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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Ah, a BDSM Tube, TubeBDSM or whatever! By now, these oversimplified porno pages have really started to piss me off. They don’t offer much, they just throw this stuff in your face, no sugarcoating, nothing at all. I like to be wined and dined before I give it up and I expect the same from my porn sites. I don’t want to scroll down the home page and hope that I run into a decent video. I want to KNOW that I’ll find something I really like. is all over the place and the gauge can shift 50/50 to both sides easily. But first, the good stuff.

Take a look at the home page. You’ll find that it has pretty much everything a man needs to get off. You get around fifty million videos to chose from as well. It’s cool. I didn’t even believe bondage was that popular, it’s so weird. Even though bondage became a mainstream thing in the last few years after the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey came to the big screen, it still surprises me. I look at these dudes in these videos tied up, crawling on the floor, girls stepping on their nuts and I can’t get myself to believe that some lads actually want to be in their place. That’s what I got just from the home page.

I thank the gods that the search bar exists on Tube BDSM! It’s a very useful tool, especially if you have 50 million videos to chose from. Underneath the search bar, there are a few boxes that you can tick. Rather, a few boxes that you SHOULD tick. For example, if you are a straight guy you don’t want to see any gay or shemale videos, do you? That’s right, you don’t, or rather, you shouldn’t. I don’t, either, for the record. So, what I did was tick the “Straight” box, and I didn’t tick the “Gay” and the “Shemale” box. If you are a guy who wants to see some dude on dude action and none of that straight stuff, well then, you know what’s up, I don’t have to explain it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The website is completely free. Isn’t that nice? I mean, imagine it, fifty million videos, all for free. You won’t finish these in a lifetime. These videos aren’t uploaded to TubeBDSM, however. Rather,’s only use is to funnel traffic to these other websites. So, let’s say you are scrolling through the home page on a cold November morning and you believe a quick wank could warm you up and give you that quick rush of dopamine that you crave. You know, to get you going. You’ll scroll through the categories, you’ll click on one, and then you get taken to another section of the website. There you’ll see a bunch of thumbnails. You’ll click on one of those, and you’ll be taken to an entirely different website. You don’t get any ads, too. That’s pretty good for a website that gets you so much porn for free. I’d say that it’s amazing, even.

You’ll find a lot of content, anything from porn that includes whips (in the “Whip” category), to porn that is all about teen girls getting captured and then getting tied up by older men who are sex-starved and ready to bang the living hell out of them. What amazes me is the Hentai category. I did see a few hentai. However, I didn’t know that people tieing each other up were such a big thematic in those pornos. Like damn, there’s so much of those.

Something I found to be particularly interesting is the fact that you get a category named Femdom, and then you get a category called German Femdom. There are two more categories like German Amateur and German Pissing. These got me wondering…what is it with Germans? No offense, but uh, do you people piss in a weird way or something? You get a normal person peeing, and then you get a German peeing? Even though I’ve only seen a few Germans in my lifetime, I’m pretty sure you people look (and function) just like any other person.

If you decide to keep scrolling, you will eventually reach the bottom of the page and what you’ll find here are all of the categories that can be found on TubeBDSM, but they are sorted out A-Z. I don’t think anyone really needs this, but I guess it’s a neat detail. It could be useful, even. If you can’t find the category you like up there, you can just scroll through the “category-pedia” at the bottom of and quickly find what you were looking for.

Not gonna lie, even though I used to hate pages like these, they’ve grown on me with time. You know, just like that kid you always used to fight with back in fourth grade that ended up being your best friend in 8th grade…except it didn’t take me four years to fall in love with websites like TubeBDSM. A few weeks was all it took. Sure, TubeBDSM probably exists only to funnel traffic, but it’s still a great page to go to if you want to beat your meat to some hot BDSM action.

ThePornDude likes Tube BDSM's

  • There's a lot of content here
  • The design of the page is very simple
  • Categories exist, and there are little to no ads

ThePornDude hates Tube BDSM's

  • While the page is simple and easy to use, it doesn't look great
  • If the ads do decide to finally pop up on your screen, they tend to be annoying