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Updated on 15 January 2022
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The moment I clicked on Oglaf.com I knew that I was going to love this site! I had no idea what it was about, just that it had to do something with porn. What? I don’t know, but once I entered it was a completely different spin on the same old, same old… I was intrigued. The welcome page was a Warning page and a confirmation that I am in fact over 18 years of age. Last time I checked, I was, so I wanted to click on the “I am over 18” button and just proceed and get this thing over with but the dominatrix that was so damn well drawn got my attention and I had to read the Warning sign. It was something about it.

I loved the spin that they put on the actual Warning/I am over 18 sign. It pretty much tells you what this site is and what it was intended to be. They explain why it’s necessary to confirm the age. I loved it because it is in no way similar to all the other boring ass confirmations that other porn sites have. Oglaf got me, got me good.

Oglaf.com is a comic porn site. As they state in the beginning, it was supposed to be a pornography comic book site but it immediately turned into a funny porn comic book site and man, am I glad it is. The whole site is simple as it can get. There are only a few buttons that you are pressing and even the layout of the site is simple. Simple but different. You immediately get the comic strip in front of you and you get to read it page by page if the story is long enough. From the ones that I’ve read, most of them are short newspaper type comics.

Now, the thing what I like about this site is that it doesn’t take itself seriously but it is a serious site. They did this in a very clever way since making comics requires time, effort, talent, staff, a whole bunch of things. Basically, if this was actual porn, it would be a premium site due to the fact that the comics were originally made. I liked it as a whole package since you have a feeling that you came to a proper site, a place that actually brings value and I don’t know, there was something cool about it.

I noticed that there were these drawings that change with every click of the page. They would say Vampire and Warevolves or Unofficial Britney video, something like that and you would be redirected to a YouTube video or a site that sells their merch. This is a clever and elegant way of selling stuff once you’ve got the client’s attention. I actually approve of their marketing savvy way since even with the redirections you feel like it’s okay that they are pushing their merch on you. At least they do it in a fun way. I actually did stay on YouTube to check out what it is that they were selling. This video wasn’t selling merch but it was a parody video where Britney Spears appears in the video, but – she is a sex doll! It was a promo for a comedian. Alright, cool. Moving on.

If you are expecting to see some hardcore porn action that is drawn in a comic way like Hentai or Manga comics do it, this is not it. These guys are doing their own thing and they are lacing their comics with sexual innuendos or sexual themes. It is done with great taste and you can tell that they are actually more of comic book makers than porn makers. There are some episodes that have nothing to do with sex but they have great humor to them and they are fun and fast to read.

You can go from the start and actually click on the start button to read the very 1st comic book and then go from there or, you can go to the archive section where their vast collection of episodes are stashed. They do have a hefty number of episodes made already and every one that I clicked on had value to them that I liked. Some of them were funny, some of them were edgy and some of them were weird. Still, I liked them all.

If you are not a fan of comic book Oglaf.com (often misspelled as “olgaf”) has the potential to make you into one or at least, make you a fan of their comics. This is a great site to check out when you need a pick me up and want a nice chuckle. It is a comic book site that’s edgy and is not afraid to insert adult humor into their stories. I don’t know if Oglaf.com should even be connected to porn world since there are just a few connections but none the less, I’d be proud if Oglaf.com was considered a part of this dirty community of ours.

ThePornDude likes Oglaf's

  • The comics are awesome
  • Simple to maneuver
  • They have a great presentation

ThePornDude hates Oglaf's

  • They could chunk down their content and present it as if they have more to offer