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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Sometimes, after I rub myself raw to hours of lesbian movies, I like to relax with a little bit of evening reading. I enjoy something with beautiful women, extremely dirty sex, bondage, and inter-species breeding. It kind of limits my literary interests to hentai, but I can just browse a site like instead of hitting the library. They said they’d call the cops next time, anyway.

Wanna See My Hentai Gallery?

Some random pervert came up to me on the street, clutching a body pillow with a manga princess tightly to his manly fat boobs. The pits of his button-up Gundam shirt had soaked through and his neckbeard grew all the way up to his eyes. He tried to shake my hand, but I knew better.

“Check out My Hentai Gallery,” he said, sniffing his fingers. “It’s got this doujin where Bowser is actually a chick, like a dominatrix, you know? She savagely bludgeons Mario’s face with this spiked metal club and then sucks his hard dick while he’s knocked out.”

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been approached by a stranger and told about their personal archive of homemade sex comics based on Super Mario Brothers. That’s actually the reason I stopped going to the playground. I smiled, nodded, and tried to casually walk away.

“You know futanari? Dick girls?” he said, following me. “Lots of ‘em. In Dick Buns, this girl eats so much shemale cum her belly gets swollen like she’s preggers. Like with twins, you know? Real fat.”

I walked faster. The fat man with the hentai stash huffed audibly as he matched my pace, unused to the demands of walking at a normal human pace.

“There’s also a bunch of Pokemon ones,” he wheezed. “Mistress Ketchum’s PokeBitches is really good. Pikachu gets raped brutally up the ass, but it kinda sucks because he turns into a beautiful woman first.”

He grabbed my arm, stopping me in my tracks. The wild eyes of a maniac stared into my own. Hot, wet breath reeking of Pocky and halitosis whispered, “But if you want Beastiality, My Hentai Gallery has a few hundred comics.”

I pulled myself free and broke into a full sprint. As I escaped, I heard him yelling behind me.

“MyHentaiGallery,” he shouted. “Dot com!”

Lick My DragonBallZ and Get Pregnant

MyHentaiGallery has only been around for a couple of years, so you can’t blame me for not realizing he was talking about a website. Their traffic has been growing lately, maybe on account of body-pillow dude, or maybe because they have some good porn manga. Last month, they got 6 million visits.

The site has a basic design, letting the hentai do all the lifting. They don’t even have a logo in the slim header, just a few links. You get quick, easy access to artists, parodies, and categories.

There are tons of parodies here. Pornographic versions of Dragon Ball Z, Ranma, Super Smash Brothers and The Jungle Book have all been added to MyHentaiGallery recently. I’m sure a lot of these bimbofication and growth fetish comics are based on some manga I don’t recognize.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is that MyHentaiGallery seems to focus on porno doujinshi. Instead of officially released dirty manga coming out of Japan, this collection is made mostly of the DIY homebrew stuff.

Homemade Hentai for Horny Humanoids

There are some obvious downsides and benefits to DIY hentai. The major downside, which most people recognize immediately, is that the overall quality is lower. Flipping through the catalog, I didn’t see a lot of total bullshit; they’re not letting every furry queer add their squirrel-dick scribbles. A lot of them still look pretty amateur.

The big upside? The absolute freedom to do whatever the fuck you want. Hentai tends to be some freaky shit, but when you’re drawing your own you can let it all hang out. Go ahead and create a full-color Rick and Morty inner-vagina journey, or a gender-bent Sonic the Hedgehog lesbian flirtation.

If you’ve read any of my other hentai reviews, you know my biggest pet peeve about the genre is the censorship. Why bother showing an anime schoolgirl getting fisted by a demon if we can’t see her cooter?

Pussies are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s a violation of my fundamental human rights to deprive me of the right to look at them. That’s in the Geneva Convention. Because their focus is doujinshi, MyHentaiGallery’s vaginas are not hidden behind bars like on other sites. That’s a big win in my book.

Gender-Bent Beastie Dick-Girls on the Prowl

If you ever feel like you’ve seen everything the world of pornography has to offer, just browse the Categories page of a hentai site. I always find new and surprising shit, and my whole job is looking at porno all day long. I’d be disappointed if MyHentaiGallery didn’t have anything weird, but their genres deliver.

Hit the Categories dropdown in the header and you get just a small selection of their popular styles. They’ve got Asian, Interracial, Lesbian and MILF, which are typical items of interest on any site offering masturbatory fodder.

Do you know what else is popular on My Hentai Gallery? They’re into Beastiality and Furry sex, Futanari and Yaoi. There are Incest and a ton of Gender Bender comics and, of course, a whole section devoted to Tentacles.

We’ve seen that all before, though. Shit, tentacle rape is the first thing anybody ever looks at when they first encounter hentai. It’s the Goatse or Tubgirl of the genre. Let’s hit that full categories list to see what kind of real freakiness we can find.

Expand All Body Parts Now!

The full Categories page is a lot smaller than I expected. Some hentai sites hit you with a text list of thousands of micro-genres like Japanese Schoolgirl Molested On Bus By Horseman Uncle. This is a much more manageable list, with about a hundred thumbnailed categories.

There’s classic porno staples like BBW and Bisexual, plus newer cats like 3D. Without even scrolling the page, though, I see Ass Expansion. When was the last time RealityKings put out a movie where a bitch’s butt gets really fucking superhumanly huge?

Body parts enlarging is a common theme on MyHentaiGallery. There’s also Breast Expansion, Stomach Bulge, Muscle Growth, Weight Gain and Dick Growth.

Family fun is big here, too. Besides Incest, they’ve got sections devoted to Aunts, Brothers, Cousins, Dads, Daughters, Fathers, Moms, Mothers, Nephews, Nieces, Sisters, Sons and Uncles. I know what URL I’m putting on Christmas cards this year.

Hot Mammal Fluids, Flowing From Every Tap

I took a detour to the Lactation area, where I found a couple of hundred comics about nipples leaking milk. I read one called Milky Mishap, where a busty dog lady drinks some milk that makes her boobs get even bigger. They grow larger than the rest of her body, at which point her fox girlfriend milks her directly into a mug of coffee.

I won’t say it was my easiest orgasm, but I’m a persistent dude. It’s probably better if you’re into that sort of thing, but I guess you could say that about everything here. Not everyone likes hentai, and even fewer want to read muscle-growth pegging comics starring goblins.

I always have my spam plugin running, but MyHentaiGallery didn’t give me any shit in that regard. Free sites with minimal spam are always good. Maybe they keep the thing floating with that Buy Merchandise link in the corner. Their community is fairly active, with nearly 400 people in the Discord as I write this.

The only real complaint I have was that there was no easy way to download the hentai for later. A link to a zip file of each book would be nice. They could probably get away with showing an ad in exchange and it wouldn’t get too many panties in a bunch.

MyHentaiGallery is full of thousands of homemade porno mangas in every category you can imagine, plus a bunch of new ones that are just going to fuck you up for days. It’s a truly deviate stash of hentai, uncensored, and the whole thing is free. Take a look if you’re bored of the usual shit.

ThePornDude likes MyHentaiGallery's

  • Free, enormous collection of sex comics
  • Uncensored hentai private parts

ThePornDude hates MyHentaiGallery's

  • Varying quality
  • No one-click download