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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Muchohentai. It has a weird name and an amateur layout, but Muchohentai is one of the finest streaming sites out there. Muchohentai features full length episodes as well as hundreds of preview trailers, and streams are as painless as you’ll ever see on any porn site. What makes Muchohentai different? Well the main thing that comes to mind is no video ads. Muchohentai already sets itself apart with no popups, and pretty much only maintains banner ads that are quick and easy to close. This means you don’t have to sit through a video ad, ever. Just click through a couple of the banners, and boom, you’re in the video. In an age where even YouTube makes you sit through some bullshit to get to the actual content, Muchohentai is a welcome relief. What about the porno? No worries senor, Muchohentai got a burro-load. There’s got to be at least a thousand videos, and Muchohentai provides Spanish subs, English subs, and raw Japanese hentai. That’s right cabrón, this is the Cancun of hentai. Some common genres you’ll find here include anal, bondage, creampie, rape, and uncensored. Muchohentai actually hosts over a thousand uncensored videos (and amazingly, no broken links). Also remember there are preview videos, tagged with [PV], which are short trailer videos.

Exploring the Video Gallery

When you first enter Muchohentai, you’ll see the main gallery showing the Newest Releases. A big search engine is at the top, with the main menu right below it.

As you scroll down you’ll see the other galleries including Japanese RAW, English subbed, and the latest previews. You can always filter by different languages with the “Languages” link at the top.

So you find a video you like from the main gallery and click on it. What now?

When you enter you’ll see the main video player along with two ads. Don’t worry, you can just close these ads without fear of pop-ups or any other bullshit. No hidden or fake x marks here.

With the ads closed, you’re already at the video baby. Just click play and it’ll run; not even a single video ad to stand between you and that cartoon pussy juice.

Below the video player you’ll find a Download link. Muchohentai lets you download two videos at a time, with download speeds up to 2MB/sec. Not bad for a site that doesn’t make you pay or even register. When I tried it, I got 2MB/sec no problem, so get in before the site explodes.

Below the video player you’ll find information including the series name, Japanese name, release date, genres (tags), and more. If you’re browsing on Android, you’ll also get a helpful tip if your video doesn’t work.

Below that is the recommended videos gallery and comments. Muchohentai doesn’t have much viewership yet so sadly there aren’t many comments, but if the site stays this good there should definitely be more in the future.

Going back to the top of the page, let’s explore the main menu. Hentai Series List will give you a list of all the series featured at Muchohentai, and there are a ton. Genre list will help you search by tags, and they nicely lay out the major ones such as Rape, Large Breasts, Yaoi, Yuri, etc. The site has thousands of tags to browse.

Another nice feature of Muchohentai is the Release Calendar. These muchachos have a goddamn release schedule that tells you what hentai are going to drop every week. New releases come out every Friday.

Everything except Rule 34

Muchohentai is a beast when it comes to hentai. With weekly releases spanning back as far as four years, there’s thousands of episodes and previews to please your cock.

Videos are organized into English subs, Spanish subs, and Japanese raws. I didn’t find too many dubbed videos, but personally, I’m not a big fan of dubbed shit anyway. It’s so awkward listening to a middle-aged white woman try to act like a tiny little Japanese schoolgirl getting raped.

A big chunk of the Muchohentai content is previews, or trailers. These can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes long, and give you a sweet little preview of the action that is to come. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, browsing through these one by one with your dick out.

Some popular tags include housewives, school girls, ahegao, and futanari. The tags can run pretty deep, and you can even search concepts like “time travel” to really bust that specific type of nut. God knows we all need time travel when we hear the words “I’m pregnant”.

Are you into doujins? If you want to bust a nut onto some virtual comics, check out It’s a pretty similar deal, but especially good for finding Spanish-language comics.

What I Like

There’s a ton to like about Muchohentai. This is a fantastic site that a part of me wants to keep secret, so I can continue enjoying all the fast streams and minimal ads to myself.

The big selling point for me is the respectful ads. I hate it when a porn site treats me like a scummy piece of shit who should have his computer infected with all kinds of spyware and viruses.

With Muchohentai, the worst you get is a couple of small ads to close whenever you want to play a video. It takes two seconds, and the streams are ultra-reliable. Most amazing of all is that there are no video ads to sit through before each episode.

This makes it so fun to browse. On a typical hentai stream site, you need to go through a 30 second or even minute long ad before the video starts. For a fast browser like me, this means I can end up watching like 10 fucking minutes of ads as I keep wanting to try new videos.

Let’s talk about the stream. The video isn’t 1080p or anything like that, but they are totally fappable. Best of all, they work. The streams load quickly, I found zero broken links, and the download links are no hassle either.

Anime releases come fast and furious, and you’ll find the hottest new titles as well as old classics. The release schedule makes it easy to keep track of the porn to come.

What I Hate

There isn’t much to gripe about at Muchohentai, but it isn’t perfect.

The main weakness is probably the stream quality. You won’t find any 1080p content here, and I didn’t find much 720p. Pretty much everything is 480p that I checked out, although you will find some 720p videos if you search recent content.

Muchohentai also uses a native player that is limited in options. You can’t choose options like resolution, and it’s a rather barebones player. It still gets the job done I suppose.

How about getting some Spanish bitches to dub this shit?

Muchohentai should work on its dubbed section more. Muchohentai has about 500 dubbed hentai videos, but a lot of it is outdated and not well featured. I’m pretty sure the general audience still prefers dubbed shit, at least based on what I see in anime.

Muchohentai should also try to add more HD content. Yes, it eats a lot of bandwidth, but there are a lot of hentai sites that feature 720p and even 1080p content now. I saw some of the videos are 720p, especially the raws, but it isn’t featured.

I couldn’t search “720p” and the “HD” tag seemed to be a bust, so I found it hard to get the good stuff.

Finally, Muchohentai should try to add some dubbed Spanish videos. Actually, I bet they have a handful, but it was impossible to find. Considering how much attention they give to Spanish subbed porn, they should go one step further and try to serve the Spanish dubbed hentai lovers. This can really make them powerful amongst the Spanish speakers.

Aye papi! Muchohentai brings it.

Overall, Muchohentai is a great hentai stream site where you can watch and download hentai videos with minimum hassle. The streams are fast and reliable, while the ads are minimal, and this combination is extremely rare in the porn world.

You’ll find just about everything here, and Muchohentai has all the heavy hitters that you’ll find in other big-time hentai sites.

The tag system is respectable, although not perfect. Some videos will have plenty of tags, while others will only have a handful, and the preview videos didn’t seem to have any tags.

I also need to note that there is virtually no Rule 34 content. You won’t find any One Piece or Naruto pussy here. When it comes to anime, Rule 34 is rare anyway, so I can’t discount points here. I just want to make sure I give you the right expectations.

So with three supported languages, lots of uncensored content, and all the major hentai videos released in the past four years, Muchohentai is a Spanish bull of hentai. While my favorite thing about South America is when Latina bitches scream “Aye papi!” as they get fucked like a pinata, Muchohentai might be a close second.

ThePornDude likes MuchoHentai's

  • Minimal ads
  • Good tag system

ThePornDude hates MuchoHentai's

  • Few dubbed episodes
  • No preview pics