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Updated on 05 February 2024
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I am kind of a fan of the whole comic thing, but now that sex comics are becoming more and more popular I am becoming even more of a fan. I’m still going to be a Marvel fan and the fan of the mainstream comic, but as far as the sex comics go, they need to get more respect from the fans and the mainstream comic fans. Every time I check out these sex comics I marvel at how cool the drawings are, and of course, sex scenes are not too shabby at all. Today I’ll be going through a site that has sex comics, which are off the chain cool.

The whole site is done quite well. The first thing that I noticed that the site was done by a designer since some of the parts of the site are done exquisitely well. You can tell that someone had to sit down and actually code this bad boy. That’s the first plus since the visuals are always important. The second thing that immediately caught my attention was the style of the comics chosen to be a part of XYZ Comics. They are all cool and done by pros in this genre. If you ever heard of John Peterson, Kaos Comics, Duke Hardcore and such you will know what their names are symbolizing and representing.

The whole site is divided into groups of comics. There are the regular ones, then there are 3D comics, Interracial comics, Hentai, of course. You can’t have a comic site without hentai. Then, there are incest ones, 43df comics Jab comics and adult comics sites, which I strongly recommend that you visit. You will love this link, and that’s a 100% TPD guarantee. All of these groups of comics are cool in their own right, it’s just the tastes that you guys have. Some like the 3D comics, then again, some love the superhero comics, which can also be found on XYZComics.

One thing that I had to note is that the ads that has are horribly placed. They are placed right over the thumbnails of the videos. Only one. Only one thumb will be covered but it will stick out, and you will see it and go wtf?! This is the only thing that a well-designed site like this didn’t have to do. It pokes the eye, and it is totally unnecessary. Onwards with the site.

Some of the comics are not full length. There are those that are showing just a part of the whole thing. Like a comic that has 10-15 pages, you will get to see only 4 of them. I don’t know if this is a promotional thing or a mistake that didn’t figure out yet but, damn! It’s a shame to tease people like this because these videos sure are damn cool and they deserve all the attention that they can get.

The actual comics are fantastic. It shows that chose the comics that are at the top of their game and by the way that they are put together and drawn is something that you just need to check out now. There was this one comic, it was a Star Wars comic where Wookie was getting his penis sucked by this imperial princess or whatever she was. The drawing was almost as if it was done in real life and then just sketched so that it resembles the realness that it had. I mean, it was unbelievable!

All of the comics can be viewed as a slideshow, clicking to left and to the right. There are no automatic slideshows, but there are zoom in and zoom out options. That’s the only thing that I’d suggest to, that they should make the reading of the comics more of an event. They should add some tas and such. Even making the comics possible for a download would be cool. But they are keeping it simple, and that’s the only thing that I’d change.

All in all, is an amazing site, one that has cool ass comics, and the value that delivers is what the industry needs. The original sex comics are on point, well done, well drawn, well written, and I’d stop right here and just say that you need to check out just for the heck of it if you are not a fan of sex comics already.

ThePornDude likes XYZComics's

  • The comics are freaking awesome!
  • There's a variety of comics
  • The site is well designed

ThePornDude hates XYZComics's

  • They should have a better reading platform
  • Some comics are cut short