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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Some people visit The Porn Dude because they’re searching for the very best in lesbian smut. Other folks come looking for movies of women polishing knobs of flesh with their mouths. Many want amateur hotties getting naked and more than a few want to watch incest flicks. And then you’ve got the kind of deviates who stroke off to sites like XlecX, a.k.a. XcartX.

A quick look at the front page of XlecX.com tells you exactly what you’re getting into. This is a den of vile perversion in comic book format. Get ready for evil nuns masturbating, superheroes getting raped by monsters, and truly horrible things happening to your old friend Pikachu. Prudes, go back to the free tubes. This is stuff for the real perverts.

Read Comics and Jerk Your Double Dick

A lot of porn comic sites focus on hentai these days. You get so used to seeing big-eyed schoolgirls getting railed that it becomes surprising to see a CG fairy getting her butthole filled with multiple monster cocks. While most of the comics on XlecX were clearly inspired by manga, you’ll see a variety of other art styles represented.

Overall, the work is fairly polished, with few examples of really shitty garbage. The hands that drew the wolf fucking Little Red Riding Hood did so with the loving touch of a true master of their craft. At the same time, you can tell that very little, if any of this is professional. Manga fags would dub it doujinshi, hentai’s homemade cousin.

Slightly weaker art is really the only drawback to amateur sex comics. The benefits really outweigh that, at least if you’re the kind of person who likes Mortal Kombat-themed fuck scenes where Goro gets punched up the asshole, making his double cock shoot a double blast of jizz. Sexuality!

The Cassie versus Goro comic recently added to the site wouldn’t be possible with any kind of officially released product. For one thing, Warner Bros stopped whipping their double dicks out after the whole #metoo thing. They just won’t let their characters do fun stuff anymore!

I’m sure you can find pictures of people being punched up the bunghole if you search around other hentai sites, but if it’s real Japanese material the dicks and cunts are all going to be censored in some way. You just don’t have to worry about that at all with the homebrew funny pages.

Furry Sex and Cartoon Dick Girls

There are only 10 different categories listed in the sidebar of XlecX. That’s a far cry from the thousands you’ll find on some hentai sites where they feel they need to get as specific as Demon Uncle Bus Molester or Beast Man Tentacle Rape.

Here, the content is broken down into some pretty broad genres. It’s not even the typical porno aisles like Interracial, Threesome, or Fisting. XlecX breaks them down into slightly overlapping categories based on where they are from (Anime, Cartoon, or Games), what style they are drawn in (3D Comics or Manga), or just five categories of perversion: Furry, Incest, Dick Girls, Yaoi/Gay and Yuri/Lesbian.

One thing XlecX lacks is a method of browsing by parody. The Cartoon section shows a bunch of cartoon parodies lumped together, but to find all the Stephen Universe porn you have to type his name into the search bar. Give us a Parody page, damnit!

It’s not a huge deal, but I always like to see how many pieces of erotica they have for each piece of pop culture. Most hentai sites have hundreds of Naruto parodies, but there are only 65 here.

The tags page naturally runs much deeper than the Categories, but not nearly as bad as the sprawling mess on a lot of sites. There is some truly beautiful perversion on display here, though. I’m eager to check out Cervix Penetration, Stuck in Wall, and Ear Fucking porn comics.

You’re interested in that Ear Fucking, too, aren’t you? Yeah, there is always some off-the-wall, bizarre fucking shit on any of the hentai sites I look at. I always love finding new ways to warp my mind while making an absolute mess of my pants.

See Cartoon Women Fucked in Every Orifice

I sort of expected XlecX to only have one Ear Fucking comic. It just doesn’t seem like that common of the sex act, but maybe Brazzers just hasn’t caught up with the current trends in deviant sex. XlecX actually has three different stories tagged with Ear Fucking, which I think makes it officially A Thing.

At 32 pages, Pirates Versus Ninjas was the longest book that featured aural penetration. Before I even started reading, I learned a lot just from the tags. This is a One Piece and Naruto parody that features Tentacles, Big Breasts, Futanari, Femdom, and Anal. Oh, and that Ear Fucking, of course. That’s what we came for!

Unlike The Simpsons parody I read earlier on the site, this one doesn’t skip straight to the sex. It actually takes a few pages before you see the chick with huge tits tied up with a soda can in her cooter and a pop bottle in her pooper. I initially thought she was hoarding the soft drinks because she’s just a really thirsty bitch, but she is bound and gagged. That sugary sweetness ain’t doing her a lick of good.

The art in this one is actually good enough to be a professionally produced hentai, but none of the genitals are hidden behind bars or pixels. Fuck yeah! The artist has his Patreon watermarks on every page, so toss him a few bucks if you’re getting off to the woman tweaking nipples bigger than her hands.

The perversion goes from 0 to 100 really fucking quick. As soon as the octopus monsters appear, it’s just an absolute orgy of insane humping, molestation and penetration. You’ve got to figure, each one has eight huge arms covered in hundreds of suction cups. That’s a lot of potential for violation.

By the time the futanari appear, waving their big dicks and shaking their giant tits, I was pretty overwhelmed. I’m not even sure who got their ear banged and who did the banging. All I know is that when I came to, I was covered in semen and the paramedics were doing their best to replace my drained fluids. I didn’t even make it to page 30.

How to Make a Bad First Impression

I always keep my spam plugin running, and for the most part, my visit to XlecX went really fucking smoothly with regards to advertising. The one bit of spam I got, though, was pretty nasty.

When I first loaded the site, a pop-up blacked out my whole screen and gave me a message saying to click Allow to confirm that I’m a human and not a robot. The Allow button they were talking about was actually my browser asking if it was okay if this shady, spammy sex site I’d never heard of could send me notifications.

It’s a pretty blatant trick, and it’s only going to catch the elderly and the retarded, but it’s still a bunch of bullshit. Spam is always expected on any free smut site. It’s part of the trade. The openly criminal ones piss me off a lot more then the ads for knockoff boner pills and “free” cam shows.

Other than trying to hijack part of my computer, I didn’t really run into any other serious issues with XlecX. The organization could certainly be better, but that’s probably a small gripe if you’re the kind of person who would be jerking off to the site. Let’s face it, there aren’t many places where you can read breast expansion fan art based on the Super Smash Brothers franchise.

With about 5,000 comics in the archive, XlecX has more than enough material to keep you flogging the bishop until the poor guy drops dead. The size is impressive enough, which is what the ladies say to me, but the site’s true strength is the depths of depravity it’s willing to sink to. There is nothing too obscene or perverted for XlecX. That’s exactly the way their readers love it, and that’s exactly why you’re going to have so much fun shaking your dick at it.

ThePornDude likes XlecX (XcartX)'s

  • Free archive of sex comics
  • Really depraved and perverted stuff
  • New updates all the time
  • No censorship

ThePornDude hates XlecX (XcartX)'s

  • Really shady spam
  • Weak organization