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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Well, there is hardcore porn, and then there is BDSM and seriously this kinda shit is not for the faint-hearted. Especially because it involves not only bluntly filthy stuff like taking a shit or piss on an enslaved motherfucker but also extremely painful and inhuman acts like electrocution of nipples or cunts, merciless caning or body thrashing, pegging among other things.

There is also a psychological aspect that involves humiliation by your partner, which could be in the form of shaming or names calling to channel your aggressiveness towards your sexual arousal or something. Even better, there is extreme fun, whether in the form of tickling or forced intensive cums. And now that we all understand what BDSMStreak is putting you up against I think it’s time we took a dive into this sensual bliss of torture!

What to expect

Any dumbass motherfucker visiting this site should brace themselves for torturous, heartless and extremely filthy shit. Whether vanilla or extremely hardcore, irrespective of whether it is mean bitches or cold bastards in charge. There is also an awesome showcase of BDSM costumes, electrocution, bloody or pee scenarios and so much more in the form of quality HD porn videos as well as user-submitted galleries. Enjoy!

It’s not what it looks like!

The truth is, if you were to judge the awesome lot of content on this site entirely from this boring greyish outlook, probably I would have missed the world looking only at its vague shadow. Seriously the what asshole designs a BDSM site and doesn’t incorporate gothic graphics and tasteful costume dressed hotties, chained hunks or whatever. Like hello! They should have asked for advice from smarter freaks like me, don’t you think?

About the navigation aspect; there are all the necessary features in place, from the search option for specific searches to escape or shortcut buttons. Also, it’s a good thing that the links work perfectly with newly uploaded content getting served up daily right on the homepage. Tip; the popular shit is always the hottest kinda shit because many dumbasses can sure make an incredible point.

Scary fun BDSM videos action

With a wide range of categories as you will see below, you can expect a ton of painfully arousing sexual fun around this place. And you can bet it’s almost as if the devil himself unleashed some of his meanest demons to this place. Wondering why? Bitches in femdom videos are pretty but tough, especially when it comes to using canes, flogging grown ass men to tears. Like damn! Domination is something to go for totally. Imagine having your woman play tough ripping you apart only to reward you with a lengthy pussy smash.

Personally, however, am not too sure about the balls and cock pegging like seriously I would rather have my ass thrashed red. There is one thing am sure about thou; bisexual dudes would definitely find the ass drill awesome, especially coming from their bitches. I must warn you that stuff like forced orgasm scenes, cunt torture, humiliation, tit torture, scat, electo, pissing and bondage can get way out of hand not only because of the ‘ish’ factor but because they can really get to you emotionally or even raise unrealistic expectations in your fucked up minds.

However, if you are already drowning into this sea, then I don’t see a reason not to wallow yourself even deeper.

After all, all their videos are not only enthralling from the torture-happy ending drill, but they also happen to have some of the most captivating turns of events if I may call it that. Users are allowed unlimited free access to their vast daily growing collection of HD quality videos. And it’s even better with a large enough video player and good streaming speeds. Mark you, the descriptions might be too short or non-existent, but there are always related videos to keep the party going on the brighter side.

Look out for exquisite categories

This site is hell in terms of sexual torture with lots of naughty bitches with leather fetish outfit, sharp high heel shoes among other things daring enough to piss on their slaves or even scat while crazier lesbo sluts bondaging each other drill pussies with enormous dildos and vibrators. Like, come on! It’s a fucking solid source of BDSM crap ranging from; anal, caning, cuckold, fisting, gay, homemade, latex, rough, throat fuck, vanilla, vintage, tickling, scat,sissy, tit torture, whipping, spanking, pegging, femdom, maledom, cunt torture, forced orgasm, hot wax, electro, Japanese, gangbang, Chinese, Bisex, CBT among many others.

BDSM optimistic galleries

While it is worth noting that all the photos on this site are the handy works of receptive users, there is quite a lot of sightful eye candy; both torturous and yet beautiful in the most divine of ways! Am talking about sexy and adorable bitches tied down in all sorts of positions, whether upside down or crucifixion, multiple cocks pussy dip scenarios, painful anal gape, awesome latex costumes display among so many other gothic photos. With the main drill being that they are all of good quality and I can’t believe am saying this but it pretty much seems like leading by example can work wonders.

Membership, is it worth it?

Frankly, it all depends on what you are looking to find on the site. If you are looking only to enjoy their exquisite BDSM videos and photos, then you probably do not need it. However, if you are a social freak who wouldn’t mind a group of friends or even uploading their own personal albums to add to their collection, then you should totally go for it. Who knows you might end up with a pussy to whip and torture you to a delightful cloud nine. And just so you know, it’s super easy with a valid email and a few details to complete a solid profile and be on your merry way to poke other users!

Ads & Pop-ups

Obviously, these are definitely a nuisance with the probability of one clicking on to a few videos linking to outside sites such as Personally, I prefer choiced mistakes other than traps, and you can bet I was duly infuriated by these. As if the pop-ups and misdirecting links on the menu aren’t enough bullshit already anyways, fuck these assholes!

Admirable features

Regular updates; while it’s not certain just how much content is uploaded on a daily basis, there is a sure guarantee that there are always newer and juicier porn videos beckoning.

A variety of categories; from femdom, maledom, to various other torturous sexual practices whether simply vanilla or over the top merciless crap like electrocution, nipples torture, pegging, canning and so much more ridiculously painful crap. All of which you will be fortunate enough to choose from on the site where they are available for unlimited streaming. Awesome, don’t you think?

HD quality BDSM content; BDSM Streak brings you the coolest and at best enthralling content ever in purely he quality on a silver platter for fucking free. Sounds unbelievable, right? Am telling you, it’s the most eligible BDSM loving broke asses den. Awesome self-explanatory interface; while the site’s design might not be too appealing, there are all the necessary tools required for users smooth sailing through the site.

Possible concerns

Few short clips; users looking for fast cum bursting escapes might be out of luck in this place with almost 90% of this site comprising of longer videos.

Ads and pop-ups; there are more than a few of these probably enough to fuck with your user experience quite alright, and you don’t have a fucking choice but to bear it all.

Inadequate descriptions; most of the videos descriptions are either too short to an extent they suck or simply non-existent, which is pretty lame if you asked me.

What I think should be done

These folks should probably try being more fucking considerate starting with; they should stop setting up trap ads, do away with descriptions or try writing better plus also include more shorter clips. I mean, we all want what we want and will not take any judgements or derations for it!


Bdsm streak is probably one in a million free quality dark porn arenas featuring extremely filthy or to some extent despicable porn acts. However, am pretty sure that freaks into this sort of shit will have found themselves an external Haven. So whether you are looking to get into BDSM or are already spearheading your pussy starved Rock over there, this is the place to be!

ThePornDude likes BDSMstreak's

  • Regular updates
  • A variety of categories
  • HD quality BDSM content
  • Awesome self-explanatory interface

ThePornDude hates BDSMstreak's

  • Few short clips
  • Ads and pop-ups
  • Inadequate descriptions