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Updated on 15 January 2022
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I’ll be the first to voice the unpopular opinion that chicks look better with some clothes on. We all do. You ever have some slut over and she squats to pick something up while she’s naked? Or worse, sneeze? Doesn’t matter how fit or hot you are. That shit is weird, man. And, plus, you can do so much more with clothes. Different colors, styles, and cuts that contour to a nice bod. The whole lingerie business sticks around for a good reason. But there’s one kind of sexy lingerie that rises above the rest. Stockings, pantyhoes, and all those amazing pieces of nylon that make you fucks go wild.

Some of you dumbasses out there are probably skeptical. What’s so good about a pair of fucking stockings? We’ve heard it all before. You simply have to give it a shot to understand. Get your bitch some stockings and go to town. Trust me, you’ll be begging her to wear them every time you fuck in no time. Personally, I like some ripping and tearing action with pantyhose, but that’s just me. is a free porn site jam-packed with every and anything stocking, pantyhose, or lingerie related. No more scouring the shitty selections that other porn sites have. Here you can get your fix all from one site. And there are nearly three million of you horny chicks and dudes that come to this site for that fix every month. Damn, that’s impressive for a site with a niche fetish like this. But has been going strong since 2003, so they’ve had plenty of time to build up a loyal following.

Dated Site Theme Could Use an Update

The site has this brown, white, and black theme that I guess is supposed to look like a stocking. It’s fine enough, but the color scheme and general design makes it look dated. Like an old, hole-ridden, pair of beige pantyhose worn by your grandmother. Update it. Make it sleek like a pair of black, laced stockings on a nice pair of legs that you would give anything to get between.

The main page is the category page. More popular categories with small preview images take up the center of the site. But that’s just the beginning. There has to be around a thousand categories of porn on this site. It’s fucking crazy, but not so insane when you discover that these fucks have over 41 million videos.

Millions of Videos and Thousands in even the most Obscure Fetish Categories

And every single one has something to do with lingerie, stockings, or some shit like that. You can click “view all” at the bottom of a long list of categories to get a massive page of them. I’m talking niche genres like “Ponyplay, Asian Cuckold, French in Gangbang, and Sniffing Panties.” Odds are that they will have any weird or fucked up fetish that you love.

While they don’t give you a video count while you’re scrolling through their extensive list of options, they do give you a number when you click on the category. Even a niche option like “Girdle” has over a thousand kinky videos, while the more popular options like “Stockings” have well over a million videos to jerk off to. It’s like one of those frat house parties where everyone is drunk, high, or a mix of both. Even the ugly bitches are getting some action at that point.

And the previews are decent. They’re smaller than an Asian athlete’s tits and not nearly as fun to look at. Though that’s a pretty high bar to beat. I’ve seen worse previews for sure. If they blew them up a bit they’d be a lot better. You do get video length, studio that produced it, title that’s usually way too vague, and a rating out of 100 percent. You can filter all of the videos by a solid variety of options up top no matter what category you are in.

I’ve gone on about the category page because it’s really the best way to browse, but there are a couple of other pages for “Most Popular, New, and Highest Rated videos” if you don’t have any specific fetish that you want to bust a nut to. Here comes the inevitable “this site is great, but” moment.

Videos Are Not Hosted On Site

The videos. There aren’t any on site. Instead, you’re redirected to whatever site produced the content. I actually don’t mind this setup, but I know a lot of you out there prefer to keep your browsing to one handy site. At least every site on here is free. You’re not getting thrown over to paid sites that want to scam you out of your hard earned dosh. One thing I always dig about these kinds of sites is that there are never any ads. You can find exactly what video you want without dealing with the regular ad clutter you would get from the actual site. Plus, each site is listed below the preview, so you know exactly where you’re getting brought to beforehand. Some sites run that shit like a cheap prostitute. You pay her and head back to the disgusting hovel of an apartment. How are you supposed to nut when you’re sad and grossed out? Video quality fluctuates more than your bipolar ex-girlfriend. Some sites have 1080p downloadable videos while others have shitty 480p videos.

Great Mobile Site Makes Browsing Stocking Porn on the Go Easy!

The mobile site is easy enough to use. The formatting is on point and you can browse through the massive catalog of videos without any issue. I mean, there isn’t any content on the site itself, so it can’t be that hard to have a decent mobile site. There still aren’t any annoying ads, and all of the same few menu options are available. Though this mobile site isn’t really the one you need to worry about. Most of the sites that are linked out have good mobile sites, but some are shitty. In general, you can expect the sites to work just fine though.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is just how many videos of stocking-related porn they have managed to collect. 40 some million videos is impressive enough even if it was just a regular directory site. But 40 million videos about incredibly hot sluts in lingerie and stockings? That’s fucking incredible. Being able to search through and find sexy videos for this fetish without dealing with ads or other annoying sites is awesome. I always hate having to flip between tabs of shitty site after shitty site trying to get the perfect video. Also, holy fuck do they kill it with the categories. I never would have thought there were so many fetish videos and categories for lingerie porn. Gangbangs, cumshots, foot fetish, and so much more. It’s awesome. Even you fucks out there who can’t appreciate the finer fetish that is lingerie porn could get a quality nut from this site. And you horny bastards who love this kind of content will find it to be a veritable treasure trove of kinky videos. Oh, and there aren’t any annoying ads to deal with!

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I think a theme change or at least an update would make the site more appealing. Also, I feel like the “Hot, New, and Highest Rated” options could all be included in the filter options on a plain old videos page. No need to make it more complicated, especially since every page here opens in a different tab. Other than those minor issues, it’s a good enough directory. You seriously can’t beat the massive selection of fetish porn that they house here.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is an awesome directory of high-quality fetish porn. Yeah, you don’t get any of the videos hosted on site, but that doesn’t really matter. The user experience is great since you don’t have to deal with ads, profiles, or annoying memberships. You can browse a catalog of over 40 million videos on this well-organized site with plenty of different filter options. If you’re someone who gets rock hard at the thought of a pretty little dimepiece in some revealing lingerie, then there’s no better place to find a video and bust a nut than

ThePornDude likes Stocking Tease's

  • Over 40 Million Lingerie Fetish Videos to Choose From
  • Organized Site Makes Content Easy to Browse
  • No Ads!
  • Thousands of Different Fetish Categories

ThePornDude hates Stocking Tease's

  • Site Design Needs Updating