying, and there are all sorts of porn up in here. All in all, you don’t really need much more than this to enjoy your porn, no matter what kind of porn you want to watch. Make sure to enjoy yourself.

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  • Tons of porn
  • Many categories
  • Videos load fast

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  • The page could have fewer ads