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Updated on 05 February 2024
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A little bit of clever wordplay in the name of the website isn’t enough to make me smile, but that’s a good start. is a website that is all about various bondage videos. That’s BDSM for all you noobs out there and even though it looks rather “cheap” at first sight, it actually isn’t. Sure thing, it reminds me of those websites that I made on WordPress like 20 years ago before WordPress was ever a thing but I’m a progressive type of a chap. Anywho, is in my scopes. I’m going to pull the trigger, hope I hit the bullseye.

You’ll quickly notice that the design of the page is kind-of bland, but it does the job. For starters, the overwhelming gray color which is basically the only color that you see on this page (next to the little white letters that are used for porn titles) can get a little bit boring after some time. However, we’re only talking aesthetics here, and they do not matter too much to me, I’m more of a functionality type of a dude. To some people, they might, but those people have no idea what they’re talking about, honestly.

Let’s take a brief look at the home page and see what Bound Hub has in store for us. Two sections exist on the homepage, the first section where you get to see all the videos that are currently being watched and the second one where all the new videos can be found. However, the New Videos section doesn’t necessarily have to show the latest videos. It can also show the most viewed videos, the ones that last the longest and the ones that are the most commented or the most favorited videos. Even in porn, we have the popularity contest, it just never stops.

There’s a little menu hidden in the top left corner of the page, and here is where you’ll notice that the page is not as simple as it seems. You might think that is one of those very simple websites that exist only to funnel internet traffic, but by now, we know that this is not true. Sure, there are a lot of videos on BoundHub, but they have all been uploaded directly to the page, so don’t expect to be redirected once you click on one of these movies that you’ll find underneath the home button.

So, what you find in the drop-menu are various sections of the website, such as the Latest section, the Top Rated, and the Most viewed section. If you’re not the type of person to watch videos on a porno website and you prefer pictures, then has something for you as well. I mean, you’re pretty weird, coming to a page like this only to beat your meat to pictures. What’s the point? Just hit up Google (or rather, hit up Bing since you’re most likely an edgy contrarian) and look up something in the image search.

Here’s something that I always want to see from a porn site, the categories. Personally, I think that categories are very, very important for a porn website, especially a website like this one that has a lot of videos. They need to be sorted out. You don’t want to spend too much time scrolling through the homepage with one of your hands in your pants, just waiting for something good to pop up, frustrated as hell. You’ll notice that there are lots of categories for you to choose from here, which is great. Anything from videos of dudes putting women in chains and treating like cattle to simple videos of girls wearing nylon. 20 categories exist, and I think that’s more than enough when it comes to BDSM porn. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t know much about such pornography, it really isn’t my cup of tea. But hey, different folks, different strokes.

While you’re in here (the categories section), you’ll notice that some categories have just 1000 videos (even though all those videos could keep you and your penis entertained for at least two years), some have tens of thousands of videos. Those are the amateur bondage categories and the classic bondage categories, all the weird stuff, however, has significantly fewer videos. So, if you’re looking to masturbate to some “regular” bondage, is a great place to be, but if you want to see some freakier stuff, other websites probably have more content for you to choose from.

There are still a few more sections that are worth mentioning on BoundHub, and those are the “sites” section, but this one shouldn’t be very important to you because all it does it redirect you to different websites. Then we have the Models section. This one has all of your favorite models in it. For example, let’s say that you like the work of Dannii Harwood. You go to the Models section, you click on her thumbnail, and you get to see all the videos with her in them. It’s pretty simple, and it’s pretty useful. A section named Playlists exists as well, the name of the sections says everything, really. You go there, you click on a playlist, and the name of the playlist tells you everything about the kind of porn you’re about to see. is one of those pages that will make you groan “Ah, man, not this again”, but soon enough you will find out that the page is actually pretty decent. You only need a little bit of time. So, don’t let a brief look at the home page discourage you, there’s a lot of great porn here. Even though I don’t like the looks of the page, I don’t consider that to be a huge flaw. Getting decent BDSM vids is hard as it is, so don’t be so judgy, let me do all the judging.

ThePornDude likes BoundHub's

  • A lot of content exists on the website
  • Using the page is very easy
  • No ads

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  • The page looks very bland and lifeless