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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Is there really a need for me to clarify what feet9.com is all about? Since you are reading this on my website, this is obviously a porn place, and it is a site dedicated to a certain fetish, the foot fetish. That should be enough for you to know whether you want to stay or not because feet9.com will only have videos related to that certain niche.

So, in simple terms; does seeing feet make your dick hard? DO you think that feet rubbing on a dick or wearing stockings are fap-worthy? If so, I think you have found a site that will surely please you. There are loads of videos for you to explore, and the best thing about feet9.com is probably the fact that this is a free site.

Simple site, with loads of foot-fetish content.

As I always say, everyone is into a different type of shit when it comes to porn, and thus you have a variety of sites dedicated to certain niches, just like feet9.com is dedicated to feet. I mean, there is not much else that could be said about this site in general, as I think that everything should be very self-explanatory when it comes to the type of shit you can expect.

However, I know that their content can vary quite a lot, from the naughty videos where you can watch chicks lick their feet, to those involving their partner. Well, I am here to tell you about everything. Now, if you are interested in the content, and not the technical bullshit, skip on ahead, because now I just want to go over the design, options, and such crap.

This place is actually very similar, which was a bit weird. Usually, sites dedicated to a certain niche are messy and filled with loads of random crap, but that was not the case here. I am assuming that by now, all the people who dislike this type of a fetish have left since I have already stated that here you can only see such naughty videos… so if you dislike this shit, why the fuck are you still here.

The homepage is filled with lots of random videos, and just from one glance, I can already tell that they do not really have any user-features. Now, that can be rather annoying to most of us, because when viewing amateur content, one would love to know more about the people in the video… well, on feet9.com you do not really have a community, it is a free site, with nor registration options…

Right off the bat, you should know whether this site offers the shit you want or not. If you were looking for a site with a little bit of everything you have found it, but do not expect to see anything but feet worship and all that crap. As I have browsed, I’ve seen a lot of different shit, but I was a little annoyed that their site also looked a bit empty.

You only have two tabs, the categories, and the videos… that is about that. There is not much else for you to explore, and sometimes having the opportunity to talk to the community is what we all want. Oh well, at least feet9.com offers great content, so they have that going on for them, which is nice.

Loads of categories.

First of all, the categories that they offer are fucking great, and while I often shit on sites that only have categories as their search options, here it actually works. This is because all their categories are already dedicated to one fetish, so everything is put in place. I am sure that no matter what kind of shit you are into, when talking about the foot fetish, you will be able to find it here.

The categories are listed on the side, and you also have a special section dedicated to that. There are many great tags to help you find the naughty crap that will make you hard. You have tags such as feet solo, foot crush, foot worship, Latina feet and so on… I would say that they pretty much-covered everything when it comes to the foot fetish.

Lots of great videos.

One thing I am sure most of you will definitely enjoy is the fact that feet9.com is a completely free site. You are allowed to browse and watch the videos presented here as much as you want, which is always a good thing. The overall clips will differ a lot because you have a huge mesh of both amateur and professional porn clips.

However, I think that the majority of the videos here are amateur, but that also might be false, depending on when you visit the site. They upload their site on the daily, or so, and that means that you are not going to run out of new fetish feet porn videos to watch anytime soon. Not to mention that they have over 12800 videos for you to explore.

Even those who are into feet have certain fetishes on the side, something that will enhance their love for feet, right? Well, here you have many naughty videos, and that means that you are bound to find the naughty shit that will make you hard. Obviously, I enjoyed checking out their videos, and that means that you will too.

Keep in mind that I tend to be a very picky motherfucker, not to mention that I am not particularly fond of the foot fetish, but damn… I can’t deny that some of these sluts are incredibly talented with their feet. Now, this is something that every woman should know… fuck school and all that crap, women should not go to school, they should stay home and perfect the art of pleasing their man in many different ways.

So, what kind of foot fetish do you prefer? To me, the most important thing is that the chicks are gorgeous and that they have pretty feet, obviously. For as much as I have browsed, most of them were fuckable, which is a good thing. You have chicks of all shapes and sizes, and that also applies to their feet… I mean that should have been obvious.

There are videos where the chicks are alone, and they will use oil to rub their feet and play around, while usually wearing a naughty outfit. You also have the lesbian videos where chicks will use their feet to shove it up each other’s cunt and make themselves cum hard, after which they will lick each other’s feet too.

Of course, there are the straight videos, where you can watch cuties in stockings or completely naked, show off their dick pleasing skills, by stroking a hard cock without using their hands at all. There were also the bendy chicks who were able to use their mouth and suck while using their feet at the same time to stroke a hard pole… now that is talent.

As I have already asked, what kind of shit does make your cock hard? I mean, at the end of the day, it all depends on you, because there are loads of different videos on this site, and thus I am sure that you will find just the right crap that will make your wanking session so much more fun. If you do not trust me, why the fuck are you even reading this? You can just visit the site yourself.


So, is this place worth the visit or not? Well, how the fuck would I know? It all depends on what the fuck you even came here for… I mean, if you are into watching horny sluts perform wonders by only using their feet, then you have surely come to the right place… but if you were expecting something else, you must be a fucking moron. There is not much that this site has to offer, other than the clips.

If you are one of those who thrives for communities, you will probably not like feet9.com as much. The videos are usually of solid quality, but that all depends on the video itself, because all the videos are different, from the quality and content to the length. This place also offers a section for live webcams, where you can meet loads of people who share the love for feet, just like you, and you get to watch them live… live.feet9.com. Overall, I think that everyone who loves to watch chicks explore pleasures by using their feet will love what feet9.com has to offer.

ThePornDude likes Feet9's

  • A site dedicated to feet
  • Simple place
  • Lots of talented chicks
  • Free site

ThePornDude hates Feet9's

  • Too simple
  • No user-features
  • Some low-quality videos
  • Some Ads