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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Oh boy, do I have a weird-ass fucking site for you today. HypnoTube.com is the free tube site that’s all about showing you some really hot and quirky hypnosis videos in regards to porn. Yeah, that sounds weird in it of itself, but let me tell you something else about this place. Not only are all of these videos fucking weird, but there are also thousands of them to choose from. I have no idea who makes this stuff, but I would have to guess that they’re completely fucked in the head if they can think of garbage like this without a problem. Seriously, though, just look at some of the content on here.

Somewhat questionable porn content to say the least

I know I don’t usually talk about the content on a site first, but HypnoTube.com takes the cake when it comes to weird-ass videos. Now, I know that you might be into this shit as well since you clicked on this review, but for the few of you that have come here astray and were hoping for some porn where chicks get hypnotized into fucking, this is not it. In fact, HypnoTube.com is about YOU being hypnotized. Yeah, that’s fucked. I don’t know much about hypnosis other than that it’s not fucking real. But if you think it’s real and this is what gets you off, then I guess you’re free to do it as much as you want.

The only thing I get when I watch these videos is disturbed. Even if I come to HypnoTube.com with a boner it dies as soon as I open one of these videos up. All of the audio is just random gibberish with most of these videos or some repeating words with some creepy music in the background. I don’t understand how this is supposed to hypnotize anyone and it looks more like that video from The Ring. Yeah, when I see some of these pornos on HypnoTube.com I feel like I’m going to die in 7 days or something. Like some little girl is after me and shit. It’s the kind of vibe I’m getting at least.

Thousands of hypnosis porn videos featuring all sorts of content

But hey, to each their own, and that’s exactly why I’m still listing this site on my website. You’re free to watch hypnosis porn all you want as long as you don’t spread this foul shit anywhere else. HypnoTube.com is great as far as some other things are concerned, but the content? Yeah, we’re going to need to talk to a psychiatrist to figure that one out. You wouldn’t believe the kind of horrors that lurk around these premises. I know that even if you’re into this type of porn, you’re still going to be MAJORLY creeped out by some of the videos on here. That’s a fact and you can’t deny it when you start watching.

And the worst part (well worst part for me at least, not for the sickos who are into this freaky shit) is that they have over 2600 videos at their disposal. They probably have even more than that but that’s how much I managed to count. There are just so many of these porn hypnosis videos that I’m wondering who the fuck even makes them. I know that when I watch these videos I feel really sick and all that, so if a person can survive making this sort of content then they’re majorly fucked in the head. But okay, I guess that I’ll at least give them credit for making this much content, that’s something to be admired.

Pretty normal thumbnails for this kind of porn content

Now, something that you WON’T see coming is the fact that all of these videos are in a similar hypnosis format. I know that you won’t see it coming cause many videos have some ordinary thumbnails to their name and you wouldn’t suspect that they were weird in any way. But yeah, they’re weird. I mean you just look at these thumbnails and most of them look normal. And then when you start watching the video you’re probably wondering why the hell you even clicked on it because of how goddamn weird it is and all that. Yeah, it takes a special kind of person to be into this stuff, that’s for sure.

Familiar layout and design to make you feel at home

There are several sections on HypnoTube.com, and you can access all of them by using the navigation menu. It’s all pretty accessible and user-friendly so it won’t take you long before you’re completely accustomed to the interface on HypnoTube.com. It doesn’t have a huge learning curve, so the moment you come to the site you’ll immediately know where to find the sickest content on HypnoTube.com. It’s intuitive in the sense that it uses many of the sections that other porn sites use. I would say that this would be a big plus usually, so keep that in mind as well. Sometimes copying a good layout can only improve your site.

Now I’m not saying these guys copied anyone, but they definitely took inspiration from some of the better layouts out there. And not only that, but the design is pretty amazing as well. You have a dark background which is perfect for watching during the night, and you even have pretty nice graphics that you’ll simply adore. They’re simple and minimalistic but still get the point across quite well. It won’t take a lot of thinking in order to get things in their place on HypnoTube.com, so get ready for a really nice user-experience as far as the layout is concerned.

Hypnosis porn movies are the main attraction, but there are pictures too

Now, there’s a lot more to HypnoTube.com that we haven’t talked about so let’s touch on those things as well since they play an integral part when presenting this site’s identity and all that jazz. First of all, it’s not only the video section that you’ll be enjoying. Sure, there’s a Movie section and you have all of your videos in here, all 2600+ of them, but there’s a lot more to HypnoTube.com than that came from. Of course, you should also know that this is probably the main content, though there’s a lot more on HypnoTube.com as well. You can sort it according to the latest releases, the most popular ones, or even the top-rated ones on the entirety of the website.

Then we also have the Album section which is perfect for those of you who can’t afford good internet, so you’re stuck with last-age tech and you’re forced to load porn images all day. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, but just know that you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff this way. Still, though, the albums are pretty amazing, so you’ll definitely have a great time checking them all out and what not. You can also sort them just like you did the videos in the previous section.

Thriving community with so many people

HypnoTube.com also has its own community that you can check out in the Community tab. This place is where you’ll be able to find all the people that have made an account here and start communicating with them. If you’re into this fucked up shit, then chances are this is the best place to find people with similar interests. You have to make an account for this though, but this will also let you in on all the extra features of the website on top of these social aspects that you’re definitely going to use.

There’s even a game section for Christ’s sake. That’s how far HypnoTube.com will go when presenting all of their content. Granted, you have to pay for the game, so you can’t really play it for free and I don’t think that there are many places where you’ll be able to download it for free, or even pirate it. So yeah, the thing is that you’re going to have to pay for it to check it out. Other than that, HypnoTube.com is a free site in its entirety. Whenever you’re in need of some hypnosis porn content, HypnoTube.com has your back, no questions asked.

ThePornDude likes HypnoTube's

  • Thousands of free hypnosis porn videos to watch
  • Section for hypnosis porn albums and images
  • All the categories that you could ever need

ThePornDude hates HypnoTube's

  • There’s some pretty weird content on this site
  • You can’t get the game for free, you have to pay
  • Some of the content can be pretty low quality