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Updated on 05 February 2024
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Spanking Tube

Spanking Tube

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Swatting, paddling, whipping, buttering the biscuits… All of those terms are cute euphemisms for spanking. Something people hated to get as kids, but something that at least some enjoy as adults.

Of course, most people who are into getting or giving a smack on the backside this is only a mild kink. But some people are so enthusiastic about this kink, it dominants, or can even be the entirely of their standard sex sessions.

And like you might think, there are now websites which specialize in catering to people who are into this kind of kink. There are several already and, when it comes to the tubes, they are hit or miss.

(No pun intended.)

But I’ve found one which not only focuses on the whole flogging fetish but also has some other fantastic features.

Ready to see red asses and more?

Then keep on scrolling to find out about one of the best spank-oriented tube sites on the net.

Tens Of Thousands Of Videos

As soon as you log into this site, you get hit with an age verification wall. While that’s not unusual, what is are the site’s aesthetics. Rather than post pictures of the stuff you’ll see on the site, you see the site’s construction inspired logo on a black background with the typical legal bullshit.

You know what I mean, the whole ‘this website contains explicit stuff.’ But below that, the designers set the mood with the white lettered word ‘spanking’ written in 27 languages. It’s almost as if the web designers wanted to get the users to brace themselves before they enter the site just like a sub bracing between swats.

Once you enter the site, you a well-designed tube which clearly shows off thousands of videos. Whether you’re into this kink or not, the sheer number of vids you’re going to find is impressive.

Obviously, this site is heterosexually oriented, but with this kind of kink, you are going to find a great deal of variety. After all, just like there are women who like to take a dick up the ass, there are those who like to be paddled on it as well. Further, there are others who like it on their legs…getting paddled that is.

Of course, men are into being on one side of a spanking situation, or both, too. So, you’ll get plenty of movies of men being paddled, caned, or whipped peppered on every page. And naturally, there are videos featuring females exploring their lesbian side, while flogging one another.

Click on a vid, and you’ll find all of the stuff that you should see on a tube site. Other than the video itself, you can assign a rating based on a five-star system, comment on the clip, and see which tags and categories this video fits into.

Unlike most other tubes, Spanking Tube videos also include information on the video page about the uploader including their user name, how many videos and photos they’ve posted, how many friends they have, and the number of times the moves been favorited.

So, not only do you get to find out right away if the vid is worth watching, but also if the uploader is worth following or friending.

Like other tubes, the video selection is a mix of original amateur footage as well as stuff from the premium sites. I’m not sure about how much of the premium stuff is pirated (so don’t sue me), but since it looks like a Spanking Tube networks with smut studios, I’m guessing most of them are legitimate.

Similarly, there’s a mix of footage in standard and high definition. And while the filter features are great – more on those further below – there isn’t a way to filter your results, so you only see HD movies, unfortunately.

There Are Fap Worthy Photos, Too

Video footage is always great, but sometimes it’s nice to fap to something as simple as a photo or two…or a ton. If that’s what you are into there is an excellent selection of photos from both professional sites and from amateur uploaders.

Like you might guess, the focus of most of these photos is on still asses which have been lashed, flushed, or super reddened. But there is a bit more variation on that theme. For example, there are pics of couples engaging in some spanky-panky as well as more traditional porno pics like girls showing off their bodies – the front half that is – in sexy clothes, lingerie, or completely nude.

On the main photo page, you’ll see a thumbnail preview, a name, and the pics rating. Click on it, and you won’t get much else other than a larger version of the picture, unfortunately.

All things considered, while it’s not the best photo section that I’ve ever seen, this part of the site is pretty damn good.

The Models Are Magnificent

Porn wouldn’t be worth watching if the models weren’t worth obsessing over. Well, Spanking Tube has a convenient page listing all of the more noteworthy girls who have starred in swat smut. As someone who reviews porn sites, I have to say that I’m quite impressed by the number of starlets I saw when I checked it out for myself the first time and how many videos they are in.

For instance, Chelsea Pfeiffer has been in 291 videos, Alex Reynolds has “only” been in 231, but she, like a lot of the other girls has been in several photo albums.

Click on a girl’s profile and you’ll not only see their onsite videos and photos, but also their biographical information like stage names, birth date, eye and hair color, and stuff like that. On top of that, you get links to the premium sites that these performers can be found on.

Going back to the main Model page, you can filter the models that you see whether it’s in alphabetical order, the newest models, and those which have the most videos or photos.

There Are Categories Within This Kind Of Kink, Too

Yeah, the focus on this site is spanking, but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t come up with different ways of making this kink even crazier than it already is. I should also mention that there are different variations on spanking alone.

After all, there Caning, Strapping, Whipping, Paddling, and more. Then there’s what the model is (or is not) wearing. So there are categories like Lingerie Spankings and Rope Bondage. Then there becomes the issue of who’s flogging who.

Everything from Male Spanks Female to Women Spanking Men to Self Spankings – both male and female – this site has them all.

There are even categories that I never imagined that I would see. For instance, there’s a Spanking Party & Even section, Spanking Machine, and super kinky stuff like Breast Spanking.

Not sure what you want to see or want to surprise your self with something different? Then look at the Everything Else category – surprises await inside.

To sum up, no matter what kind of punishment you are looking for, you’ll find it represented somewhere on this tube’s category page.

The Blog Is Beautiful

These days I’m kind of surprised that more smut tubes don’t have a well-maintained blog section. After all, since porn sites – especially tube type ones – change so fast and update so quickly, having a space to regularly post about recent events is perfect. And when you have an active audience, an open blog is perfect for community interaction.

Fortunately, Spank Tube has one of the larger blog sections that I’ve seen on any tube site be it kinky or “normal.” As of writing this review, there are over 150,000 blogs with new ones being added literally once every few hours.

A unique aspect of this part of the site is that most of the blog posts are kind of like a cross between Tumblr and Twitter. Rather than reading 2,000 thesis statements, most posts are a sentence or two long or might be a sexy or funny pic.

Sometimes you’ll stumble across a short story, which may or may not be based on reality, but is erotic as hell nonetheless. And then there are, of course, spanking kinksters who are looking for advice or guidance from those of like mind on how to safely but boldly explore their fetish.

While there isn’t a huge amount of interaction, users do drop a comment or two on each post, but the main way to interact with people is through other community features.

Into Reddened Asses? Check Out The Community!

Besides the blog, there are other ways you can communicate with other users. By clicking over the Community page you get links to the other users. Click on a profile, and you’ll see where they stand on the popularity rankings, how many points they’ve earned, what their gender, relationship status, and orientation is, and other demographic information detailing how well they’re doing on the site.

In addition to all of that, a lot of users fill out detailed, and I do mean detailed, describing how much, where, and why they deserve some discipline…or feel like they are in the position to be able to appropriately dish it out.

Since you can friend and message these people, and when you consider that these members are from all over the world, this can be a great way to meet (and possibly hook up with) other members who are just as kinky as you.

And remember, even if you are not, I’m sure that at least a few users would be more than happy to explain or show you about the joys of some voluntary corporal punishment.

While not as exhaustive as other parts of the site, Spanking Tube does have a few filters to find certain members. The three broad ways to filter your results would be to search in the most popular members, online members, new male, and new female members.

Those last two options are great if you’re looking to get your self exposed if you get what I’m saying.

This Site Isn’t Just A Tube; It’s A Hub For All Sorts Of Free Spanking Smut

With tens of thousands of uploads, you’d think that this sites last word with it comes to flogging-oriented fap footage. Well, if you check out the left-hand side of almost any page, you’re going to find a fuck ton of links to other spank sites.

With so many, the designers broke it down into categories including Favorite Links, Mega Sites, Institutional (which I think refers to specific scenarios like the naught school girl trope), and Indivdual models, among others.

Keep Up On Nudity News

In order to stay up-to-date, you’re going to love the News section. There you’ll find blog posts talking about the most recent developments in the world of spank smut as well as interviews with performers, promotional text and video clips of fresh footage from the premium sites,,.and more.

With new posts being made about once a month, they could stand to post more updates, but other than that, this section is perfect for people who have a penchant for paddling.

Super Sweet Search Options

Like any good website, ST has an awesome search engine. Plug in one search term or several and you should find what it is you are looking for which, given the number of categories, shouldn’t be an issue for you no matter your sub-fetish.

In addition to searching for videos, you can adjust your search for models, pictures, or even website users. In addition to search terms, you can filter your results by the websites listed categories. You can also filter results by time; for instance, if something was added today, in the past week, and over the course of the month.

Finally, you can even filter your results by videos which are popular, have been recently added, got a lot of views, favorites or comments, those which are well rated, and those which are the longest.

So no matter what it is you are looking for, you’ll be sure to find it.

The Ads Are Out Of Control, Though

Like most other free fap sites, Spanking Tube makes money off of ad revenue. I get how they need money to keep their site going and earn a living, but they basically spam you with banners on every page. Seriously, at the top of every page, toward the bottom, and often loaded to the right side, you’re going to be blasted with ads.

However, if it’s any consolation, there don’t appear to be any on the videos themselves and the adverts which are there are all “on topic.” I mean that they are links to other spank-oriented kink sites.

Should You Look At It? Should You Join?

I know that this fetishisn’t for everyone and I get why. But to address the people who are this tube is damn near perfect for you. There are tens of thousands of videos, no embedded spam or pop-ups and, if you can get past all of the banner ads, not too much commercial bullshit to deal with.

On top of that, there are community features, a series of photo single and galleries, and other bonuses to get a boner over.

So overall, I give Spanking Tube four out of five hands.

ThePornDude likes Spanking Tube's

  • With tens of thousands of video focusing on one fetish you’re spoiled for choice
  • There aren’t too many pop ups or off-site redirects
  • Other than a forum page, it’s got a great number of social features

ThePornDude hates Spanking Tube's

  • I feel like there are too many banner ads
  • Some of the search features for members could be better
  • For some reason, it’s missing a forum