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Updated on 05 February 2024
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As a self-proclaimed ‘Home of the Adult Cartoon Comic Parody’, I think these lads are doing a pretty good job. Now, you have a couple of errors here and there, but for the most part, they are doing a great job if you ask me. Well, have been around for more than a decade, as they have originally been founded in 2004, or so I think. While they are not really the biggest site in the world, as they have a little bit over 1 million visitors each day, their community is quite strong.

Just because they have been here for so long does not mean that they are godlike or whatever, and I am here to tell you all the necessary crap about their content or whatnot. First of all, their design and some other aspects puss me off quite a lot, and you will see why as soon as you visit the site. This place looks not only like it was founded in 2004, but it also looks like they have not moved a fucking inch from there. What the hell is that design?

From the age of the site being obvious as soon as you visit, to the content actually being a bit hard to find… hmmm, I think that they are not doing so good these days. But, despite that, I think that you should still give them a go if you like to read the naughty parody comics of known cartoon characters. I found lots of entertaining shit on this site and I am sure that you will find such naughty comics for your own taste as well.

Now, they do offer exclusive content, which is honestly weird to see in today’s world, since I feel like most porn and any other erotic sites just tend to steal the content away from other known places. Then again, this might just be my imaginations, who knows? However, they offer over a decade of fap worthy material, and it is also exclusive, so we might be able to go over the fact that they look dated as fuck, right?

There Is not much free content, but you have good premium options.

First of all, why is it difficult to find the naughty content on a site that is supposed to offer such content in the first fucking place? That shit is rather confusing, don’t you think? Like it is not rocket science to make the content obvious and all up in our faces since that is what this site is supposed to offer to begin with. Oh well, you will have to work a bit to find the naughty content…

Anyway, when you do actually find the content, everything makes it worth it, since their naughty crap is definitely fap worthy. There will be a lot of warnings that you are entering an adult site, and honestly, that shit is so fucking weird. Like, if you leave your kids unsupervised and all that crap, I highly doubt they will look at that sign and go: “Gosh golly I am a minor”… like who the fuck does that as a boy going through puberty?

Some of the free content I found on their site was quite nice and hot, but the best shit they have to offer is when you actually become a member… I mean that should have been implied, but then again, it is not the best feeling when you subscribe to a site that looks as shitty as they do. However, I am here to tell you that all they have to offer is great and that their membership is worth it if you like to read porn parodies of cartoons.

Their premium offers really be in plain sight, so I am sure that you will find your way around with ease. Now, they have many different comics, and if you want to access the really good ones, you will have to become their premium member. One of their premium account options called Palcomix VOP will give you access to all of their sites within their network, which is quite dope, and you will be able to contribute to their site and see their comic archives.

Now, I am sure that you are mostly interested in the actual content they offer, and you do not really want to hear me blabber on about their memberships any longer. If that is what you are interested in, just visit their place, since now I shall pay more attention to their overall content and just what the fuck does this place really have to offer. I mean, so far, I made it sound mediocre, right?

Well, their site has a lot of downs, but the fact that their content sticks out so much is what makes them worth the visit. You have an option to list all their content in the A-Z way, and there you can see all the comics they have made a parody off, what the title is, what kind of content they offer as well as who the author is, and so on. I think you already know what the fuck I am talking about.

However, when you first click on any of the comics, you will be presented with some ads, which pissed me off. But after that, you will be able to access the actual comic book. Now, if you dislike sites with ads, you might have a bad time on this site, because they are not really filled with ads, but they are basically filled with annoying ads… you get me?

You should already know that if I am here reviewing, that means that this place has some type of good content to offer since I do not really waste my fucking time… you should already know this. The way they allow you to read their content is quite simple, you will have an arrow to list the pages, and that is about it. I do not think there is more I need to tell you about that.

Honestly, allowing you to use the arrow key on your keyboard as well is quite helpful, since I prefer to wank one off while enjoying what the site offers, and it is much easier to do that while using the keyboard instead of the mouse. The comics will load quite nicely and fast unless you have a shit internet connection, but that is really not our problem.

A good forum, and some confusing aspects.

When you find your way back to the front page, which can be rather challenging. I would advise that you check out their forum section… and that is not something I often do. However, their forum page is very useful, and there you also get to meet their community, or so to speak. If you have any issues or anything like that, you are more than welcome to ask them for advice, or whatever people do on those forum sites.

However, on top, you will also have some other options, like comics, which is a button that does not even work… why the hell is it even there? I will never understand why sites offer shit that does not work? I mean, nobody expects you to offer something like that, so why the fuck would you create that shit and not make it work?

They also have the gallery section, which will basically take you to another site that is called, and there you will be redirected to a gallery page… which is basically useless. They only have two gallery sections, not to mention that they are way out of date, and that makes this yet another useless tab. Well, at least their forum page is actually fucking useful.

They stay updated on their forum, with news, instructions, different updates or whatnot, and from what I have seen their community is not dead… at least not yet. However, if they do not change some of the aspects of this site, I would not be surprised if they do not survive for too long from today. Oh well, maybe their users do not give a shit about anything else but the content, in which case I understand why they would visit this site.

So, basically…

I think that this place is meant for those who do not really give a crap about the overall design, functions and are not easily annoyed by ads and bad aesthetics. Overall, I think that has a lot of good content, especially if you become a premium member, and if you like reading parody comics of a known cartoon, this is the right place for you.

ThePornDude likes PalComix's

  • Free browsing
  • Great forum
  • Good community

ThePornDude hates PalComix's

  • The fuck is up with that design?
  • Why does half of their shit not work?