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Updated on 15 January 2022
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Hentai is a beautiful thing isn’t it? All the titties and booty that we love in women, with none of the stink or whining about money. 2D women continue to be the only ones I can rely on in this cruel world, and this is an awesome site to find them.

MyHentaiComics is a porn comic site that features a lot more than just anime bitches. With MyHentaiComics you’ll also be jerking off to Western-style comics, all kinds of Rule 34, CGI comics, and even furry shit. In fact, I would argue that traditional hentai comics are the least represented part on this site.

All the comics are well categorized and easy to search through. Major categories include things like bestiality, ass expansion, BBW, 3D, Asian, and more. The Rule 34 isn’t so well organized, but you can just use the search bar to check out your favorite series.

And MyHentaiComics has you well covered in terms of that. You have all your favorite children’s cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny doing all kinds of nasty shit with their cunt counterparts, as well as modern series like American Dad and Family Guy.

Your favorite animes are here too. Naruto. One Piece, Dragonball, and many other popular series are featured in high-quality porno action here. Ironically, the anime isn’t as plentiful as the other Rule 34 porn, but you’ll still find plenty to fap to.

On the other hand, the layout at MyHentaiComics is pretty shitty. The original art is crude, and the layout looks like it’s from the 1990s with the text links and black background. You’ll still find your way around though, and who really gives a shit when the porn itself is great? Everything at MyHentaiComics is 100% free, and best of all, no shitty pop-ups. I hardly even noticed the ads here, which are limited to just a couple of banner ads that you can easily ignore. So big kudos to MyHentaiComics when it comes to the ads.

The site is part of a network that includes MyRule34, MyMangaComics, and MyHentaiVideos. I’d say the websites are pretty self-explanatory, and even overlap with MyHentaiComics to some degree. You can expect the same easy browsing at this sister-sites.

Shit layout but it works

Come to MyHentaiComics and you’ll be greeted by a huge-titties dark bitch at the top laid out across the page. Sadly, this is the best part about this site’s shit layout. Everything seems to be designed to minimize bandwidth, so you won’t find any custom graphics or links anywhere. Along the top of the page, you’ll find the major category links. These include 3D, Bisexual, Furry, Interracial, Pegging, Lesbian, and several more.

Strangely enough, I didn’t find any similar way to browse the porn by series. Considering how much Rule 34 there is here, you would think that MyHentaiComics also lets you sift through the different franchises. No such luck as far as I could tell.

Scrolling down you’ll find a random sampling of the comics found here. You’ll come across everything from hentai to CGI to Western-style comics. I’m not sure what decides that these comics are featured, but they seem to be some of the more popular ones.

At the top right you’ll also find a little search bar. You can search anything such as tags, characters, and series names. If you want specific Rule 34 action, you should try here first.

Once you actually click on a comic, you’ll be sent to its gallery. Along the top, you’ll find the categorizations like if it’s Furry, Popular, Anal, etc. You’ll also get the artist name if it’s available.

Below that are the actual pages. MyHentaiComics uses a thumbnail layout where you click on a thumbnail to expand the page. Frankly, this is pretty damn old-school, but I guess it works. It’s just annoying that you have to click page by page, instead of having an easy way to move forward or backward in the comic.

You can also right click on the page to download it, but sadly there isn’t an option to bulk download these comics. As for the pages themselves, they’ll be in pretty good quality that balances file size and detail. No gripes about the quality here.

And that’s about it for the layout. MyHentaiComics serves up comics and only comics, and you’ll need to check out its sister sites for other types of action. I also want to note that for Japanese Hentai comics, MyMangaComics is way better.

For some reason, MyHentaiComics isn’t about hentai so much as it is about Western and webtoon comics.

What I Like

MyHentaiComics is all about functionality and quickness. Since the website is built on HTML 1.0 stone age shit, everything loads super quick and you won’t ever have to fiddle with anything. Either it works or it doesn’t, and from my experience, it all works well.

I really like the content here, even though it doesn’t fit the name. This site really should be called “MyPornComics”, and the sister site MyMangaComics should be renamed to MyHentaiComics.

I don’t know why the site creators did it this way, but I guess it works since I know these sites are really fucking popular.

MyHentaiComics also has a support page where you can ask questions or submit issues. The site is also regularly updated with new comics added every Wednesday and Saturday. You can expect a couple of dozen comics added per update, which is plenty for my cock.

The lack of ads makes this place a godsend. I can quickly browse and sample a bunch of different comics without worrying about pop-ups and click through ads that usually kill my boner in light speed.

MyHentaiComics also used to have a mobile app which made it even easier to read the porn, but it’s since been taken down due to issues. Hopefully, they can bring it back soon.

What I Hate

There’s nothing I really hate about MyHentaiComics, but there is plenty of things they need to fix.

First, they need a way to browse the Rule 34 series. It’s ridiculous that you can browse categories like Pregnant or Rape, but god help me if I want to browse by series like Hulk, Dragonball, and more.

Sure, the search engine works okay, but browsing let’s me find things that I never would’ve even considered looking it. In other Rule 34 sites, I love just browsing all the shit, getting a mix of nostalgia and horniness as I visit all the shit from my past.

The layout could obviously use a lot of work. This is GeoCities type shit, complete with weirdly colored link boxes.

The name of the site is also off. Why call it MyHentaiComics when you mostly feature Western shit, furry, and CGI? Even the anime Rule 34 like Naruto that I saw was drawn in more Western and webcomic style than classic hentai.

Remember to check out MyMangaComics if you are fiending for that anime hentai action.

They also really need some download features for the comics. There are hentai comic sites that let you download in both ZIP and PDF, and meanwhile, MyHentaiComics can’t even offer one. And no, it is not okay that I have to individually download each page of a comic; fuck that noise.

Still a solid no bullshit porn site

Overall, MyHentaiComics is about people who know the important things in life.

Porn sites don’t need to be super fancy, with the latest animated icons or social media type features. All a real man needs are some tissue and a well-drawn pair of titties. And MyHentaiComics serves exactly that (well, you’ll need to bring your own tissues).

Even though I gripe about the shitty layout, the fact is that it helps make all the comics here load up super-fast. It’s also great that MyHentaiComics doesn’t have many ads, so I can read these comics without all that bullshit anxiety of closing windows.

There’s a lot of great stuff here, but you really have to know what you’re looking for. The comics aren’t organized very well, and you can waste a lot of time browsing without good results. You’re better off just using the search engine.

If you’re open-minded and want to read some great original content, MyHentaiComics will serve you well. Just browse by Most Popular and you’ll get pages of awesome porno that’s sure to satisfy you.

Oh and one more thing, there is furry porn here. A lot of furries. Personally, I’d rather fuck than yiff, and I’m sure all that fur causes a ton of rug burn on your ballsack, but for all you freaks out there MyHentaiComics is a great place to read some furry faggot action.

ThePornDude likes MyHentaiComics's

  • Rule 34 porn that goes way outside of just hentai
  • Everything is 100% free with high quality images

ThePornDude hates MyHentaiComics's

  • No easy download options
  • Outdated layout