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Updated on 05 February 2024
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All the experts agree, comic book sluts are fucking hot. They’ve always got flawless bodies with those perky, anti-gravity titties. Even the superhero books they sell to kids have sexy bitches in porno poses, creating another generation of pervs who grow up and seek out the hard stuff. SVSComics serves up just that kind of hard stuff.

The archive of sex comics at has been growing for nearly a decade now. They’ve had some ups and downs in that time, but they’re currently pulling a few thousand visitors every single day. Let’s see what all those visitors are waving their dicks at.

Holy Bat-Balls! So Many Free Porn Comics!

SVSComics has a very basic layout. There’s a skinny, simple header with a Categories link, a search bar, and login/register buttons. Beneath that is a cloud of tags that is kind of ugly, but does hint at the type of smut that’s popular here. Breast Expansion, Interracial, Big Ass, Monster and Mom-Son are just a few of the options on the menu.

It might be lazy design, or it might be intentional, but either way, the spartan look just works. Nothing can distract from the art covering the rest of the page. I don’t even see any ads getting in the way of the doctor blowjob, the slutty barbarian, or the Who Fucked Roger’s Rabbit parody.

Each comic is represented out front by a cover or first page. There’s a variety of art styles here, but I immediately notice how consistently high the quality is. From the high-kicking manga cheerleaders to the CG Christian Knockers to the superheroines with their tits out, all the art is crisp, clean and professional. Hell, the X-rated Family Guy parody I see on the front page looks better than the real thing. Most of it is in full color.

The site runs on user submissions, which is sometimes a recipe for disaster on comics or hentai sites, but I don’t see an issue with low-effort material here. There’s obviously some moderation of uploads. Apologies to the dipshits trying to upload the furry cuckold porn they drew in MS Paint.

Anybody can upload comics to the site, and the footer claims that every day over 100 new porn comics are uploaded by new members. I can believe that, because I have to click back a few pages before I start seeing comics uploaded yesterday. I wonder how many shitty comics are being rejected, though.

Get a Load of This Twisted Shit

One of the great things about porno comics is that they’re not limited by what’s practical, possible, or legal to film. Look, I’m as crazy about Mia Khalifa as the next dude, but have you ever seen her grow a huge cock and then get fucked in the dick-hole by another slut with an arm-sized member? Because a couple of CG babes on SVSComics do just that.

Ah, who am I kidding? I just clicked on that because sometimes I like the freakshow element you usually find on sex comic sites. SVSComics is no exception. If the cock-fucking actually gets you hard, more power to you, but sometimes people just want to gawk at a car crash, especially if it’s got full-frontal nudity.

There are some bizarre rabbit holes to fall down here, so you might end up with a boner over some shit that surprises you. I clicked on a comic called Superior Girl because of the cover. A naked heroine is bound by slippery tendrils in some kind of goo. It’s not usually the kind of thing I go for, but the colors and shading did something for me. Or maybe it was the tentacle-thing raping her dripping cunt.

Long story short, that’s how I ended up cumming to a drawing of giant maggots crawling into a woman’s pussy, mouth, and ass. Yeah, SVSComics can be kind of a twisted place, but that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular.

Page After Page of Porno Art

Each comic is listed with some basic info out front. You get a title and a page-count, upload date, tags, and how many have downloaded so far. You can download the full comics straight from the front page via Keep2Share and Fileboom buttons.

Well, “straight from the front page” isn’t exactly correct. These third-party file hosts free up the site’s resources and liability from copyright issues, but come with their own set of problems. You’re likely to run into spam and wait times, download throttling and getting cut off for the day right when things were getting fun.

A comic called Make America Great Again caught my eye with its depiction of a MAGA-capped White dude having his giant cock held by two thick Ebony goddesses. I didn’t want to fuck with Keep2Share or Fileboom, so I clicked through to the comic’s page on SVSComics hoping to read it in a gallery.

All I found were half a dozen pages of the full 68-page story and a couple more links to download the full thing. They’re on even worse hosts than I saw from outside.

SVSComics doesn’t even host the sample pages you’ll find here. To actually see them, the thumbnails will send you to third-party image hosts. Remember when I mentioned how SVSComics didn’t seem to have any spam? Well, their business model is just to send you to someone else with the obnoxious advertising.

Your Favorite Porn Comic Genres

The Categories page here isn’t set up like on most sites. The lists of Genres, Categories and Artists are very short, so short that I wonder if I’m missing some bigger site index somewhere. I spent a few minutes looking around, though, and this is all I could find. They really fucked up if the page exists but got buried somewhere.

The Most Popular Porn Comic Categories is mostly pop culture references like The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat and Naruto. There’s a Brother and Sister section, represented in the thumbnail by Bart and Lisa Simpson. They’ve got Furry comics and Futanari comics and Incest comics. There are only 20 categories if I’m looking at this right, but the comics on the site are tagged well. The search bar works.

There are only five Porn Comic Genres on SVSComics: Cartoon Porn, Hentai, 3D Porn, Games, and Siterips. The Siterips might concern you if you care about piracy; that interracial comic I was looking at earlier was straight-up stolen from a paysite. I know this because all the images were watermarked with the URL.

A Questionable Archive of Porn Games

I wasn’t expecting SVSComics to have a Games section, so I checked it out. There are actually over 900 pages of games with names like The Making of a Slut, Torrid Tales, and Ring of Lust. There are tons of RPGs, clickers, RPGs, casual games, RPGs, simulators and even RPGs for both PC and Mac. Did I mention they also have a number of sexy RPGs? You can find them if you look hard enough.

Unfortunately, they’re all hosted on the same shitty file lockers. I’d love to interact with the 10 sister characters in Young Girls Inside the Abolished School, but I just don’t feel remotely safe installing software downloaded from a server owned by the Russian mob.

I’d be more open to checking out some of these games if there was some user discussion on the site, letting me know if it’s safe or contaminated. SVSComics doesn’t have anything like that, just a bunch of download links to try at your own risk. No thanks. If you’re looking for porn games, check out my porn games section.

I can’t recommend the games on SVSComics, but they do have one of the biggest and widest-ranging collections of porn comics I’ve seen in a while. The overall quality is impressive, in part because some of the content is stolen. Everything is hosted on third-party servers, which is easily the biggest pain in the ass about using this site. Given the price, it’s worth the effort. Just remember your ad-blocker.

ThePornDude likes SVSComics's

  • Shit-tons of free porno comics
  • Wide variety of perversion
  • Games available
  • Weird, twisted shit

ThePornDude hates SVSComics's

  • Third-party file hosts
  • Weird, twisted shit
  • Piracy?